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 Nightly Entertainment: Mission

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PostSubject: Nightly Entertainment: Mission   Thu May 29, 2014 12:30 am

Name: Nightly Entertainment
Difficulty: D
Location: Heiwagakure
Reward: 5,000 Ryo
Experience: 25 Experience
Objective: Entertain the people of Heiwagakure with your jutsu and skills.
Description: The people of Heiwagakure are a peaceful lot, but they want to get to know the shinobi of the outside world. Your Kage has given you a mission to entertain them at a night-time festival. The festival will have many contestants every night, and it will be very exciting. You are required to perform at least three tricks, with or without jutsu

It was early in the evening, but it was fairly dark outside due t the sheer amount of forest around the village of Heiwagakure. Torches were lit all around the village for the festival and little difficulty could be found in stumbling in the dark. Just as the villager's said, their ability to control "light" made it nearly impossible for the village to be dark or gloomy even at night time.

Right now Semasu was back stage of the festival's activities center, it was an old building previously used for storage but was emptied out for the festival. The village had invited other village's shinobi to come to Heiwagakure and get to know them on a friendly level and perform jutsu and tricks to impress each other. Semasu hadn't been interested with this particular area at first, performing tricks to impress someone was not something she thought she was capable of. Her clan's ability was meant solely for destruction- nothing good ever came of using explosions.

She was determined to be different though, to show tha even volatile and dangerous elements such as Bakuton could be controlled and used properly. She had practiced for a couple days at a few tricks before she was confident she could perform this little mission for her kage Eden-Sama without hurting any onlookers or bringing shame to her kage.

Three tricks

Semasu had watched a few shinobi and even some civilians perform several tricks- the more that went out there and showed off their talent, the more difficult it was to think of something creative that hadn't already been done. Finally it was her turn and she was glad that she had practiced a few tricks of her own, otherwise she might have ended up performing some of the same tricks already repeated several times; how boring that would have been.

The announcer, a shinobi who had been assigned to coorelate and narrate the nightly events had just announced Semasu's entrance. And now~ I give you Semasu Rankujo, SPC Jounin of Tsukigakure! Be prepared for some explosive excitement as she entertains you with her advanced bloodline ability. She smirked to herself as several claps were heard and a few people howled at the idea of an advanced bloodline shinobi performing a trick or two for them.

More or less though, most people weren't sure what to think- could it be that they thought it might be dangerous? Likely and Semasu wouldn't be offended or surprised: they would be a tough crowd to impress and not make fearful with explosions. She would do some small-scale explosions, nothing ear-popping or teeth-jarring.

Semasu stepped out onto the stage and was shined on by some spot lights especially made by Hewiagakure' monks to highlight the entertainers: an interesting ability for sure. She shielded her eyes for a moment with her hand as she let her eyes adjust to the spotlights, she bowed politely and heard several whistles and murmers, small discussions about her beauty and body. Naturally a woman would blush when someone spoke too loudly to their nearby friend, but the Rankujo women were used to such and it took a lot to embarrass them. Even worse, they were like an explosively violent tsundere when embarrassed- entertaining for sure!

Good evening Heiwagklure! I'm here tonight from Tsukigakure to entertain you! I'll be doing three tricks for you tonight, none of which I would suggest to try on your own. It was always important to give a disclaimer in case someone was foolish enough to try something they had seen without proper guidance or practice. The last thing she wanted was someone not able to utilize explosives, so they substitute explosive tags.... that would be disastrous.

Semasu would start out with a simple trick and get the attention of the crowd with a low ranked flashy move. After she had done that, she would build their expense with something less common... and then finish off with a climatic trick that wouldn't likely be topped. Semasu started out with her first trick- juggling. She had carved out three wooden balls of a small size, big enough to see in the audience, but small enough to fit in one of her hands. She had started with all three balls in one hand and imbued them with her volatile chakra.

After that, she juggled them and did a couple back-flips as she walked across the stage. She timed the juggle perfectly as she positioned all three balls in a triangular formation mid-air just as they began to shine with chakra. All three balls exploded and a spirit-like chakra fist erupted from each explosion and "punched" fists with the other two fists at each corner of the triangular explosion. All three fists exploded on touching each other and created a brief flash of light that gave Semasu enough time to enact her 2nd trick.

Semasu gathered chakra into her mouth and spat out a large amount of mud on the wooden stadium that hardened and took shape of a rock wall. The wall was seemingly polished and smooth, Semasu put her hand on the rock wall and felt it for the audience to assure them it was real. She took a step back, cocked her right fist backwards and punched it. Half of the audience expected the wall to explode, the other half expected her to howl in pain and stumble backwards holding a broken hand. Neither of those happened, Semasu's fist connected with the rock wall and she "fell" inside the rock, completely disappearing from sight. Gasps went up and a few cries of amazement at the sudden reverse anti-climatic outcome.

After a few moments, Semasu resubmerged from the rock wall, parallel to the earth and looking at the crowd sideways, it was an unusual feeling and her vertigo felt confused. She cleared her mind though and casually walked out of the rock wall and stood back on the stadium stage. Claps and cheers went up for her, she found a fellow Tsuki ninja in the crowd and asked him to mold her rock wall into a coffin for her. He complied and reformed the rock wall into a solid rock coffin and allowed Semasu to crawl inside before he sealed it tight.

She had instructed the event announcer to say something and make a countdown before her fellow Tsuki ninja with the Doton affinity would crush the coffin. Uh oh, I wonder how Semasu is going to escape this sealed coffin unharmed? He counted down to zero from ten and the Doton affinity shinobi used his hand in an exaggerated motion to "squeeze" the coffin. The rock tomb collapsed on itself violently into a pile of rubble on the stage. All sound went silent as the crowd waited in anticipation to see what would happen: some expected to see her corpse buried in the rubble and others expected her to reform from the rocks. neither of those happened: instead, the air itself was slashed open nearby on the stage, a crimson emition of light seeped out as Semasu's body was teleported through the rift in the air and landed lightly on her feet- in a graceful bow. The people cheered and went wild with applause; who could have thought such a beautiful girl could be sol talented with different tricks!

Word count-1,220
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Nightly Entertainment: Mission

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