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 Training Thread: New Jutsu #5, The Greatest Genjutsu On Naruto Legacy. Ever! Rated Y for Yuri Onmyoton.

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PostSubject: Training Thread: New Jutsu #5, The Greatest Genjutsu On Naruto Legacy. Ever! Rated Y for Yuri Onmyoton.    Thu Jun 05, 2014 12:12 am

Name: Angelic Illusion: Icha Icha Fantasies.
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type:  Supplementary  
Element: None
Range: Short (If using Melody Flute, 1000ft)
Specialty: Genjutsu
Duration: 1Post
Cooldown: 2 Post
Description: This illusion is similar to Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique. The target(s) will first see something swirling around them common to the area, leaves, loose snow, sand. On their next post, the target(s) will see their.....

Please choose which Option you most comfortable with. Yuri has no control over your fantasy and which Option you pick.

Option 1 (A Pervert's Fantasies):
The opponent(s) will see their most perverted and lustful fantasy play out, Two men making out, naughty schoolgirl spanking herself and so on. It ranges. Genjutsu can be broken by Kai, pain and etc. The Genjutsu can be made into Reality(within reason and site limits). Do I really need to go in detail of how this works?.  

Option 2 (Love and Marriage): The opponents(s) will see their romantic interest. The romantic interest will tell the target of the genjutsu that they love them. After that they will get down on one knee and ask the target of the genjutsu  marry them. Genjutsu can be broken by Kai, pain and etc. The Genjutsu can be made into Reality (within reason and site limits). Do I really need to go in detail of how this works?.  

Option 3 (Achievement Award): The opponent(s) will see that their greatest goal in life has been achieved. For example if Yuri was under this genjutsu, she would image that she had a wife and kids. It ranges, depends on the target(s) goals. Genjutsu can be broken by Kai, pain and etc. The Genjutsu can be made into Reality(within reason and site limits. For example if an Uchiha goal was to unlock EMS, I couldn't make that goal into reality. That would be Godmodding.). Do I really need to go in detail of how this works?.  

Option 4: (The Mother Of All Gifts): The opponent(s) will see that they have gotten the best gift ever. A yo-yo, puppy, donuts and etc. It ranges.   Genjutsu can be broken by Kai, pain and etc. The Genjutsu can be made into Reality (within reason and site limits). Do I really need to go in detail of how this works?.  

*Please if your affect by the genjutsu and your fansty is well...you know mature put the genjutsu in spoiler label "maturity warning" and warn readers of your pervert fantasies like so ---> Maturity Warning:

*Some fantasies can't be made into reality because of the limits of the Onmyoton ability and Site rules and guidelines. If there are anything questions, doubts, disputes or whatever about what fantasies can be made real, we shall contact an staff member and they will have the final say in what can be real and what can't.

*If your not comfortable with this Jutsu at all, then let me know OOC (Out of Character) and I will not use it on you. End of Discussion.    

•Effect: All Genjutsu-based jutsu can either be pure genjutsu or genjutsu materialized. Materialized Genjutsus must have a 1 charge post. A Genjutsu that has already been cast can be materialized after 1 post of charge if the opponent does not dispel it. Genjutsus are cast on foes by a clap of the hands, snap of the fingers or eye contact.

From her pervert lair, a young Onmyoton Chunnin was laughing loudly. Her laugher sound like a mixture between perverseness, evil, and pride? Anyway, There were Icha Icha books and posters scatter across the floor.  Ranging from multiple topics such as foreplay, dating tips, 'Your Wallet and Your Lover" Guidebook and so much more. Inside her room Yuri somehow gotten hold of a black cat, the cat manage to get by the Onmyoton guards unnoticed and into Yuri's room. "So Mr. Black do you know why I'm so happy right now?" The black cat just gave Yuri a blank stare before meowing, it seem like it wanted to be petted. Yuri chuckled as she rub the cat's back, enjoying the feeling of it soft fur. When the black cat started to purr, Yuri began speaking again. "After years of reading Icha Icha, watching Icha Icha and living the Icha Icha lifestyle I think I have come up with the best genjutsu in the entire universe. The idea is simple in theory but with my power to make the fantasy become reality. The concept is that, everyone and every living in this world is perverted! There are no exceptions!" The black cat gave a questioning meow and tilted its head at Yuri. "Meow?" Yuri blink and nodded her head. "Yes! That includes you, Asexual people and nuns. Especially Asexual people, Mr Black. There no such thing as anyone lacking sexual attraction. They just need to see the right thing." The black cat meow again as it rollover on its back. Swiping its paw in the air. Luckily for the cat, Yuri had a toy mouse on a string to keep the cat entertain. "As I was saying, with this simple idea, I have made the perfect genjutsu, anyone caught with the genjutsu will see their most perverted dreams come to life! Once that happens using my power over the yin-yang release, I will make there dreams become real! Also if for some reason, they are to afraid to see their perverted fantasies, I have come with several other options for the target to see in the genjutsu. Even non-perverted options but still just as powerful! Yes I know Mr. Black but there times when I'm not a pervert." The Black Cat meowed again, as if telling Yuri, 'Yeah Right!'Yuri shrugged and pick the cat as she left her Icha Icha Liar and head off to the center of her village!

This type of justu requires Yuri to use other people than herself to test out the effects of her genjutsu. The village of the hidden moon would be in for a perverted, not rude, but perverted awakening! On her way to the marketplace, Yuri drop off the black cat she name, 'Mr Black' at the local animal shelter. She didn't want the cat mind to become as perverted as her mind. If that was even possible. When Yuri go to the center of time, she decided to kill sometime before nightfall. She planned to test out her genjutsu in the cover of darkness.

It was midnight in the village hidden by the moonlight. When you think about the name, you have stop for a moment and wonder how a village could hide in light, Yuri often thought about this often. Usually light is use as a source to reveal secrets not hide them right? Anyways as the moon shine brightly in the sky, some people in the hidden moon village would be asleep in their beds right now, experiencing wonderful dreams or horrible nightmares. While in their slumber, these people entrusted their safety to the ninjas who preformed nightly patrols in and around the hidden moon village. Night time is a ninja best friend's and to the Onmyoton clan's it was best to stick in the shadows, the clan was highly secretive of their Jutsu and Bloodline ability, which was call Onmyoton of Yin-Yang Release. Unlike most ninja who surprising do their training out in the public training areas around the village, Onmyoton's ninjas do the vast majority of their training in the safety of the Onmyoton compound, in fact in was written rule that any training of new abilities must been done in the Onmyoton compound or face the risk of death for foolishly revealing the secrets of Onmyoton clan. Yes Yuri's clan was the strict and secretive about their clan jutsu but the didn't brother Yuri in the least, she was born and raised in the Onmyoton clan. So it didn't phase her in the least, she was a loyal Onmyoton clan member till the end and nothing would change that for now.

But this night was different, Yuri wasn't training in her compound, she was doing her training out in the open and outside of her Clan's compound. "Okay enough fooling around let gets this pervert party started!" Yuri walked into a bar that was open late and took a seat next to bartender. Yuri wink at the bartender, as she motioned him to come. The Bartender was about to speak until her seem to freeze. As soon as he made eye contact with Yuri, he was caught in her Genjutsu.

The Bartender stop as he saw spiral dust fly around him. He was a bit confused on why there was so much in his shop. He just cleaned it this morning. He noticed that the girl that winked at him, was gone. Before he question why, his jaw drop as he saw....
Mature Warning?:

Yuri giggled as she saw the bartender passed out on the floor with a major nosebleed. "Success but just to make sure" Yuri whistle at the other men in the bar, as she being to take off her shirt slowly. That definitely got the attention of the whole bar, besides Yuri there where only men in the bar. The men in the bar though they were getting a free strip show from Yuri but sadly, that wasn't case, Yuri just need to make eye contact with the men to put them under her genjutsu.

A few mintues later, the whole bar was quieted as Yuri look at the results of her genjutsu. A bar full of men, laying down on the ground knock out with nosebleeds. "Genjustu Training Successful"

Word Count: 1083
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Training Thread: New Jutsu #5, The Greatest Genjutsu On Naruto Legacy. Ever! Rated Y for Yuri Onmyoton.

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