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 The First Tail

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PostSubject: The First Tail   Sat Jun 07, 2014 3:26 pm

Tekishi had been going insane with the jabbering of the Nibi no Kuni. It was at time beyond frustrating, and annoying; it was deadly painful. The nonstop, incessant taunting and bickering from a timeless demon directed at a boy of only 17 years old had been skull splitting. There were some nights that he wouldn't even allow him to get any sleep with his talking.

Ever since the demon had been placed into him this had been going on and unfortunately there was nothing he could do to change that. He had been trying his best Shinobi techniques in meditation, and clearing his mind to try and subdue the voice within his head, but it had only seemed to grow stronger and stronger with every attempt that he had taken. It was obvious that this Nibi no Kuni wasn't going to allow him to do anything in his spare time that was peaceful. {I have to figure out how to shut you the hell up!} The low echo of the Nibi no Kuni's laughter proceeded from the recesses of Tekishi's mind.

Looking out the window of his bedroom into the night sky the moon had just began to arc past. The moonlight had crept into his room at an angle from the left edge of the window towards the right side of his room, looking in on the scene at a horizontal viewpoint. For the moment it was a peaceful scene, if only you could share the space between Tekishi's ears.

Fwoom. The covers were thrown off of him, and his body whipped around towards the moonlight, furthest from the present onlooking viewpoint. The shadow of Tekishi would break up the moonlight as he walked past it, gathering his Shinobi gear. Pants, then sandals, shirt, then tunic. [Where are we going to go at this time of the night boy?] "Shut the hell up already...you don't want to do anything else but bicker and bother me with your nonstop mumbo jumbo, I do not want to talk to you." [Mumbo jumbo? M-u-m-b-o, j-u-m-b-o?] A loud crackling laugh entered into the air previously occupied by Tekishi's thought. [That sounds like a good ol' crab soup!]

The comment made Tekishijin chuckle slightly to himself. Although he quickly replaced the laughter with the intent that was bestowed upon his mind. He walked out of his room and passed the bookshelf that was conveniently located in the opening of his house closest to the front door. He typically did not use the front door to enter and exit, so much as he used the window from his room; however, today he felt as though this was the way to go. A book was laying conspicuously on the floor, face down.

Kneeling down and sliding his thumb into the opening of the books fold, he rose and flipped the book over in his hand, first glancing at the cover of the book, then folding the left half of the book back to peruse through the pages. He read the two pages quickly, looking for something deeper in the words as though he was standing on the shore of the Onozuka River, wishing for its mysticism to empower him in some way. He found a sentence which had included this line that stood out to him the most: "Our actions define our legacy."

Taking a few steps back he placed the book back on the shelf after having marked the page with a fold of the upper left hand corner. [Legacy...hah. One that you won't have. I've already lived a hundred times your lifetimes. Now that... is a legacy.] {Ignore button.} He pushed the door open and entered into the cool dark streets. There was something in this particular night that felt rich with excitement and the body of Tekishijin was on the same frequency with that energy.

He stopped at the base of the steps, looked right, then looked left which led deeper into the village center. The large platinum eagle with golden eyes and the fully expanded wings was the first feature the eye was always drawn to, then it led down to the top of the spiral which the Umikage tower was crafted out of and then down to ground level. It was very humid and after having been living in the country for seventeen years Tekishijin had known that a storm was coming.

Tonight his eyes had looked beyond the platinum Eagle, a chore for most people, and stared up at Mt. Myria. He had never been to that location, and never really cared enough to ponder as to what had kept him away from it. "Seems like there is no better time than the present to investigate." [Investigate what?] Tekishijin turned and started walking towards the village tower, pointing up past the platinum eagle statue and towards the summit of Mt. Myria. [The Kage tower?] "No..." [The mountain?] "Oh, it's not just any mountain." [Look like a regular mountain to me.]

The wind in the village was beginning to pick up, the first sign that a hurricane was beginning to build just outside the walls.

The camera view of the young and determined Tekishijin had scrolled out to a landscape view of the scenario at hand: the full moon that shone brightly down on the ant size figure that climbed up the face of Mt. Myria, the clothes of the silhouette flapping from the wind that acted as the menace against his upward climb. At no point in time did the mind of Tekishijin think “Why am I doing this,” for he knew that it would all benefit him in the long run of reaching his goals as a shinobi, and not letting the name of his family down. He was a Koten, and since they were no longer just healers, he had to acquire strength.

He had not known how much time had elapsed, but it was still just as dark as it was when he left the house, if not even more so now than then. His fingers had ached and once he had reached the top of Mt. Myria he had to shake the ache out of them, which was not easily done. He turned towards his left where the moon faced and stretched out his arms overhead in a big Y shape as if worshipping it. “I was once told that ‘great hope can come from small sacrifices,’ have you ever heard of that expression?” Tekishijin asked the Nibi no Kani as he just finished scaling the wall of Mt. Myria. He dropped his arms to look down and brush himself off, free of all the dust that had clung to the fabric of his dress as he clung to the crevices of the mountain.

“I’ve never heard of it, but boy do I think we are lucky here…wait…no, hopeful that you would arrive,” spoke a voice that came off to Tekishijin’s right. Out of the ominous darkness had come several shinobi who stepped forward surrounding Tekishijin against the cliff that he had just taken great lengths and pains to climb. Tekishi’s face held an inquisitive scowl, his brow dipping sharply into a V to show the tension that was arising from their every step closer. “What do you think boys? Should we sacrifice him for the sake of Mount Myria?” The Eagle clan shinobi’s made a weird call which Tekishi could only fathom was an eagle call.

“You hear that, boy?” the leader of the clansmen asked him as he flicked his wrist, signaling for the rest of the men to leave the circle as spread out as it was, which was only a matter of a five meter radius. There goes that word again, boy. Tekishi loathed that word with an intense hatred he had never felt for anything else in his life. “Do…not…call…me…a…boy.” As he looked around he could also tell that some of the clansmen walked with eagles perched on their shoulders. The only thing that was stopping the talons of the eagles from digging two inches deep with all four razor sharp claws was the padded armor that they had designed into their flak jackets. Tekishi’s now lowered his eyes and focused on the closing feet that were between him and the clansmen who hadn’t stopped coming ever so closer towards him.

Tekishi had focused his chakra into his feet and added the element of katon to it. “You should not have decided to come out tonight…boy…” The sound of the man’s voice was drowned out by Tekishi’s focus on his footsteps. As he looked up with about four feet between him and the lead clansmen, the swing of the taller, lankier figures leg was directed towards Tekishi’s head was evaded by the utilization of Tekishijin’s Hoteru Mesu which propelled him up and over the high kick. His feet went up and over and as his body spun, his eyes stayed focus on the lead clansmen, drawing his kunai and attempting to slash at him but his kunai was blocked by the clansmen’s own kunai – at which point Tekishi had realized the superior speed of his adversary, not to mention the numbers he was intensely outmatched.

The lead clansmen, his kicking foot touching the ground and sliding back around towards the backside which Tekishi had maneuvered to, gave him more than enough time to reposition and push Tekishi up and over the circle that they had made around him and through the air since he had no grounds to support himself on. The force of the push was definitely padded by chakra as there was no way Tekishi would believe he could be so outmatched by pure strength to have been sent flying 15 meters away.

Despite the fact that that was the truth: he was ridiculously outmatched. [This isn’t looking very good for you Tekishi.] {No shit…}

He squirmed on the ground for a moment, trying to regain his composure. The members of the Eagle Clan surrounding him as they drew closer, waiting for the signal from the clan leader to allow them to attack. Tekishijin stood up and dusted himself off rather quickly, obtaining a taijutsu stance that had made the clansmen laugh in a cacophonous mixture of chuckles that pitied the child. “Look at this boy. He dares climb the Mountain of Myria and get away without paying for it with his life?”

“Stop this! I’m a member of the Koten family,” he barked at them behind his two tightly clenched fists. The name seemed to strike a chord with the clansmen lead, but only for a moment. “Koten…Koten…” He looked around at the other members of the clan. [They don’t seem to care… this isn’t going to be good. They will kill you if I do not help you out.] The head clansmen mumbled something as if there was a secret discussion or code as to how to deal with a Koten if they ever had come across one. “Your lineage has no importance here on Mt. Myria. Kill him!” The Eagles that perched upon the shoulders of the clan members took to the sky, the beat of their wings against the air that propelled them up into the sky filled the air and even drowned out the yells of their clansmen that yelled as they charged towards Tekishijin.

Time seemed to slow down. If this was really happening or if it was just relative to Tekishijin because of the adrenaline that coursed through his body right now he would never know. His body began to glow a deep blue color as an additional source of chakra flowed into Tekishijin’s body. A surreal warmth and extreme sense of power had overcame him as if it were a trance. He curled up as if he were in pain – but it was only his body trying to adjust to the overflow of chakra. The first tail of the Nibi had sprouted from this aura of chakra – and the clansmen had recognized at that point, that they had taken the wrong approach to this situation. Then it happened – Tekishijin blacked out.

When Tekishijin had come to regain his consciousness, all of the clansmen were dead and mutilated. The blood of the men still wet on the face of the mountain. [I only did this for the sake of seeing your future. You are still a boy, and if it weren’t for me you would be the one mutilated across this cliff. Remember this day, and your debt to me.]

Words – 2088 / 2000
Requirement Met – Approval Needed
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PostSubject: Re: The First Tail   Wed Jun 25, 2014 4:23 pm

OOC: This is just me rolling the dice, apparently I was supposed to do this during the middle of the training thread.
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PostSubject: Re: The First Tail   Wed Jun 25, 2014 4:23 pm

The member 'Tekishi' has done the following action : Dices roll

'Bijuu Rage' : 48
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Male Posts : 174
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PostSubject: Re: The First Tail   Wed Jun 25, 2014 4:53 pm

OOC: The bijuu has taken control of my character after a failed attempt to stay stable. I will be creating a new thread in the Hurricane Village roleplaying the unleash of the bijuu.
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PostSubject: Re: The First Tail   

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The First Tail

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