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 What It Means To Be A Hero (Closed, Private)

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PostSubject: What It Means To Be A Hero (Closed, Private)   Wed Jun 11, 2014 2:59 am

Our hero, Senju Yuumaru, suddenly finds himself wandering the streets of the Hidden Moon Village. It seemed as if it was only just yesterday that he had travelled here, on a quest to find a vial of Onmyoton Blood. He had many adventures along the way, and along the way, he had met his best friend, Yuri Onmyoton. Yuumaru felt happy just thinking about her. He was not alone anymore. As he sauntered along, peddlers selling their wares, children playing in the street, and all manner of street noises filled his ears as if it was beautiful music. As if it was the music Yuri had played during their battle, that beautiful, unparalleled melody…

Our hero’s thoughts however shifted to what Jiraiya had told him. There were dark times ahead, he was informed. He was questioned if he would stick to his beliefs, his ideals, his guts. Yuumaru replied to his teacher that he’d never give up on his ideals. His outlook on the world was bright. Naive, sure, but bright nonetheless. A brightness that can consume the world in its warmth and tenderness. Our hero wanted to love everyone. He didn’t understand why people would choose to do evil things. He believed in the deep-seated innocence of mankind.

Suddenly, as if he had heard our hero’s feelings and thoughts, Jiraiya-Sensei suddenly talked inside our hero’s mind! “Yuumaru-kun, there is something for you to do tonight. A task, of some sorts.” Yuumaru didn’t know what task it could possibly be. Jiraiya would usually only appear to give advice or to stare or grope Yu-chan’s magnificent mammary glands. Our hero was thus clueless but also filled with anticipation at what could this task be for him tonight.

“Yuumaru-kun, do you know about Nox Forest?” The Toad Sage asked our hero. “I guessed you wouldn’t…” Jiraiya continued, before our hero could even reply. “It is a very dark and scary place. The perfect place to steel one’s self and train hard and get ever more powerful!” Yuumaru grew excited for a moment, until he realized he would be alone. Alone in a dark, scary forest. “I know what you’re thinking! But no excuses!” “Must it be tonight, sensei?” Our hero complained. But Jiraiya would have none of it. “Go, now!” Our hero thus reluctantly made his way to Nox Forest.

To avoid scaring himself, our hero made his thoughts wander to Yuri-chan. Her soft and gentle touch. Her flowing hair… how amazing its scent was! And her kind and soothing words to him… before our hero knew it, Nox Forest became less and less scary for him, until after thirty minutes of walking through the forest, he could almost swear he had a clear vision of everything! He then remembered something. Just what the heck was he doing in a place like this? There could be monsters, zombies, or worse of all, GHOSTS!! Before Yuumaru could pee himself out of irrational fear, he quickly thought of Yuri-chan. “Yuri-chan Yu-chan Yu-chan Yuri!!!!” He was trying to comfort himself but to those who take it out of context it seems like he is doing something lewd.

Suddenly, the trees around him began to move. TREES. BEGAN. TO. MOVE. Yuumaru stopped frozen in his tracks. The trees in Nox forest also weren’t the friendly looking once you see in the Hidden Jungle Inner Jungle Region. No, these were scary giant DEAD trees with no leaves! The trees, however, didn’t come to kill him or impale him! They appeared to bend and make way… they were making a pathway of some sorts. With their branches as hands, and trunks as bodies, it was as if, they were BOWING to Yuumaru. Our hero was speechless and motionless and spineless (LOL!). After a moment, after he was sure no threat was incoming, our hero finally chose to walk towards where the trees were pointing him to go to. After about twenty steps, the path stopped, and the trees now made a small opening around Yuumaru, and continued bowing to him. For some reason, it was as if all his fears disappeared. Our hero somehow felt… warm inside. Then, it was as if it was morning. A bright light shone in front of him. The light was so blinding. As our hero covered his eyes to attempt to make out the light’s source, he saw a figure. A man. Suddenly, it wasn’t just the man. The sky suddenly became white. The trees became alive. Full of leaves. The man then revealed himself, allowing our hero to see him.

“Welcome, Yuumaru, my illustrious descendant.” The man smiled. “Who-- Who are you?” Then Yuumaru remembered this man’s familiar face. It was his ancestor! What was his name again?

“I am Ashura Ootsutsuki. The savior of this world. Welcome to my forest. The Forest of Light.”

(OOC: Read Y-Squared to get caught up! Baka!)
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Male Posts : 176
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PostSubject: Re: What It Means To Be A Hero (Closed, Private)   Wed Jun 11, 2014 10:08 pm

Yuumaru was speechless. Standing before him was his first incarnation! The second son of the Sage of the Six Paths! Ashura himself! His first instinct was to bow before him. But Ashura laughed at our hero. “Stand, my friend. You do not bow to me.” The man pointed at the trees. “It is those trees’ job to bow to you.” Yuumaru had so many questions. But he started with: “Forest of Light? But I thought the name of this forest was the Forest of Night? Nox Forest?” Ashura explained. “What a funny name you folk of the future give to places of which you do not know the significance of. This was my home, the forest where I was born, where I was trained. Don’t you see? Trees made of white, magical leaves are all round the area! Don’t tell me my descendant is blind?” Yuumaru looked confused. “But, don’t you know? Before you came, the trees were all--” Our hero stopped. “Ah, nevermind about that. Anyways, Ashura, Jiraiya told me everything! About my destiny… about you… about this world!”

The man smiled at our hero. “Ah, I knew I had made the right choice in reincarnating to you!” This confused Yuumaru, prompting him to ask a question to his ancestor. “But, if you reincarnated into me, how are you talking to me right now?!” Ashura just laughed at this. “Ah, it seems you also as slow as I was!” He looked at Yuumaru and explained. “My true soul is still here, in Heaven. But some of my chakra is inside you. This technique is called Transmigration, and only the two sons of the Sage can do it. Well, also his daughter…” Ashura looked distressed when he said this. “It was only when I had died when I found out about Megumi, my half-sister. She is the embodiment of Yin-Yang. She started evil and turned good, but that’s what makes her reincarnation dangerous.” Ashura looked at our hero with a sad and depressed look. “I believe you’ve met my sister’s reincarnation.” Yuumaru gulped. It was Yuri, of course. “Yuumaru, when the time comes, are you willing to--” Yuumaru interrupted Ashura. “No! Never! Yu-chan is my first true friend! I’ll never betray her!” Ashura put his hand on our hero’s shoulder, but our hero pushed it away and turned around. Ashura continued, “But Yuumaru, my son, do not forget your purpose. To save the world. What if Yuri chooses to go Megumi’s earlier path? What if she becomes an enemy of the world?” Yuumaru looked at Ashura with a furious look. “Don’t speak of my friend that way. She is the savior of this world as well.” Ashura flinched a little in surprise of his reincarnation’s bravery in speaking to him in this brash manner. But then he smiled at our hero. “You are my reincarnation, after all.” He turned serious again. Let me warn you, though. The age of your generation will be very dark and dangerous. You will have to train very hard to obtain strength, just as I did when I saved the world from my older brother. Granted, Yuri might not turn evil, but besides her, there are many enemies that are lurking, my friend.” Ashura turned and walked away from Yuumaru. After waiting a moment, he did a ninja seal, and then turned to Yuumaru again. “Give me your hand.” Yuumaru had no choice; he found himself reaching out towards his ancestor. Ashura’s pointer finger suddenly glowed bright blue. He then touched our hero’s palm. Surprisingly, although the light emitted by the blue flame of Ashura’s finger looked like it would burn, the “fire” felt like nothing. “I have given you my power. You will not awaken it instantly, however. You shall learn its secrets as you progress in your training. I hope you will get to use it properly someday.”

As Yuumaru stared at his palm, he found that it now had a flaming sun pattern tattooed on it. Somehow, he felt stronger. More powerful. More able to act on his dreams. Then Ashura spoke once again. “Now, let me explain something to you, my boy.” Yuumaru sat down as his ancestor did the lotus position. Suddenly, a Shinto gate appeared from the sky and landed, without making a commotion, behind Ashura. A blazing sun pattern, like the one on our hero’s hand, appeared on the ground. “My boy, you will face many encounters along the way. And although I believe that you are capable of surpassing your trouble, my chakra can only do so much to keep you from straying from the True Path. Let me ask you two questions that will let me know of your character. But be warned; these will not be ordinary verbal questions. You ready?” before Yuumaru could reply, he was instantly teleported to another dimension. In front of him, a man was being condemned by what appeared to be a mob and a judge. Our hero noticed that he was invisible to these people. He then heard Ashura’s voice inside his head. “This man is a good-for-nothing, dirty, stealing thief. A common criminal. However, this time, he was innocent, and another, trusted man committed a crime. The people understandably chose to condemn this man, not knowing the truth, or should I say, they blind themselves from the truth. Yuumaru, what is your judgment?” Yuumaru thought long and hard, and finally, a reply came from him. Understandably? What is understandable about condemning an innocent man? I don’t care about what the people think; this man is innocent. I am not condoning his criminal actions, in fact, if I ever caught him stealing again, I’ll be the one who’ll personally throw him in jail! But, I cannot bring myself to condemn an innocent man! Yuumaru then was teleported back to the Forest of Night… or was it Forest of Light? “You pass, my son. I am happy my reincarnation was raised well.” Ashura then smiled. “Now for the second test.”

Yuumaru was again teleported to another dimension. He again heard Ashura’s voice. “Are you ready? This test will be tougher than the first one, but it is the final one. So, good luck, my son.” When Yuumaru opened his eyes, he saw Yuri-chan in front of him. “Yuumaru… It is over. You cannot convince me to come back to our path. I have found my true path. My own path.” “Yu-chan… what are you--” Yuri held out her hand, stopping Yuumaru from talking. “You cannot defeat me, Yuumaru. I will let this world know the power of the reincarnation of Megumi. I will engulf this world with my power.” Yuumaru was frozen, as if he was made of stone. “Yu- Yuri…” “Goodbye, Yuumaru.” With that, a kunai came from her hand, shooting to Yuumaru. But-- it didn’t hit anything! Our hero had used Shunshin no Jutsu! Yuumaru was suddenly behind Yuri. He hugged her. “Yu-chan. I-- I-- You’re my first true friend. But I cannot let you destroy the world. But-- I also cannot kill you… So…” Suddenly, Yuumaru was teleported back to the Forest. “Im-- im possible, Yuumaru! You broke through my Transmigration: Genjutsu Dimension Jutsu?!” Ashura was astounded. Yuumaru, looking down, told his ancestor. “Don’t ever do that again.” He looked up. “Yuri-chan will never destroy the world.” His ancestor was apologetic. “I’m sorry, Yuumaru-kun. i know I asked before… but I wanted to make sure of your answer. And by the way… you passed!” Ashure smiled at his descendant. The two then went back to meditation. “Now, hang with me for a couple of minutes. Relax. Take in the spirit aura of the Forest of Light. The chakra finds solace here.”

After a couple of minutes of meditating, our hero then looked up at his ancestor. “Ashura, I mean, Ashura-sama, what should I do next? Where should I go to further my training?” Ashura thought long and hard before looking at Yuumaru. “Hyougagakure, the Village Hidden Among the Glacier. I don’t know why, but my transmigration jutsu seems to be pointing that way. Yuumaru-kun, the next step in your journey lies there. I don’t know what that place has in store for you, but it seems to be the direction towards your destiny.” Yuumaru thought for a moment. Hidden Glacier? That village is very secluded. The only thing Yuumaru knows about that village was from his time in the Academy, that the country was ruled by an imperial monarchy, instead of a Daimyo.

“But, Ashura… I wanted to spend more time with Yuri-chan. I… I think I…” Before Yuumaru could reveal his feelings for his best friend, Ashura spared him the embarrassment. “I know, my son. I know. But, didn’t she tell you something?” Yuumaru looked puzzled. “WHat did she tell me?” Ashura smiled. “Yuumaru-kun, you are as slow as always. She told you that you’ll always be together, right? You are the saviors after all. Don’t worry about not seeing her again; because destiny demands that you will.” Ashura then put his hand on our hero’s shoulders. “Now, enough talking. I believe our conversation has reached its conclusion. I have to say… I am very impressed in your development, young ninja. Keep doing what you’re doing. Work hard! And before you know it, the Age of Yuumaru will have begun.”

And with that, Yuumaru found himself asleep under a dead tree in Nox Forest. He didn’t know if it was morning or night, because the thick and dense forestry was the namesake of the forest, after all. Suddenly, a ray of light shone on Yuumaru. A rogue ray of light that managed to pierce the darkness. Our hero left the forest with a smile on his face.

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What It Means To Be A Hero (Closed, Private)

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