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 Mission 18# Event Mission! Sake Delivery

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PostSubject: Mission 18# Event Mission! Sake Delivery    Fri Jun 13, 2014 4:15 am

Name: Sake Delivery
Difficulty: D
Location: Heiwagakure
Reward: 5,000 Ryo
Experience: 25 Experience
Objective: You are tasked with delivering a cart of special sake to the shrine atop a small mountain.
Description: The people of Heiwagakure have a special tradition where they make their best sake and deliver it to the holy temple atop their mountain. The villagers have decided that they would like you to accompany their cart-pusher. You will take two turns pulling the loaded cart up the beaten path while asking the cart-pusher about the holy temple and its purpose.

Yuri Onmyoton has been as busy kunoichi as of late, in the village of Heiwagakure. She was the first forgiven ninja of her knowledge to enter Heiwagakure once its barrier has mysterious fallen. When Yuri first enter the village, she was treated with great mistrust and cautious but as Yuri Onmyoton started to help out the villagers with the problems, they started to became more at ease around her. Yuri first mission in Heiwagakure was helping Akira, the local shrine maiden to clean all of the statutes around the  village hidden in the light or was it call the village hidden in peace, Yuri wasn't hundred completely sure but the name was unimportant, the task was long and tiresome but at the end it was all worth it, Yuri and Akira quickly became the best of friends and something even more, they weren't a couple but more the passionate friends with benefits, if such a thing could even exist. Yuri still felt a bit sore from her night with Akira, Yuri was blown away with how dominated Akira was in the bedroom, especially when she gets her hands on a toy. Yuri had to fought off a blush, as she made a note to visit her passionate friend Akira after this mission, she was sure Akira would be happy to see her.

The second mission Yuri did for the mention was to entertain the village at a midnight festival, with Akira assist Yuri was easily able to win the talent show and she when brought the joys of Icha Icha to the village of Heiwagakure, her Lord and Savior Jiraiya will be quite pleased with his female pupil and destined savior (or destroyer) of the world.  Plus he would
also be pleased with Yuri as she and the shrine maiden, Akira had a heated make out session on stage, the was continued after the talent show was over. The third mission Yuri did was meeting the exiled monk in the hidden jungle village, the mission was a success but Yuri didn't learned anything from the silent monk, he refused to gave Yuri any piece of information and merely gave vague answers or remained silent as Yuri question him. Yuri did noticed that he had a strange book with him but she didn't have time to check it out and finaly Yuri escorted a group of monks around her home village, the village hidden in the moon, were she kept the monks safe from some annoying sitatuions. Plus that was the mission when Akira just ravaged our heroine from the village hidden in the moon. "Ah, I finally here!" Yuri saw a monk with a cart full of sake and walk ups towards him. "Hello I'm Yuri from the Hidden moon village and I will be here to help you."

"Thank you Yuri, I heard a lot about you from the Shrine maiden and the other residents of my village, good things. For today task, our village has a special tradition where the brew masters make their best sake and deliver it to the holy temple on top of the mountain. We will take turns pushing the cart, so do you want go first or should I go first?" The Monk pointed to the mountain that can been from far even from their current distance. "I will go first if you don't mind" The Monk nodded as he step aside let Yuri pushed the cart for the first part of the trip, as the Monk walkd beside Yuri, he couldn't but noticed her revealing attrie, he really wish this strange female would wore some more clothes but alias it wasn't his place nor his job to do that[color=#ffffff]. "So this holy temple of yours? Are you willing to tell me more about it?" Yuri asked curiously as she pull the heavy cart, she was an expert in Genjutsu, not Taijutsu so this was slightly more of changing D-Rank mission that she was used to but it wasn't anything she could handle.

The Monk for about the question for several seconds and decided the girl in front of him was trusty worthy enough for him to reveal information about the temple. "The temple's purpose was specifically for protecting the village- the holy tome resided inside the temple and empowered the barrier. The temple was erected high atop the sacred mountain to have the barrier cover as much of the village as possible. We have priests up there who exorcise evil spirits from around the temple, that is their sole purpose in life. However, now he barrier is gone and the monks are having trouble exorcising the spirits: this sake is special, it allows them to focus and exercise spirits much better. I sure the shrine maiden has told about our missing source? Yes." Yuri nodded, she swore to Akira that she would get the barrier back up. "Like I told Akira I will get your barrier back up and running." Despite Yuri, questionable attrie, the monk was moved by her passion to help a unknown village, he hope there were more ninja like her. After the monk talk more about the temple the two of them remain silent as the constantly took turn pushing and pulling the cart. After an two hour trip, a tried Yuri and not so tried monk, reached the holy temple and enter inside. The Monk greeted Yuri to the priest who were a bit wearily of her but treat her with respect. After the Sake was pass out, Yuri said goodbye to everyone as she travel back down the mountain to go find Akira and hang out with her.

Word Count: 942
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Mission 18# Event Mission! Sake Delivery

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