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 Mission 9: Missing Livestock

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PostSubject: Mission 9: Missing Livestock   Fri Jun 13, 2014 6:43 am

Our hero landed on the wooden port of the Hidden Jungle Village as he jumped from the ship. Minerva Roth let him know that he could stop by the village as The Winged Whale got its Jungle Merchandise for trading. Our hero couldn't believe it! He was back in his home village! Een if it's only for a short while, he couldn't help but smile at the nostalgic aura the village, his home village, gave out. He was about to burst in happiness. Our hero wanted to visit his Kage, bu he didn't have time; the ship was leaving in eleven hours. He had to do what he came to do, which was complete a mission assigned to him that was near the Hidden Jungle Village. The mission looked simple enough, but if you' e been a true fan of Senju Yuumaru and have been meeping up with his story, you would know that there is always more than meets the eye in his missions. As our hero dashed as quick as he could to get the mission done, he ran past the Bento Store of his childhood days. He couldn't help it. He had to eat some bento! As our hero ate hugrily on his fish balls, he remembered his first ever mission, his baptism as a true Hidden Jungle Shinobi. It seemed like only yesterday when he had started off on his grand adventure, and now, he was famous throughout the village. The store owner even gave him an extra bento box as a way of honoring our hero's actions that make the village greater and more popular around the world. Yuumaru, being the gallant hero that he was, refused to take the box. And when the owner insisted on giving it to our hero, the Blue Beast gave it to the family eating beside him. He the got up and continued on his way to the grazing firlds where the livestock massacre was happening.

As our hero approached Kusamura fields, he stretched out his arms and breathed the fresh air. He remembered coming here when he was just a wee little lad, when his grandfather, the Senju hero and Clan Head Daiki, would play with him abd teach him many lessons of life. Our hero then made his way to the farmhouse of his destination, after about a couple of minutes of nostalgic day dreaming.

As our hero approached the house, a woman met him halfway. She was apparently a fan of Yuumaru, and she asked for his autograph before inviting him in for tea and snacks. The woman turned out to be the farmer who sent the complaint to the Hidden Jungle Kage. She explained her dire situation to our hero. "It all started a few nights ago. My cows started crying inthe middle of the night, and when I check on them, one of them will be gone! One is taken away each night, and tonight will be the fifth night. Please help me, these cows are all I have. They are my livelihood." Our hero took pity on the woman and heeded her call to help. "Ma'am, no need to worry, I'll take care of this."

Our hero waited for night time, but unfortunately, he fell asleep on the farmer's comfortable couch. He was woken up with a loud scream. Our hero rushed up, and dashed to the sound of the scream. What he witnessed made his jaw drop. A large, reptilian-like monster was rught on the porch of the farmer! The lizard looked like it was about 8 feet tall. Suddenly, frills sprung up from its neck, and without warning, it sprayed acid saliva on our hero! Luckily, our hero managed to dodge the attack with Shunshin no Jutsu. The hero quickly grabbed the farmer and carried her out of the house. When they got out of the farmhouse, they saw that there were about four more lizard monsters outside!

Our hero, with the farmer woman in hand, rushed to get away from the monsters as fast as he could. When he looked back, they were catching up little by little. As Yuumaru endeavored with great might to run, the woman he was carrying was struck with the heroicness our hero was displaying. She didn't know him, and yet, he was risking his life to save her. Finally, when our hero could rin no more, he set the woman down and told her to wait for a moment. He the. Faced the monsters, undaunted.

Our hero activated his trademark Phoenix Fist, and rushed to his adversaries. With a speed of a beast, the Blue Beast incapacitated the first monster by severing his legs. The other three, upon witnessing the first one killed, quickly knelt and gave up. It turned out that they were mere bandits wearing reptilian costumes. They obediently followed our hero's orders of coming with him to the village and spending time in prison. The guy with the severed legs would be transported by our hero to the hospital, of course.

Before he set off again towards the village and then back aboard the Winged Whale, Yuumaru was called by the farmer woman. She kissed him on the cheek, and told him thank you. Since she was a fan of our hero, she already knew his name, and she told our hero her name: Bianca Greenoak. She then told him to visit her sometime when he's not busy doing heroic deeds.

As our hero dropped off the four mobile prisoners to the Hidden Jungle Prison to serve their time, and the incapacitated bandit in the Hidden Jungle Hospital, he rushed as fast as he could to the Winged Whale. He barely made it in time! Actually, he didn't! Our hero had to run on water and climb the ship, which was already 200 feet from port! Minerva later shook her head and told our hero she takes after his Chieko baa-chan.

And so, our hero once again does a mission complete, with bad guys in jail, and a kiss on the cheek. That's the Blue Beast of the Jungle for ya!!
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Mission 9: Missing Livestock

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