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 The Winds of Change Part 2: Trials and Tribulations, Part 1 The Sound of Defeat

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PostSubject: The Winds of Change Part 2: Trials and Tribulations, Part 1 The Sound of Defeat    Wed Jun 18, 2014 2:03 am

The Trials of Megumi Ootustuki: Trial 1
Important People:


It was midnight in the village hidden by the moonlight. When you think about the name, you have stop for a moment and wonder how a village could hide in light, Yuri often thought about this often. Usually light is use as a source to reveal secrets not hide them right? Anyways as the moon shine brightly in the sky, most people in the hidden moon village would be asleep in their beds right now, experiencing wonderful dreams or horrible nightmares. While in their slumber, these people entrusted their safety to the ninjas who preformed nightly patrols in and around the hidden moon village. Night time is a ninja best friend's and to the Onmyoton clan's it was best to stick in the shadows, the clan was highly secretive of their Jutsu and Bloodline ability, which was call Onmyoton of Yin-Yang Release. Unlike most ninja who surprising do their training out in the public training areas around the village, Onmyoton's ninjas do the vast majority of their training in the safety of the Onmyoton compound, in fact in was written rule that any training of new abilities must been done in the Onmyoton compound or face the risk of death for foolishly revealing the secrets of Onmyoton clan. Yes Yuri's clan was the strict and secretive about their clan jutsu but the didn't brother Yuri in the least, she was born and raised in the Onmyoton clan. So it didn't phase her in the least, she was a loyal Onmyotn clan member till the end and nothing would change that for now.

At the moment Yuri was walking around her family's private training area look for a place to begin some training, at the moment the area was lighted with the natural light coming off the moon. The area seem to be around twenty feet wide give or take a foot, a mixture of grasslands and forest. Yuri saw a large rock in the center of the clearing and decided to jump to it. The rock was wide enough for Yuri to sit on. Yuri got into the lotus position, sitting down with her legs cross and her feet are placed on the opposing thighs. Taking a deep breath, Yuri close her eyes as she start to mediate. Yuri's breathing slow down as she lowered her heart rate, relaxes her muscles and clear her mind of negative thoughts. Meditation is a common way for people in the Onmyoton clan to train. It allows greater insight into the mind and its inner works. Yuri use mediation as a way to come up with new ideas on how to use her bloodline or as a method to relax herself.

As Yuri Onmyoton relaxed herself, a black portal open appeared under Yuri Onmyoton as those familiar black tentacles wrapped their selves around Yuri Onmyoton (who remain clam and seem even a bit excited. How interesting.) and pull her into the portal, the tentacles were quite smooth and slightly moist feeling to them and unknowingly to Yuri, the fluid on the tentacles, were a special liquid made by Megumi Ootustuki to increase someone hormonal levels and the sense of touch, Megumi Ootustki did had some special training in mind for Yuri, it would mixture of pure hell and delightful pleasure. Yuri Onmyoton is going to be one extremely lucky bastard. So many people would been jealous if they knew who Yuri Onmyoton was training with. Not only would she be training with her legendary ansector she would be training and hanging out with famous and infamous ninja of the past or in the world, Ninja from a different universe. (This site isn't canon, ha!)

Yuri would find herself standing on a tree branch overlooking a huge forest as she saw Megumi Ootustuki and hot red-haired woman standing by her side on a tree branch ten feet away from them. "Hello Yuri Onmyoton, I'm glad that you got here safe, your training will start soon. After my friend introduce herself to you, the training shall begin and now I'm off. I will been watching from afar Yuri Onmyoton" Megumi would said with a evil smirked and a wink.  Megumi would whispered into the ear of red-haired woman, who just look up at Yuri and smirked at her, a predatory smirked that man Yuri worry but at the same time, she felt slightly hot and bothered for some unknown reason. (Remember the tentacles folks!) After that Megumi Ootustuki would disappeared in a swirl of black and purple rose petals. Leaving her two friends all alone.

Yuri Onmyoton look at the woman in front of her, and unknowingly lick her lips, this woman was a smoking hot flute player (Not hotter than her Goddess of Genjutsu but still, Yuri find her hotter than most other women!) Yuri saw the woman pull a flute from in between her breast, Yuri wish she could be that flute. That flute was one lucky son of Babe. Yuri Onmyoton's examine sexy vixen in front of her, everything was beautiful from her long red hair and dark eyes. Her flat and smooth abdomen on a curvaceous waist with fully form hips. Her toned thights and long legs, a firm and sexy butt and ample breast. But what draw Yuri Onmyoton focus was that damn attractive smirk of hers, it made Yuri want to let the woman have her way with her. Yuri bit her lower lip as she waited for the vixen in front of her to speak.

The red-haired woman, Tayuya mentally laughed at this Yuri Onmyoton. "Well at least I'm sure she into women, so after our battle, it should be too hard, to get her to submit and enjoy a good screw, shoot I hate this world and it use of censorship, I can't even talk how I want with out being change, for example, I can't said F.u.c.k, for some strange reason it would sound like I'm saying fudge, how stupid but at least Megumi and this Yuri girl are fun. He, we its time to get started!" Tayuya would snapped her fingers to get Yuri's attention. "Okay Super Pervert, my name is Tayuya and Megumi has told me your been using sound based genjutsu and using a flute no less?"   Yuri shook her head nodded. "Yes. Now that I know our name, I remember you from a book I read!" Tayuya smirked only grew. "Let's see how good your really are Yuri Onmyoton. Summoning Jutsu! Say hello to my Doki!" Tayuya slam her hand on the tree branch as three ogre like creatures appear behind her.

Yuri Onmyoton just look at Doki in wonder.

Doki's Appearance :

Yuri wasted no time, in summoning her melody flute and winked at Tayuya. "Your not the only one who can summon monsters to aid in combat."
Yuri would quickly gather up both of elements as two portal appear above Yuri and from the portals two monsters jump out and landed in front of Yuri soon two tall monsters, one of the a fat red ogre and the other a man wearing a hosre mask look at Tayuya and her doki. Tayuya seem to be taken by supirsed but it didn't last long, as the two flute playing female look at each and playing their flute while retreating at the same. And soon Tayuya and Yuri creatures clash. It was like a monster brawl out there, Tayuya had the numbers and experience advantage on her side, while Yuri never said die attutide help keep Yuri Onmyoton to keep pace with Tayuya in combat, in the forest nothing could be heard but the sounds of combat and flutes.


After a musical battle that lasted for nearly two hours, both Yuri and Tayuya were sweating and panting but more so Yuri, as their summoning were no longer around. Tayuya was standing over a exhausted Yuri who seem slightly fluster for some reason (curse those tentacles that Megumi used to bring Yuri here).

Mature Warning:

Word Count: 1888
Charka: 130/200
Jutsu Used:

Name: Melody Flute  
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Supplementary
Element: Onmyoton
Range: Self / 1000 Feet (When Playing Flute)
Specialty: Kekkai Genkai (Onmyoton), Genjutsu
Duration: 1 Post (Maintain for -5 charka after the 1 post duration)
Cooldown: 2 Post
Description: Yuri makes a black flute using her bloodline ability, Onmyoton or yin-yang release. The flute is use to increase the range (See Range above) of genjutsu by using sound.  This allows Yuri to cast genjutsu on targets that are out of her visual range. The flute when materialized, it can withstand attacks that are Rank-D and lower. ANy attack rank higher than D will break the flute.


•Effect: All Genjutsu-based jutsu can either be pure genjutsu or genjutsu materialized. Materialized Genjutsus must have a 1 charge post. A Genjutsu that has already been cast can be materialized after 1 post of charge if the opponent does not dispel it. Genjutsus are cast on foes by a clap of the hands, snap of the fingers or eye contact.

[spoiler]Name: Horesman of the Hidden Mushroom Village
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: B
Type: Offensive
Element: Inton
Range:Melee and 6 Feet is max range of Horseman's weapon.
Specialty: Genjutsu
Duration: 4 Post
Cooldown: 6 Post
Description: Yuri casts a type of genjutsu where she summons a seven foot tall man wearing only a horse mask and a pair of white boxers.  The man in the horse mask in armed with a mushroom shape hammer. The horseman will dance around the battle, while swing his mushroom shape hammer in attempt to Yuri's crush foes and objects with its mushroom shape hammer, impact from the horesman can cause bone fractures on direct impact to people with B Rank END & lower and bend metals up to iron. The horseman can only use its weapon or taijutsu.

•Effect: All Genjutsu-based jutsu can either be pure genjutsu or genjutsu materialized. Materialized Genjutsus must have a 1 charge post. A Genjutsu that has already been cast can be materialized after 1 post of charge if the opponent does not dispel it. Genjutsus are cast on foes by a clap of the hands, snap of the fingers or eye contact.


Name: Ecchi Ecchi Monster: Elder Ogre
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: B
Type: Offensive
Element: Yoton
Range: Melee Range
Specialty: Genjutsu
Duration: 3 Post (maintainable for 1/2 cost of B-Rank Jutsu after third post)
Cooldown: 6 Post
Description: After a post of charging/gather her Yoton element, a black vortex will appear above Yuri as a materialized genjutsu in form of seven foot tall, red skinned fat bellied giant ogre in a loin cloth jumps out of vortex and lands on the ground.  Unlike standard ogre though, Elder Ogres are attracted to males and as such, will target Yuri's male enemies first. Meaning if Yuri is fighting a Male opponent and female opponent the Elder Ogre will go after the male opponent first, its a homosexual orge so yeah.

Elder Orge Apperance:

The Elder Orge is a powerful Ecchi monster with B-Rank Soul Stats. The impact from an Elder Ogre can cause bone factures and heavy bruising to an opponent who END Soul Stat is equal to or less than the Orge STR Soul Stat. The Elder Orge seems to favor a certain move set (Four moves of Dooms. Which will be explain below.)

1. The Uppercut: The Ogre will perform an uppercut to an enemy, this uppercut can send an opponent airborne five feet in the air.

Quote :
The punch moves as its name implies: it usually initiates from the attacker's belly, making an upward motion that resembles a pirate's hook in shape, before landing on the opponent's face or body.

2. The Dropkick: The Ogre will perform an dropkick that will knock an opponent down to the ground if they Soul-STR is less than the Ogre Soul-STR.

Quote :
A dropkick is an attacking maneuver in professional wrestling. It is defined as an attack where the wrestler jumps up and kicks the opponent with the soles of both feet; this sees the wrestler twist as he or she jumps so that when the feet connect with the opponent one foot is raised higher than the other (depending on which way he or she twists) and the wrestler falls back to the mat on his or her side, or front.[

3. The Clothesline. The Elder Ogre will attempt to Clothesline the Opponent to knock them down on the ground. Note the Ogre can only run in linear direction when preforming this move.

Quote :
A clothesline is a move in which one wrestler runs towards another and extends his/her arm out from the side of the body and parallel to the ground, hitting the opponent in the neck or chest and knocking him/her over.

4: Finisher Move: The Mark of an Elder (Superkick) The Elder Ogre will slap it ass and point towards the opponent as it prepares it second favorite move. The Elder will kick the opponent in the face or chin.    

Quote :
A superkick sees the wrestler delivering a kick to the opponent's face or chin, usually preceded by a sidestep, often referred to as a side kick or a crescent kick

•Effect: All Genjutsu-based jutsu can either be pure genjutsu or genjutsu materialized. Materialized Genjutsus must have a 1 charge post. A Genjutsu that has already been cast can be materialized after 1 post of charge if the opponent does not dispel it. Genjutsus are cast on foes by a clap of the hands, snap of the fingers or eye contact.
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The Winds of Change Part 2: Trials and Tribulations, Part 1 The Sound of Defeat

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