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  Training Thread: Its An Ogre!

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PostSubject: Training Thread: Its An Ogre!    Sun Jun 22, 2014 2:49 am


It was midnight in the village hidden by the moonlight. When you think about the name, you have stop for a moment and wonder how a village could hide in light, Yuri often thought about this often. Usually light is use as a source to reveal secrets not hide them right? Anyways as the moon shine brightly in the sky, most people in the hidden moon village would be asleep in their beds right now, experiencing wonderful dreams or horrible nightmares. While in their slumber, these people entrusted their safety to the ninjas who preformed nightly patrols in and around the hidden moon village. Night time is a ninja best friend's and to the Onmyoton clan's it was best to stick in the shadows, the clan was highly secretive of their Jutsu and Bloodline ability, which was call Onmyoton of Yin-Yang Release. Unlike most ninja who surprising do their training out in the public training areas around the village, Onmyoton's ninjas do the vast majority of their training in the safety of the Onmyoton compound, in fact in was written rule that any training of new abilities must been done in the Onmyoton compound or face the risk of death for foolishly revealing the secrets of Onmyoton clan. Yes Yuri's clan was the strict and secretive about their clan jutsu but the didn't brother Yuri in the least, she was born and raised in the Onmyoton clan. So it didn't phase her in the least, she was a loyal Onmyotn clan member till the end and nothing would change that for now.

Founder of the Clan wrote:

Quote :
The Onmyoton clan is a very small clan and has been for many many years, they are a secretive clan and will not willingly show their jutsu to others- their jutsu consists of using both light and shadow, they do not specialize in "normal" or "Advanced" elements- every single member of this clan specializes in either light or shadow and the 2nd as a secondary: only the advanced or naturally talented may blend their elements to create the Onmyoton.

Their history is shrouded in mysteries, often they eliminated important people even from within their own village to keep their clan's abilities a secret- only a handful of important people know of their kind of power and those people are well trusted but always being watched. The clan lives like any other ninja in the village, but they go to secret meetings and constantly check up on the members of the clan. Most of the ninja from this clan are assassins, they kill targets who the ruling government wants dead using their unique elemental properties which are hard to combat against.

Yuri reread a section of the founding scroll of the Onmyoton clan, getting her hands on text like this wasn't easily, especially for her current ranking in the clan but lucky with the help of more sexual techquine, female charm and doing some questionable favors for certain people in the clan.(I will let your imagination  take over from here and wonder about the favors Yuri Onmyoton did to get this scroll.) Sure, Yuri Onmyoton was receiving training from an Jonin Level Onmyoton ninja, Taizu Onmyoton her Sensei and possibly friend but it been awhile since the two of them last met. Plus with Yuri's new best friend and number one rival Yuumaru Senju getting training in the hidden ice village or whatever it was call, Yuri Onmyoton need to step her game up. Her ancestor was very clear on the manner.  And indeed Yuri has, it wasn't long ago before she got promoted to the rank of special jonin, thanks her high skill in genjutsu, her successful missions and her hard working attitude. Yuri Onmyoton was a rising start in the hidden moon village and so far she was on a roll and nothing could stop her at the moment. "Now that I became the rank of special jonin, I really have to expand my move set as of lately I been repeating the same moves over again in the same pattern which can prove deadly to me if an opponent ever keep their tabs on me. But what type of jutsu to come up with. Think Yuri Think!, let see I could use another servant, something like my horseman but much more scarier, but what could it be!" Yuri closed her eyes and though of something! She then start to remember the monsters she fought and grinned.

Mission Flashback:

"An Ecchi Monster. That what I should make and I got the perfect idea for my first Ecchi Monster servant too." The newly promoted Special Jonin and soon to be assistant to the kage of her village, Yuri Onmyoton was sitting on a large, gray, table shape rock in the louts position, taking deep breathes to clam herself down before she start the process of making a new jutsu. Yuri took a deep breath and then released it, as she close her eyes and begin the process of making a new Genjutsu. Everything was silent around the Onmyoton Special Jonin, a small breeze blew some leaves in front of Yuri as she remained as motionless and silent as a stone, Yuri was in total thinking mode or what she like to call it, Focus Yuri mode or Zen mode. The young ninja was gather the element of Yoton as an image begin to appeared in her mind. "There. Now to summon it" After several minutes of gathering her yoton element and charging up her genjutsu.

A swirling black portal appear beside Yuri as a seven foot tall, red skinned fat bellied giant ogre dressed in a loin cloth jumps out of vortex and lands on the ground with a sickening impact as it look at its master or rather mistress Yuri. Yuri open her eyes as she examine her new creation and smile, as she pull out a poster from her perfectly shape melons and show the ogre picture of sexy female warrior, the ogre should stand there and starch it butts, it clearly shown no sexual appeal for woman, which Yuri hoped for as she show the creature a different picture but this time of hot and handsome male warrior which cause the Ogre to stick out it tongue and jump around gleefully as it clapped its hand together and making whooping sounds. "Perfect, I have created the first gay male monster. Men everywhere should be worry and keep extreme watch over their asses!" Yuri laughed in mixture of lewdness and evilness as the Ogre seem to laugh with her, hitting a tree and send it flying through the air. As Yuri continued she laughed she began ideas for a lesbian Ecchi monster as she heard the tree that the Ogre uppercut landed several yards away from them. The Ogre after seeing the picture was drop kicking and upper cutting trees as it went on search for male victims. Yuri still had the beast under her control as she finally manage to clam herself down and smile at the trail of mayhem and chaos the gay ogre left it in its path, some unlucky male was going to be in for a rude awakening, as Yuri manage to ride on the back of her gay genjutsu summoning.

Word Count: 1555
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Training Thread: Its An Ogre!

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