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 Bond 2: Gift of The Unfortunate

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Kouri Ten'nou

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PostSubject: Bond 2: Gift of The Unfortunate   Mon Jun 23, 2014 6:08 pm

Isais woke up this morning with an agenda. Today he was going to train Rumi of kusamuragakure.  Rumi and Isais had met earlier in Isais' developmental stage back when he was a jounin searching for the ancient book known as the secret of Aeneas.  Back then he had no idea who Rumi was and the power that rumi possessed. Now that Isais had completely mastered his bijuu; Ei has now informed him about the Jinchirikis that he has met and their power and potential. From what he had acquired from Ei, Rumi would make the perfect piece to Isais' puzzle. If only rumi could master the power within him. Well that's why Isais is going to train him. As the first and only person in history to master the power if a bijuu , isais figured that with Ei's help he could teach rumi to master the power of the one tail. So here he stands waiting for Rumis arrival so that training can begin. The field being the open lands which isais had use to unlock his lost lord form.
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PostSubject: Re: Bond 2: Gift of The Unfortunate   Mon Jun 23, 2014 9:27 pm

It was a new day for Rumi. As he awoke from his deep slumber, buying the cheapest room to sleep in as he possibly could to save money, and for himself, he contemplated following up with Isais and going to where he asked him to meet him. Isais had said he was going to be teaching Rumi invaluable to learn, and it would benefit him immensely, but Rumi was already certain that everything beneficial could just as easily be taught from a book, so there was little point in learning from the outside world.

But alas, the wonder and giddiness in Isais' eyes when he spoke about it propelled Rumi to pull himself out of his bed and begin his journey to the open fields, spotting Isais from the distance, and began his short journey towards him. Upon reaching his destination, Rumi nodded to Isais, and smiled warmly to him.
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Kouri Ten'nou

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PostSubject: Re: Bond 2: Gift of The Unfortunate   Wed Jun 25, 2014 7:56 pm

Isais looks at Rumi with a smile. he was very happy to see that Rumi had not forgotten about there training scheduled. Isais would look around at the open field and then begin to speak with Rumi. " Hows your stay here been so far? Did you get any of the cookies that i sent you a few days ago?" Isais would keep up his warm smile and before Rumi could really even come up with a full response, Isais would begin to form a few hand seals. Upon completion five stone soldiers appear and surround Rumi. " Well without further interruptions, Would you like to start your training now?" what obviously is becoming a bad habit for Isais is starting to become his way of handling business.  And by this i mean before even getting a response from Rumi, his stone soldiers would react the one from behind attempting to grab hold of rumi and encase him from within itself like a coffin. This would not cause harm to Rumi at all but was meant to throw him off guard and hold him long enough so Isais can activate the sinister powers of his abbadon gauntlet. He then aims the gauntlet at where Rumi's head would be and then begin a little speech. " Dont worry bro, It ill all be over soon, but from here on out whatever urges you may feel, You're going to have to fight it! Remember that you came here for a reason. Youre destined for greatness but you must remember, who youll fight for the most and then fight for them." Isais would pause alittle while and then touch the stone soldier."See you in a few hours, kid. Yamiton style: Mind Shadow Jutsu!" Isais would use then technique and the jump back as the other four stone soldiers would surround the one encasing Rumi. what this jutsu does is that it phases through objects and makes contact with the victims skin causing the victim to now have a mind corrupted by this jutsu. Isais now uses his possession to cause Rumi's mind to go towards the brink of insanity. Ultimately this would cause the one tails to react. Isais watches carefully and on guard for what might happen next

Word count: 362

Jutsu Used:

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PostSubject: Re: Bond 2: Gift of The Unfortunate   

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Bond 2: Gift of The Unfortunate

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