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 [Supply Cart][Hyouga-B]

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PostSubject: [Supply Cart][Hyouga-B]   Sat Jun 28, 2014 7:00 pm

The Mission:

Shigeru looked up to the sky and sighed. Another normal day. The weather was agreeable. Cold, but agreeable. It was always cold. Eventually you get use to it, though. Well, not everybody. Some people never adapt. Shigeru was fine with it. Still he wondered how it was outside this country. He had heard of places were the sun's rays were like fireballs. They were called desserts or something like that. What a strangenamefora place. Still, itsounded soexotic. Even though,hewasa jounin and had permission for free travel in and out of the village, he didn't travel much. He rarely strayed away from the village. No real need to travel. He was sure there were many treasures out there but he wasn't willing to waste his time out there searching. It seemed like he would waste more money searching than he would end up gaining. It was a risk he wasn't willing to take. This was the exact reason he didn't gamble. There was more money being lost than gained. It wasn't worth his time. Though, he wasn't above cheating in order to rack in some of that cash. Casinos were already robbing people, why not rob a little back. Perhaps he wouldn't rob from other places such as stores and markets and such, but casinos were different. Those things were meant to suck other peoples hard earned (And not so hard earned) money. Still, he couldn't help but admire their system. Oh how he wanted to own a casino of his own. He'd be swimming in the dough. For now, he just had to work as a ninja. Making his money off these simple missions. It had been awhile since the last interesting mission. Nothing but B-Rank and below lately. It was too bad. He had an urge to go head hunting. You could call Shigeru, a part time bounty hunter. There was a lack of good leads lately, though. No one was showing their face. Enough about his other work, though. He had a job right in front of him that he had to do. Shigeru walked up to the cart he figured he was suppose to protect. It wasn't difficult to find. They had given him directions to where it would be at the time for departure. It was of considerable size. The size kind of made him wonder what it held inside. The had been told specifically that he wasn't able to ask what they were moving, but that only made a man even more curious to see what was inside. It was for the emperor too, so who knew what kind of goodies were held inside. He was tempted to sneak a peek before they started moving but there was too many people around, he would just have to hold himself back for a while. Maybe if he was lucky, they'd tell him of their own free will. There were two workers. One to steer the cart, the other to secure it all down and make sure nothing fell out or broke. Shigeru was the third man, the bodyguard. All he had to do was make sure the cart got to where it had to go. Preferably in one piece.

But if he had to cut it up, so be it. They were just going to unload it onto a ship anyways. As long as it all got there, they should be fine. "My name is Shigeru, I would be the ninja who was sent here in order to protect the cart." he said to the one who looked like he was going to be steering. "I presume we are in good care then." the old man laughed, not at Shigeru, but with him. Shigeru wasn't much of a laugher, though. He'd simply nod and try and give the man a smile in return to showcase that he got the joke. He wasn't devoid of a sense of humor, he just rarely cared to show it. Especially on the job. He preferred to stay professional and reserved. This was just another job to him, after all. There was no need to get to know these men too well. He toke the job for the money, not to make new friends. That may have come off cold, but it was the cold truth. Shigeru wasn't a very friendly person in that sense. Still, he knew when and when not to get close to someone. The cart would soon be on its way as the... polar bears started pulling the cart. Or dogs and wolves, whatever does that kind of thing. Either way, they were on their way. He'd sit atop the cart, watching what lay out there in the snow. For a mono coloured landscape it was actually quite pretty. It was one of the things he actually appreciated from this country. Well, perhaps he could take a nap. It seemed like a quiet day. No need to waste too much energy. He'd close his eyes and lay down on the tarp that was covering the cart. Now, Shigeru wasn't one to slack off during a mission, just the opposite. Although it appeared like he was sleeping, his ears were wide open. He could hear the wheels turning, the two other men breathing, even the very movements of the cart bear. Listening was more effective than watching. Any smart burglars would be camouflaged anyways. It was just too easy to blend in with the snow around the road. Perhaps an hour or so later, he heard whispers. It wasn't the other two on the cart. He could tell that much. "Stop the cart." a man said as he jumped out in front of the cart. "Start unloading it slowly, now." Shigeru couldn't help but sit up. Looks like he was getting robbed.

He could count about 5 other men around the cart. The one talking seemed like the leader. He wondered how he would look with a sword through his neck. They'd didn't seem like they were worth any money. Small time hijackers. What a disappointment. He was hoping he could make some extra money of them, but it didn't look like he was in luck. They were small fry anyways, shouldn't waste too much time. He'd lift himself and stand on top of the cart and look down at them all. "I'll let you guys walk away now if you give the two men here an apology." he said before putting his hand on the hilt of Temperance. "Bastard." Oh well. He jumped sword drawn, aiming straight for what he only assumed was the right hand man. "Hi.", Shigeru let out a flurry of stabs straight into the mans chest faster than he could react. How messy. He didn't want to get blood on his sword, but it was unavoidable now. Guess he just had to move faster and have the wind wipe it off. His eyes moved to the next person. He blocked out the noise of their yelling. He didn't care what they had to say. He dashed ahead to his next target. One strike to the stomach. He tried to strike back, Shigeru simply parry'd and striked again. His blade pushed itself inside his stomach. This almost made him shed a tear. Almost. Well, they had a schedule to keep. He couldn't waste too much time. He kept it simple. quick dashes, even quicker strikes. He'd leave them all with holes. They tried to strike him back, but he could see their moves before they even tired them. He'd killed five. He had wanted to save the leader for last, but he disappeared from sight. He merely swung his blade one last time, letting the any remaining blood slide off as he sheathed it. There was no need to use Greed on these small fries. "May we continue on our trip?" he said to the one steering. He merely nodded and signaled the bear to go. He didn't like to kill. It seemed like a waste of life. It was a gift given from the heavens. Did he really have the right to take it from them? It was too late now. Their blood already stained the snow. The leader ditched them. What a coward. The cart would keep moving as if nothing ever happened. He'd hate to die like that. So uneventful. Throwing it all away like that. The wheels on the cart went round and round, round and round. He closed his eyes again. Time moved forward. "W-w-wait." he heard coming from behind the cart. There he stood, the same man as before, holding a sword. "I'm here to avenge my friends." he said. Tears streamed down his face. Shigeru jumped back down. He grabbed a hilt. This was a different sword, though. He pulled out Greed instead. They'd do this in one swing. The bandit yelled and ran towards Shigeru, sword up in the air. One swing, one golden swing. The bandits body hit the ground. "Rest in piece." he said, as he closed the eyes of the body. He sheathed his sword and slowly walked back to the cart. "Lets go.", He'd lay down on the top again as they cart slowly entered the village and made it's way to the port. Some kid tried to get a hand inside on of the carts. A third attack in one day. Shigeru slowly started unsheathing his blade, the sound of the metal loud enough for the boy to hear. He jumped back, yelling, and then ran to his friends a few feet away. He helped them load the stuff on to the ship it was meant to be on and said farewell to the fine man he worked with today. It was a long day, he needed to rest a little.
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[Supply Cart][Hyouga-B]

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