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 Plot Mission! An Unusual Suspect

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PostSubject: Plot Mission! An Unusual Suspect   Sun Jun 29, 2014 5:59 pm

Name: Plot Mission! An Unusual Suspect
Difficulty: D
Requirement: Complete 2 event missions
Location: Borders of Kusamuragakure
Reward: 10,000 Ryo
Experience: 35 Experience & 1 bundle of kunai
Objective: Investigate the suspicious character camping on the borders of Kusamuragakure.
Description: Shinji has camped in a secluded spot on the edge of Kusa's borders. He is relaxing and having a warm meal by a small fire. You are to approach and make small-talk with the young monk apprentice to see who he his and what he is doing so far away from his people. He will explain he is an "exile" but won't go into too much detail as to why and will not reveal that he has a unusual book hidden in his tent.

There he was, the unusual person camped on the outskirts of the border to Kusamuragkure; that in itself wasn't weird or noteworthy. The issue was that anyone who was intelligent or knowledgeable about Kusamuragalure knew that camping out on the border like this was not smart, for many reasons- the most logical being the wild animals that roamed about. Other things such as bandits and missing-nin liked to wander these areas and prey upon unsuspecting people.

This person didn't seem to be a missing-nin or highway bandit though, rather... he was wearing the unusual clothing of the monks of Heiwagakure. What was a monk doing this far out in the forest and away from their tranquil village? Semasu eased closer to the figure from her short distance in the bushes, on a closer inspection, she could see that he was a younger boy, likely not even a fully apprenticed monk yet. He had his back to her and was cooking some food in a fire pit close to his tent; his tent was fairly well constructed, mostly from supplies he had probably taken from his village and he seemed fairly well set into the spot. Possibly had been here over a week or more.

Semasu took the chance, apparently he was harmless, like the rest of the monks. As soon as he stood up to grab something from his tent, Semasu leapt forwards and sat o the ground by his fire. He had a frying pan over the fire and had finished cooking his own food, maybe he was going to grab eating utensils? Semasu plopped a couple donuts into the frying pan and they began to make a sizzling sound; she looked at the figure immediately, his posture tensed up and his head slowly turned to look at her from the corner of his eye.

He turned around suddenly and crouched low to the ground in a defensive stance... not normally something a monk would do, he was prepared to fight. She raised an eyebrow at his unusual aggressive nature, he was not like any other monk she had met. Mind if I use your skillet to make some food? I am kind of hungry as well. She was appealing to his compassionate side, she had known the monks well enough that by their nature, they were a helpful and kind people.

He lowered his guard and stood up slowly, analyzing her fully and trying not to stare too much at her melons that seemed to be barely contained in her clothing. He looked down at the water bottle he had retrieved from his tent to go with his meal; he slowly sat back down on the ground, across from the fire from her. You are welcome to use my fire, but please, tell me who you are.

Semasu nodded her thanks to him and flipped the donuts with a kunai she pulled from her ninja pouch. I'm just a traveler and quite hungry. Who might you be? It was an innocent enough question, but her words wuld have been unbelievable to anyone outside of Heiwagakure, the monks didn't understand yet the differences between civilians and shinobi.. like how shinobi usually carried around ninja tools and civilians didn't.

I'm just an exile from Heiwagakure, my actions have shamed my village and brought them trouble recently, so I am atoning for it by exile. Semasu wasn't really surprised, his nature did seem quite aggressive, a nature frowned upon by the peaceful monks- it was no wonder he was an exile. She made small talk with him and learned anything else she could about the boy, but he was very guarded about information- he was a smart boy for his age... if not a bit stupid for camping in such an open area and using wet wood for his fire. He was creating a lot of smoke from the fire that could catch someone's attention if they were looking for him. She decided to keep quiet about that though, she had a feeling she would need to see him again and would prefer to find him as easily as possible.

She bid him farewell after enjoying a small meal together, she had even left him a few donuts as a gift. What an interesting monk.

Word count- 714
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Plot Mission! An Unusual Suspect

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