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 Learn something new everyday

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PostSubject: Learn something new everyday   Sun Jul 06, 2014 7:32 pm

It's not everyday you get chosen for anything here in Hyougagakure, if you wanted something you had to fight, scavenge, and survive. All of these things Xavier refused to do, Hyouga's 'Traditions' and old ways just weren't something Xavier approved of. Instead he'd make it his own way, in all honesty if it hadn't been for his run in with luck of meeting Isais perhaps he wouldn't even be where he was now. Xavier was walking down the street as these thoughts roamed through his mind repeatedly and relentlessly, it was all he could think of on this night. Finding the nearest bench he could he'd take a seat and collect his thoughts. Perhaps it was true, perhaps all of his strength and status, everything he thought he'd earned was all channeled through Isais, his best friend. Xavier could very well be the weakest being roaming the streets of the icy village he calls home, he'd never actually thought about it until this moment. Was he weak? A fool seeking power and scavenging off those around him? A weakling pretending to be strong. Had he already succumbed to the enticing of Hyougagakure's ways? It was a frustrating thought, he didn't want to be powerless, the craving for power was in everyone but he wanted it so that he could protect, not for control. He'd rise from the bench and continue to walk the streets of Hyouga. The majority of the city was asleep, tucked inside their homes and awaiting the arrival of the sun to begin the morrow leaving Xavier alone to his thoughts. He'd give a rough sigh and stare up at the sky, perhaps it would led the way to an answer that he himself was desperately seeking out. The stars were the stars and they did not change but there was always more to them then meets the eye, or so they say anyway.

You would've thought that one being in a position such as his they'd be happy right? He was happy that much was certain. He'd achieved feats that his past self would've thought impossible but his present self feels as though they were merely strokes of luck handed to him and not earned. He would stop and punch a nearby light post, he was confusing himself and hurting himself. "I'll just have to get stronger, that's all I can really do. Help when I can...". Xavier was so fixated on his thoughts that he hadn't even noticed the presence standing behind him until it spoke "We recognize your weakness and your strength young Deventris, follow me". The figure would walk down an alley way and was engulfed by the shadows. Xavier was a little apprehensive about following a strange man into the shadows, could have easily been a trap. Xavier's legs moved without thought as he followed after the man, his curiosity wishing to be put to ease but his senses on high alert. The figure stood there, apparently waiting for something, behind him was a door "I will explain before we proceed," the man would remove his hood revealing an aged man appearing to be around his forties or so "my name is Makiel I hail from the village formerly known as Nadaregakure before its demise something you and I have in common. I've come to offer your what your previous teacher never had the chance to". He'd step aside as the door swung open, leading down into even more darkness, that seemed totally safe. Nevertheless he'd enter the darkness. It seemed like full minutes would pass before any sign of light could be seen. They'd exit out into a clearing? As if they were outside of the village. It made little to no sense at all they couldn't have traversed through the entire village that fast could they? it didn't seem possible. Xavier would turn around to face Makiel but he wasn't there. Had it all actually been a trap to begin with? "relax Xavier, I am here". The aged man somehow managed to get around him with relative ease. Xavier would sigh "so what's this all about Makiel? why are we out here?". As Xavier spoke a multitude of figures seemed to have formed out of nowhere and approached the two of them. Instinctively Xavier had activated Ember Meteor and drawn Nuibari all at once, the figures didn't halt their approach however.

"Again I say, relax Xavier they are with me", as he said this they all withdrew their hoods but their faces would be hidden by masks and not just regular masks "ANBU? Are these guys with the ANBU black ops?". Makiel would laugh softly "former ANBU of Nadaregakure, yes. Now we are just refuges as the people of Hyougagakure would call us". Makiel would pull out an ANBU mask of his own and place it on his face before continuing to speak "it was predetermined that when your skill level was satisfactory enough that you would become an official member of the ANBU as well, did Lord Nami ever tell you that?" Xavier shook his head "of course he didn't, he was always trying to spring surprises on people. Though we are no longer ANBU we are still able to pass on our final kage's teachings to those who we feel are up to the task and sense your former teacher was Nami himself it's best we pass on his teachings to his heir. Step forth Xavier Deventris". Xavier's body seemed to respond on it's own, taking the steps slowly as he was now encircled by everyone in the area. The ground began to shimmer lightly as if something was activated "tell us, do you know what your sign is?". Xavier had to think a bit before he understood what he meant "well I was born on January 12th so that would make me a Capricorn, right?" the information was correct but the way he said it made himself sound unsure.

No one would speak for a time they all just stared at the sky as if searching for something. After what seemed like a couple of minutes Makiel would approach Xavier and touch his right upper and lower forearm with his hand. Soon after a burning sensation would form, causing Xavier to cringe and grip his arm resisting the intense urge to scream aloud. The pain lasted for what seemed like ages before receding. Xavier's breath had become heavy and ragged afterward as if he had just been put through a mass amount of strain. The onlookers would nod before returning their hoods to their heads and returning to the shadows from which they first came. All that remained was Makiel and Xavier once more. "You've done well my friend, Nami would be proud," he would approach and pat him on the shoulder "when you have recovered your stength, study the book, learn from it and never forget the stars. This is our parting gift Xavier, may the will of Nami Doragonhato be ever present within you". Xavier's body only seemed to get weaker as time pressed on and he fell over in the snow, watching as Makiel disappeared into the shadows before his eyes shut out everything around him. Xavier would awaken with a start as he found himself in his home. Had it all been a dream? Xavier had his fair share of weird dreams but even this seemed a bit far fetched. He'd check his forearm only to find it covered in banadages. On his nightstand were three books 1 pertaining to the events that had transpired last night and the other 2 were ones pertaining to the understanding of it all. They would all have to be studied in the end so Xavier would begin right now. Getting as comfortable as he could in his bed he would pick up the book on top and open up to the first page. It seemed to be hand written and a familiar hand writing at that, the hand writing of Nami Doragonhato was evident. Xavier would laugh softly as began reading  the book to himself. This would be a memorable day, as he'd received a gift from his late great teacher.

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Learn something new everyday

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