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PostSubject: Summoning   Mon Jul 07, 2014 6:31 pm


Kuchiyose no Jutsu is the specialization which refers to summoning intelligent or unintelligent allies such as beasts during battle. Examples of this are Orochimaru's snakes as well as Naruto & Jaraiya's toads. These summons have their own chakra pools, jutsu and sometimes even items such as weapons or armor. This specialization is not natural, in the sense that it is not easily learned. A shinobi must have a strong affinity to the "family" of the contracted family to be able to summon them. Shinobi who are able to perform Kuchiyose are considered exceptional for the fact that they can summon powerful allies to aid them in fights or situations that are considered difficult or dangerous.

The base weight of D Ranks will have a minimum of 50lbs & a maximum of 800lbs per summon, all other summons will be varied by rank, but will follow this rule. (Such as a D Rank dog might weight 60lbs but a C Rank dog might weight 120lbs, etc)

  • D-RANK: Considered a new shinobi in the ways of summoning, their success with summoning is just about as good as someone without the specialization at all. They are required to train the summon and bond with them in order to build a moderate level of trust or friendship and thus become able to summon D-rank summons without much difficulty. 8 feet tall max, 1x weight for naturally large creatures, 2x weight for naturally medium creatures, and 4x weight for naturally small creatures.

  • C-RANK: Shinobi who have reached this level of proficiency are those who somewhat understand the complexities and characteristics of their summons. After proper training & bonding with the summoning family they are contracted with, the level of trust between them is considered above average. 25 feet tall max, 2x weight for naturally large creatures, 4x weight for naturally medium creatures, and 10x weight for naturally small creatures.

  • B Rank: Shinobi with this level of Kuchiyose are considered much stronger than average, and their summons trust them on a deeper level than a casual ally. 60 feet tall max; 4x weight for naturally large creatures, 10x weight for naturally medium creatures, and 20x weight for naturally small creatures.

  • A Rank: At this level, a shinobi has learned much about their summons and the individual characteristics and quirks of each of their family. Their skill in summoning powerful allies is formidable and the trust between them is nearly unrivaled. 130 feet tall max; 10x weight for naturally large creatures, 20x weight for naturally medium creatures, and 50x weight for naturally small creatures.

  • S Rank: Shinobi who attain this level of Kuchiyose have mastered the characteristics and quirks of each individual summon, and their summons trust them with each other's lives. 325 feet tall max; 20x weight for naturally large creatures, 50x weight for naturally medium creatures, and 100x weight for naturally small.


  • Each summon (from D-rank to B-rank) requires a 1,500 word training topic for summoning and bonding with their summons. A-rank summons require 2,750 words. S-rank summons require 4,000 words.
  • Only 1 contract family may be learned per shinobi (e.g. a shinobi may not have both a snake & a hawk summon family).
  • A Rank & higher may have 2 racial abilities.
  • Only 1 summon may be learned/trained per thread.


Simply enough, this is a list of the amount of points each rank of shinobi has. These amounts don't change and they are automatically accessible after each rank is achieved.

  • D-RANK - 5 Points
  • C-RANK - 10 Points
  • B-RANK - 15 Points
  • A-RANK - 25 Points
  • S-RANK - 50 Points


As the title suggests, this list describes the point cost for each rank of summon. No worries. These numbers won't change either.

  • D-RANK - 5 Points
  • C-RANK - 7 Points
  • B-RANK - 12 Points
  • A-RANK - 17 Points
  • S-RANK - 25 Points


Now for the slightly more awesome part of this topic: personal summons! Personal summons are creatures that are born from your very likeness. An example of this is Sandaime Hokage's Monkey King. There are many pros and cons regarding these personal summons, and they will be listed here. These lists may change according to the forum as a whole.

  • The first "pro" to personal summons is that they do not follow the same point system. This system will be outlined further below.

  • The second "pro" to personal summons is that they can include mythical creatures! This is where your imagination can for the most part run wild.

  • The third "pro" to personal summons is that they can have up to 3 racial abilities rather than 2.

Now, here are the cons! Pay close attention to these.

  • The first "con" to personal summons is that they are always S-rank. Whether they are little cute kittens or monstrous, terrifying dragons. This means you will be required to have S-rank skill in Kuchiyose. You will also be required to put these personal summons through grading before they can be used IC.

  • The second "con" to personal summons is that each character is limited to 1 personal summon ever. That translates to: choose wisely.

  • The third "con" to personal summons is that your character must be personally developed enough to be able to manifest a creature that corresponds to the user's "soul." This means that you need to prove through the topics you have completed that your character has enough depth to manifest a personal summon IC. There is no word requirement for this sort of thing. Just show that your character has enough depth and reason to get such a summon.

There is one last requirement in order to use a personal summon. Personal summons will require 3 separate topics, each having a special "rule" that must be followed for the topic to count. This rule will be determined by you, but you need to make it interesting for your character. These topics will be between you and your personal summon. There is no word minimum, but we ask for depth. After 2,000 words, EXP will be counted as an incentive for you to get involved in each topic.


This is the template for normal summoning families. These families must be approved by staff before they may be used IC. Keep in mind that a maximum of 5 families is applicable per village. This may increase as memberbase increases. There are 6 members in each family: 1 D-rank, 1 C-rank, 1 B-rank, 1 A-rank, and 1 S-rank. The 6th member can be placed under any of the ranks.



Here is how the personal summons will work point-wise.

  • Genin with a personal summon will not be able to summon them in battle.
  • Chuunin with a personal summon can use it in battle once every 2 weeks.
  • Special Jounin with a personal summon can use it in battle 3 times per week.
  • Jounin with personal summons can use it in battle 3 times per topic.
  • Seinin with personal summons can use it in battle as they see fit, but can only use their personal summons against those who are at least Special Jounin.

Now for the "temporarily banned" section. This will be a constantly updated list of summons that will not be used until rules are made for them.

  • Rashōmon and its variations
  • To be continued.
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