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 Mission #3: Mongrels And Their Trash!

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PostSubject: Mission #3: Mongrels And Their Trash!   Mon Jul 14, 2014 2:10 am

Anka Hebi Hachūrui  the newest and sexiest genin (At least in her mind) that gradated from the Hidden Glacier Ninja Academy with decent grades and ranking in the class, she could have done better if she didn't flirt with boys and girls in her class but she couldn't help herself she had some good looking people in her class! Anyway, Anka Hebu Hachurui just made her way out of the kage's office with an approval mission at hand! Finally she could get some ryo in her pocket, she truly hate being poor and penniless it was so unattractive to her, she want to live the good life, not spend the rest of days dumpster diving and eating from a homeless shelter, how dreadful and un-youthful. "I can do this mission in the name of my Mistress and Goddess Anko. Your s-s-s-so hot My Mistress!" Anka lick her lips as she was thinking about her Mistress body...the snake goddess could have her way with Anka and Anka wouldn't complain. Who would? I sure that even a homosexual male, heterosexual female or any asexual person who at least find the snake mistress anko sexy! I mean look at her, that body is mouth watering. Anka chuckle a bit as she shook hear head to control herself, she was getting turn on and she had nothing on her to "relax her" if she gets too excited. "I will think about my mistress later! Mission first, so I can get some ryo in my pocket s-s-s-so I can buy nice things or fill my tub with ryo to s-s-s-swim in it."

Anyway Anka was rereading the mission she had to do, Anka pull the scroll out from in between her breasts, those lovely and large breasts of her. "Dear Anka,  People have gotten careless with their trash, allowing it to pile up and muck up the place. Hyougagakure is looking more and more like a trash heap. We've called you in to help us make Hyouga look better again by cleaning up the trash along the s-s-s-streets. Clean at least two blocks worth of trash. We're counting on you, good luck." Once Anka was done reading the mission she put the scroll back in between the safety of her large and grope able breast, she really did love her girls. If only she had someone to admire her beauty. Maybe she can find a cute boy or girlfriend after the mission.

As Anka head down to the street(s) that need to be clean she had look of shock written arcoss her face as she angrily hiss at a small group of rats that scatter away in trash around her. Trash, there was trash everywhere! Oh why did Anka decide to do this mission, oh yeah, she need the ryo. "Filthily Mongrels leaving their trash everywhere, no respect for the village what s-s-s-so ever." Anka sighed as she had a stick and trash bag in hand. Anka absolutely hated trash lying about so she started picking up bottles and bags with her stick, she wouldn't dare touch this crap with her freshly manicure nails, she work to hard on flirting with the girl there to get it done for free. Anka transported bottles and bags to a nearby trash can and hoped that it wouldn’t fill up too fast. She made several trips, running around various parts of the street to make sure that each and every piece of trash was transported to the waste- bin properly. It wasn’t the most efficient work, but it was all she could really do snice her jutsu were somehow unusable at the moment (Strange right). After clearing the ground of every piece of trash. Anka use her hat to fan herself off as she saw a nearby park and mutter something under her breath as she saw more trash.

There wasn't much trash there but it need more plant life. So after several minutes of using her snake like charm and curvy assets, Anka manage to get a wheel barrow, some small trees and pair of white gradening gloves without having to paid for it or owning people favors for it.  Don't ask how, everyone is Anka-sexual.

Anka then got to digging. As Anka dug she made sure to keep the dirt and grass she was compiling in as neat of a pile as possible; not wanting it to scatter everywhere and dirty up what she already cleaned, she would not become a Filthily Mongrel!. With the first hole dug she placed the tree in, and then shoved the dirt gently back into the remaining of the whole, tucking the tree in tightly. She repeated this process for the remaining trees, the whole thing taking a good two or three hours to complete.

By the time Anka was finished with her last task she was exhausted, dirty, and soaked in sweat. But, she couldn't be happier she was richer and she made her village even sexier! Anka decided to keep the wheel barrel and gloves and took off, heading to kage office to report her succes. Anka then went home and took herself a nice long shower, she wish someone could join her but for now she sigh as she finished her shower and went to an lonely bed and sleep.

Word Count: 883
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Posts : 33
Ryo : 23006

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PostSubject: Re: Mission #3: Mongrels And Their Trash!   Mon Jul 14, 2014 2:11 am

Mission Succesful!

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Mission #3: Mongrels And Their Trash!

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