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 Shrine Detail (Umeko Event Mission)

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PostSubject: Shrine Detail (Umeko Event Mission)   Thu Jul 17, 2014 11:31 pm

Name: Shrine Detail
Difficulty: D
Location: Heiwagakure
Reward: 5,000 Ryo
Experience: 25 Experience
Objective: Obtain information about why the village became visible while cleaning.
Description: You are requested to help the little shrine maiden girl to clean Heiwagakure's many statues inside their temples and around the edges of the village. Use this time to ask her about her village and try to find out why their village suddenly appeared.
Shrine Girl Fumiko:

Umeko was still on a high from her trip to the mysterious village of Heiwagakure, on her way she’d been able to pass Kusamuragakure and see the beautiful Sakura trees that gave the village its name. The sight of such a place only reinforced her dream to fill the world with these beautiful creations with the help of Yuri-senpai. Speaking of Yuri-chan, Umeko still hadn’t seen any sign of her yet in the village.

Anyway she now found herself taking on her first mission here in Heiwagakure, she’d been assigned to help one of the girls to clean the various shines and temples in the village. It was a boring task, and Inner Umeko groaned loudly at the thought of such arduous work. That was until she saw the young shrine girl they’d be helping, Fumiko. The young girl was about their age, and stood there with a bright grin. “Hi! I’m Fumiko, I’m grateful for you offering your assistance today.” She gave a polite bow to Umeko.

Inner Umeko was having a field day, think of the sort of things she wanted to help Fumiko clean, but Ume-chan gave her mental slap, and reminded her about Yuri-chan. Umeko returned the bow, and smiled happily. “Hello! Our name is Senju, Umeko. It is our pleasure to help you today.” She took a broom offered to her by Fumiko, and together the two started to sweep in the temple she had met the young girl in.

While sweeping, Umeko looked over at Fumiko and asked, “Fumiko-chan, have you seen another woman come through here? My Senpai Yuri-chan had come here before me, and we’re trying to find her.” She asked with the hope that perhaps Yuri had come through here as well on her missions here.

The young shrine girl shook her head. “I do not know of the woman by that name, but it is possible that she could have come through here. Many foreign shinobi have been passing through here, and there are many other girls that help to clean the vast temples and shrines around the village. I’m sorry I cannot help you though Ume-chan.”

After a while of sweeping floors, Fumiko came to took Umeko by the hand. “Come on Ume-chan! Let’s go out to some of the shrines now. They’re always fun to clean.” Together the two young girls made their way out to the edge of the village, where Umeko found a small shrine containing the statue of some unknown deity. Fumiko pulled out some clothes, and showed Umeko how to clean the idol.

As they cleaned, Umeko looked over at the shrine girl with curiously. “Fumiko-chan, how did your village stay hidden all this time? And why did it suddenly appear again?” She tilted her head at the young girl, finding the whole affair rather strange.

Fumiko gave a soft shrug as she cleaned. “I don’t really know much about what happened Ume-chan. One day we were all hidden, then the next, we were suddenly thrust back into the world again. No one is really talking much about what happened though.” She looked around to see if anyone was nearby, then moved closer to Umeko, her voice low as she continued speaking. “I don’t know if I should be telling you this, or even have heard it but…” She bit her lip softly, and made another glance around. “I overheard some of the priests talking in the temple one day. It sounded like something was missing. I don’t know if that’s related to what happened or not.” She smiled and went back to her cleaning.

After a while she looked over to Umeko again, and smiled. “It has been nice though, meeting so many new people we never had the chance to meet before.” She chuckled lightly. “Sure there were some benefits to being isolated, but seeing all these shinobi who were willing to come and help is amazing.” She looks over the statue, and quickly wipes off a couple of spots Umeko missed. “Well Ume-chan, I think we’re done for today. Thank you for your help.”

Umeko sighed a little, she was liking spending time with this other girl, it reminded her of being with Yuri. She smiled though, and walked back into the village with Fumiko.  “No thank you Fumiko-chan! It was fun helping you today. Let’s hang out together some other time while Ume-chan is still here. Maybe when she finds Yuri-chan, she can introduce you to her!”

Once back in the village centre, Umeko gave the shrine girl a hug, and ran off to report back on her mission. The two waved to each other, and went their separate ways again for now.

Word Count: 775
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Shrine Detail (Umeko Event Mission)

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