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 Cold Mental Depths from a Grave (Open)

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PostSubject: Cold Mental Depths from a Grave (Open)   Mon Jul 28, 2014 8:32 pm

Jogging in some training attire, in a sleeveless black hoodie with no undershirt, letting his fine toned abs out to show off and get some oxygen along with the rest of his muscles; not bad for man who been supposedly dead for over a decade. It's been far too long since he got out and got some air due to his run in with a busty exploding chick that nearly scorched him alive. But women are still and always will be sexy and nuts. Yep Hot, Sexy and Nuts. Tightening the strings of his sweatpants, he looked at his bandaged hands attempting to get his kung-fu fighting on with the Mirages this place got. He'll never forget the mirage of fighting his inner self as a form of perception and to learn the way of the sword which was most helpful to say the least even though he betrayed and killed many comrades cause of his own selfish ego, but its all in the past behind him.

Pulling back his hood only to let his dark navy hair flow out behind and down his back, he really needs to cut it. But more importantly he was ready to train like no tomorrow, heading to the mystical pool of water that was formed by the falling water in front of him. This was the very training spot he remembered from his own adventures in this weird place almost it like being on another planet it was all loopy. If anybody else was here, it would seem he wasn't fooling anybody he was still intact fragile. It took a while to get him back on his feet and to where he is along with the red scar left across his body by Semasu, something he refer to not telling anybody but her.

With his hands smoldering underneath his bandages by his burning nature, fury remained in his heart. All the frustrations and anger fuel him to continue the training he was gonna start. He swore he will get stronger back then and still now, true to his words he was here to today test his fighting abilities and his perception even more. Before he did he knows about the waters of the mountain. Kicking his shoes off to the side, he had the chakra molded to the bottom soles of his feet. He didn't have time to get mad, in the past years he learn when your mad you lose control and trip over your own feet. Walking over water surface with ease, he looked at his reflection that flickered through his memories, all the trials that been destroyed by fire; Love, Friendship, Trust all was gone.

In his mind was chaos and mayhem and not showing it, like being the calm before the storm. With his fingernails digging through the cloth of the bandages closed in a fist. If only he could find the pushover's getting under his skin, if only he could find the bastards. Closing his eyes, he felt the water spalsh on top of his head, soaking his hair. As is feeling it soak all the way to his brains, the mountain got him again. Water calming him down....heh..funny as hell, it was most ridiculous thing he thought of.
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PostSubject: Re: Cold Mental Depths from a Grave (Open)   Tue Jul 29, 2014 4:40 pm

[You’re going back up there? You do remember what happened the last time you went up there right? Are you even listening to me?!?!]

The focus was primarily Mt. Myria. Ever since that fateful night where the proceedings of climbing the mountain, being attacked by ‘thought to be’ extinct eagle clan members, giving into the rage of the bijuu and passing the reins over to it only to find out that he could’ve lost his life by doing so had taken place. Yes, that was an eventful night and not one that was easy to forget either. Ever since that day, Tekishijin had not returned to the Mountain. Today that would change. Today Tekishijin had set out to return back to the mountain and continue to explore what it had in store for him. There was no telling what he would find but at least this time, he would be a bit more prepared. At least this time, he would be a bit more aware to the potentiality of danger at the summit of the mountain, rather than blindly climbing it and assuming all was well. The past, although easily recalled, kept dark secrets hidden just as easily. It was funny…funny how the past could recall some of the greatest experiences ever lived through and do the same for the worst. It was odd how certain people use this innate human ability to their own torment, and others to help fuel them towards whatever goals they had.

Tekishijin made it back to the mountain top of Mount Myria, hands blistered and bleeding from climbing the face of the mountain without any gear or chakra assistance. The staining wet drips from his fingers marked his trail further along the top of the mountain. Before when he had reached the top it was such a hurricane developing the country at the time that the mountain top was totally encompassed by fog. He could only see the men and women of the eagle clan who came out of it and attacked him. Now that it was clear, he could see up ahead where a waterfall cascaded down into a small pool of water which a man was currently walking a top. {Never seen this guy before,} he thought to the bijuu; both of them immediately recognizing his above average chakra reserves. He paused for a moment as if stunned.

[I like this one,] spoke the Nibi no Kani. It had only been months since these two had become one with the sealing jutsu but Tekishijin still had not known of the beasts true name. He had hoped to eventually earn the bijuu’s respect and be given the name in good faith that the bond would last and that their relationship would continue to prosper for many years to come. That was the hope. The reality of the matter was that his previous two attempts at taking control over the bijuu - hence drawing from the innumerable reserves of chakra that the bijuu has to utilize for his own purposes in battle and or any particular situation where he may need to use it - he had failed. These failures were what drove him on to continue this training so vehemently. If he could never come to contain or control rather the power of the bijuu then he wouldn’t be worth much to the village. He would be replaced by the next chakra compatible person found in the village who is a shinobi and give them a shot at it. A process which Houzuki Saizo sure as hell would not like, but would necessarily need to do for the sake of the village. It was already twice he had stopped the demon from killing Tekishi by completing a full transformation and relinquishing itself from the seal. For this Tekishi was truly grateful for the Umikage.

He leaned forward and began walking closer to the man on the pond who still had his back turned towards him. His navy hair flowed much like a female’s -- these things required much discernment and peculiarity as you didn’t want to go offending people by mistaking them with the wrong sex. His hands were bandaged and he wore sweatpants; two features which had given Tekishijin the impression that he held a skillset within the art of taijutsu. What had given it away, or rather added to that assumption of both the person being a man and a taijutsu-nin was his physique. The muscular structure and compactness wasn’t congruent with that of a female’s; he could chalk this correct conclusion up to his medical training. “Eh...ehxcuse me,” Tekishijin stumbled over his words for some reason. “I’ve never seen this place before, and last time I was here I was attacked by Eagle Clan members. Is this place new?” he questioned. The mist that was formed in the relative area of the base of the waterfall had similar properties to the same mist that came off the water surrounding the Xanadu Shrine in the Silent Selena Forest. The mist, made hallucinatory-esque apparitions form from it, and each shape or form was unique to the chakra and or energy of the human that was in its presence.

{Could I have dreamt that I was attacked?} he asked himself, now not knowing what was real and what wasn’t. [No, they were certainly real. I killed them all. For your protection of course,] answered the Nibi no Kani definitively with the signature cackle and snapping of its claws. {I hope so, I can’t stand these dang illusions.} Tekishi had felt that way because the history of his name was so well defined and traced that there wasn’t any room for “make believe,” or “fill in your own story here.” He had known every forefather and branch of his family tree just as all of his descendants will.

[These waters are ancient, and it is only here where you will find these properties of the mist and their inclination to high chakras or high spiritual energy,] the Nibi no Kani informed Tekishi. {Yeah…I can tell. Its just… it is just so weird…} He stood in amazement at the symbolical shapes and forms of the mist that he saw which only pertained to him. He couldn’t see any of the forms or shapes that the mist made that only pertained to this guy he was seeking answers from. The privacy of course was nice, but it only made the entire occurrence even more sublime. He waited for the man to take notice of him and answer his question.

[Words: 1.o94 / 1.o94 / 1 Post]
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PostSubject: Re: Cold Mental Depths from a Grave (Open)   Fri Aug 01, 2014 9:54 pm

Standing there opening his eyes slowly only to sigh in contentment feeling calm now since his body was relaxed, his muscles loosened up. Everything was out everything was A-ok oh so it seemed till he heard a voice behind him, it wasn't close but it sure as hell annoyed the living crap out of him. Coming here to train and yet somebody is here to talk, God part of one of the most dangerous clans out there, a S-Rank nin can't get some training out of here. Turning left to his side for a bit, only part of his face and hair bangs was visible from under his hood, but he added a bonus his sharingan eyes glowing bright scarlet red to scan the individual behind him. Guess mentioning the Eagle Clan members, those he hated with a passion was something you don't talk to him about but he gritted his teeth for a bit then huffed looking and turning back to the position he was in, letting his shoulders sink down in annoyance, groaning.

"No its not new....and I think they are all dead.....you'll have to talk to the new kage about that...sorry..."

Kazu wasn't too big on them they drove him crazy when he was living there, he was glad he was able to escape such a dire moment when he was surrounded by him in this place, but right now he had more oppressing matters to attend about. Allowing the waterfall to make a clear mirage of hiimself form from the waterfall. But it was more of a dark shadow of himself, completely pitch black only with glowing red eyes very much like his sharingan, this mirage was the same exact build but more like himself from back then. Seems the Myria mystical waterfall such his soul of his darkness. Leaning back with a scoff, stared at his dark doppleganger. With his sharingan eyes glowing as the light in the area grew dense. and a little darker. Cause the hate and spite in Kazu heart was there for so long.

"Let me guess...your spawned here to take over....sorry...been there done that"

The large pool of water was darkened and thickened up, drawing that dark sword with a pure blood red blade, Flexing his shoulders he sliding a foot along the thick dark water surface then waved the doppleganger to bring it.

"Bring it on...ya wannabe..
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PostSubject: Re: Cold Mental Depths from a Grave (Open)   

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Cold Mental Depths from a Grave (Open)

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