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 Supply Cart Mission[B]

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PostSubject: Supply Cart Mission[B]   Sat Aug 23, 2014 9:55 pm

Name: Supply Cart
Difficulty: B
Location: Hyougagakure
Reward: 30,000
Experience: 100
Objective: Escort and protect the cart as it is transported to the port ( 3 different attacks on the cart)
Description: Our Emperor has a cart that needs to be delivered outside of the Hyougagakurian area, the contents are to remain unknown so don't ask. Your job is to help deliver it to our team at the port so that it may be shipped off. Becareful out there, plenty of people out there would love to get their hands on whatever goodies lay within the cart so be on the look out, good luck.

It was still just as cold outside, and the snowfall was lightening up just a bit. It was still hard to see far ahead of himself, but vauge images could be made out in the distances he gazed at. There was a man standing by the supply cart at the location specified, but details of this figure couldn't be made out just yet. The crunch of the snow was made with each closer step he took the the black haired individual, obviously older, and most likely mid- thirties.

"Are this the supply cart needing escort?" the amatuer Jounin asked patiently as the man nodded in agreement. "It sure is! Are you the shinobi assigned for this task?" he asked Tadashi curiously. "Bird fort one" was all Tadashi could say back before the man again nodded with acceptance. That phrase was given to him to repeat back to the man for validation, and they'll be hearing the same phrase when they arrived at the port. It was to avoid any form of compromised situations.

The merchant started packing up the supply cart, finishing his drink, and packing it into the wagon. It took a few moments to unhitch everything, and he rustled up the slay dogs. They all seemed ready, and so was Tadashi at this point in time. The Special Jounin was wearing two pairs of pants, a tight under armor pants used for condensing body heat, and then a larger baggy layer pair of black pants. That was along with his yellow armor armor long sleeve shirt which hugged tightly onto him. This was covered by a baggy jacket, but not so large. That allowed his to keep a decent mobility, and reaction time. The teenagers hood was pulled up, disguised as an average merchant, and ready to protect this supply drop.

They began to pull out....

The port was connected to the village, but it was actually split out from the wall. This was the most open location for merchants, and others to be attacked...so they'd need to exit the safety of such things. This is what scared Tadashi, because despite his few missions...he was always in danger outside of such things. It wasn't his concern though, but more so one to protect this supply drop.

"Make sure you stick close to me, and keep your eye's peeled. I dressed this way to cover myself as a amateur. This disguise will help us gain the upper hand hopefully." the special jounin explained as he gazed at his peer, and nodded with a solid blank expression.


(Total Words: 429)

(To be continued in next area)
Part 2 http://www.narutolegacy.com/t8728-supply-cart-missionb2#57454
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Supply Cart Mission[B]

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