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 [常 憑] Tsunetsuku Clan {WIP}

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PostSubject: [常 憑] Tsunetsuku Clan {WIP}   Sun Oct 05, 2014 4:37 pm

Clan Information

Bloodline Name: Tsunetsuku (常 憑く; literal meaning "Endless Haunting")

Bloodline Ability: Kōkenoni (後見 鬼 ; literal meaning "Guardian Daemon")

Physical Traits: The Kōkenoni by the Tsunetsuku clan's description, deals with spirits that are still bound to the world of life through being denied passage to a peaceful end, and are to seek redemption through finding a "master" or "host" for their spirit to connect to theirs, and act as their Kōkenoni, a "Guardian Daemon" bound to a member of the Tsunetsuku clan and serves as their source of power, acting as both their sword and shield.
Though the Kōkenoni cannot see through solid objects despite being able to phase through them, nor can they see through thick content such as mist/haze, they still provide a very useful advantage of being able to scout ahead for the Host, and prevent their presence from being detected.

When a member of the Tsunetsuku clan binds their soul with a Kōkenoni, they become the spirit's "Host" and gain the ability to merge their mind with the spirits, sharing both thoughts and feelings, yet they remain two separate beings.
The Tsunetsuku clan member can see through the Kōkenoni's eyes as though they were his own, and through the bond they share between minds, the host can guide and direct the Kōkenoni in whichever direction the host seeks the spirit to go.

As a "spirit", the Kōkenoni can pass through solid objects and by all definitions "float" through the air, though the distance that the Kōkenoni can have from it's host is limited to a maximum of 150 yards when dealing with the most skilled of hosts. As well the host can visually see through the Kōkenoni's eyes, and to the most skilled of the Tsunetsuku clan, they can even control the Kōkenoni as though the spirit was a puppet to be manipulated for a few moments, but such control ultimately becomes violently taxing on the host's mind, soul and body.

Location: Tamashīgakure (の村未見 魂 ; literal meaning "Village hidden with the Spirits")

Clan History: The Tsunetsuku clan originated from the distant village of Tamashīgakure, a village that has no dealings or business in any ninja wars, nor has it dealt in alliances or mutual beneficial deals. Many other clans have attempted to contact Tamashīgakure, but have failed to do so each time, and it has become rumored that the village is not even of this world, and is separated from us in an entirely different dimension...

The Tsunetsuku clan became most known throughout the nation for their strange and quite unique hidden bloodline technique, the Kōkenoni.

The first Tsunetsuku to come into contact with a Kōkenoni was the clan's original founder, Hajime Tsunetsuku. Historical records state that only through two years of endless meditation upon a moist mountain top was Hajime capable of first discovering the presence of the Kōkenoni, and from there he dedicated his entire remaining youth to studying their existence and how to come into contact with them.
To date, no living being can come into direct contact with a Kōkenoni, but only those who learn how to become hosts with one can ever get as close as to sharing visual sight and thoughts with the "spirits", yet physical contact remains impossible.

After the majority of his life had passed him by, Hajime eventually discovered how to form spiritual connections with the Kōkenoni, and of which he became the first Host.
Years following and entering into his elderly years, Hajime had begun to teach those of his clan the finding of his knowledge and the presence of the idle and eternally bound spirits. After Hajime's passing, many of the Tsunetsuku set out to seek and master what Hajime had discovered, and one by one, more and more Hosts were created.

Through generations of self-teachings and collecting of knowledge, it has become possible today for those of the clan to bear children who are born hosts, or for members of the clan to easily become hosts, without living out years of their life as Hajime and others once had to endure. Though easy enough to become hosts now, as it is a "Sixth Sense" to the Tsunetsuku clan, it remains that it takes the majority of a host's life to ultimately master their connection with their Kōkenoni, and even then it does not necessarily mean they master the spirit and the powers it can grant the Host.


Name: (心霊模倣 ; "Shinrei Mohō") Spirit Mimic
Prerequisites: Become a Host ; Learn skill desired to mimic ; Training from Senior Host
Style: Ninjutsu < Bloodline
Jutsu Rank: E-S
Description: The Host generates the needed amount of chakra for the desired mimicked jutsu into their Kōkenoni, and the spirit generates the jutsu using the shared chakra as the Host desires it to be used.
(*Kōkenoni can only use Jutsus the Host knows
*Host and Kōkenoni both can use a jutsu at the same time, as long as they have the needed amount of chakra to do so )

Name: (御霊ランジ ; "Mitama Ranji") Spirit Lunge
Prerequisites: Become a Host ; Meditation
Style: Ninjutsu < Bloodline
Jutsu Rank: E-C
Description: Through manipulation of Chakra into the Host's Kōkenoni, the spirit focuses the chakra into a single portion of it's being, allowing it to lift the Host and lunge them forward in the desired direction.
(*Distance of the lunge depends on rank of the jutsu, rank of the jutsu depends on rank of the shinobi [Student = E-Rank = 6ft , Genin = D/C-Rank = 12ft/16ft]
*Meditation required to increase strength of technique from D to C-rank )


Name: (心霊執行 ; "Shinrei Shikkō") Spirit Enforcement
Prerequisites: Become a Host ; Meditation ; Training from Senior Host
Style: Ninjutsu < Bloodline
Jutsu Rank: C-B
Description: The host guides their Kōkenoni to the desired target that is within range of the Kōkenoni's reach, and then the Kōkenoni forces it's presence into the body of the target, ultimately taking entire physical control over the person and can maintain control as long as the host continues to supply chakra for their Kōkenoni to consume, but the person remains fully self-aware, granting possibility to recovery if connection between the Kōkenoni and the Host is weakened at any given time.
(*C-rank is default rank to description
*B-rank of this technique lowers the risk of losing control over the target through unintentional weakened connection
*Depending on the rank of the target determines how long the target can be controlled [Genin = 3 turns , Chunin = 2 turns , Jounin = 1 turn , etc]
*When the Kōkenoni takes control of its target, the target cannot die while the spirit is within the body, otherwise the spirit will die with the target, and thus the Host will die as well
*When the Kōkenoni receives the chakra from it's Host to go forward and attempt to take control of the target, the chakra is visible to the target, making it possible to avoid the spirit as it cannot be countered. The speed of the spirit is no greater than a basic sprint)


Name: (レイジスピリット ; "Reijisupiritto") Unchained Rage Spirit
Prerequisites: Mastery over the Kōkenoni arts
Style: Ninjutsu < Summoning
Jutsu Rank: S-rank Forbidden
Description: The shinobi host breaks their bond with their Kōkenoni after pooling the majority of their chakra to the point of near-death into the spirit's being, severing the tie between the two of which sends the Kōkenoni into an enraged state of pain as it begins to slowly decay away the more the chakra pools out of it. The spirit then begins charging at any within the close vicinity, recognizing no differences between friend or foe, phasing through targets and "reaping" from them a portion of their chakra with each time the spirit passes through their body, adding to the spirit's gradually decreasing pool of remaining chakra, and this process can continue until either the target dies from chakra loss or the chakra pool in the spirits runs out, resulting in the Kōkenoni disappearing forever.
(*Can be avoided but cannot be countered; a matter of waiting it out.
*Once the tie is severed, it cannot be reconnected, nor can a new one be made.
*Medical attention is required for the Ex-host nearly immediately or death is absolute.)

Member List:
Hajime Tsunetsuku (Founder < 1st Tamashīkage < Deceased)
2nd Tamashīkage (Son of Hajime < Deceased)
Raijime Tsunetsuku (Grandson of 2nd Tamashīkage < 3rd Tamashīkage < Active)
Houjo Tsunetsuku (Son of Raijime < Chief-Councilmen < Father of Jodie < Active)
Raina Tsunetsuku (Mother of Jodie < Deceased)
Jodie Tsunetsuku (Daughter of Raina/Houjo < Granddaughter of Raijime)
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PostSubject: Re: [常 憑] Tsunetsuku Clan {WIP}   Sun Oct 05, 2014 4:40 pm


Even though all of the sections are filled out, I still have this clan classified as a Work In Progress for the reasoning that I'll be needing to go over the majority of it with a staff member to clarify some points and see about revisions prior to attempting to get it approved at all. I just figured I'd get it up so that way it will be easier for myself and the staff to use it as reference when going over possible revisions.

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[常 憑] Tsunetsuku Clan {WIP}

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