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 Kazeraikou clan WIP

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PostSubject: Kazeraikou clan WIP   Mon Nov 03, 2014 12:48 am

Bloodline Ability: The Kazeraikou Doujutsu forces a temporary change of the user's eyes. The iris and pupil of the eye become one and change to a color decided at the first awakening depending on their mood. The color is like a cloud and swirls around the user's eye when looking around. Small lines of white will flash across the eyes like lightning bolts and continually do so as long as the eye is active. The Kazeraikou the Ryuugan Doujutsu unleashed, it allows the user to see the elements of Lightning(color yellow), Air(color green), and Water(color blue)within normal viewing parameters. One's natural sight is also enhanced allowing the user to see a greater distance each time the user unlocks the next stage of the Doujutsu. The  The user sees the elements as three new, vibrant, and opaque colors that mesh perfectly with their normal vision, giving the user the ability to see the three elements without hindering their normal vision in the slightest.
Of course normal vision can hinder this special sight, as the user cannot see through walls or other things as normal.


Physical Traits:
The average age is six to seven, but people who have managed to awake their bloodlimit when they were five years old are not unusual.
The Kazeraikou clan is not that widely known across the continent since they prefer to keep their profile a bit low. Many of the members (particularly those who are shinobis) may operate under an alias for instance. It’s not unusual that they change their surname upon marriage either.

A big number of members in this clan love to travel as well. Very many settles in other shinobi villages or in another part of their home nation.

Many male members are either a bit on the aggressive side (but never violent) or more laid-back. Female members are usually a bit serious but can be seen with a smile on their face. Both genders are quite direct when it comes to opinions as well as manners.

Personality-wise, many members are usually not too emotional and often have a somewhat sarcastic or slapstick form of humour. They often have interests that some may think are weird (watching cartoons, reading manga meant for the opposite gender etc.).

The clan has equal gender rights. It is not uncommon that females are seen as the boss in the house and leaders of both genders have been recorded trough the clan’s history.

Kazeraikous comes in all shapes, but there are no extremely tall or short members. The males are usually average height and slender or a bit taller than average and a bit broad. Females can be tall and a little bulkier or have an average frame. Average height for females is 5’5”-ish to 5’8” while the average for men is 5’10”-6’1”.

Both genders tend to have straight and wild or somewhat wavy hair. Most members have a medium to thick hair texture. The shade of their hair ranges from medium brown to blue-black. Reddish colours like copper and auburn are not unusual. Not many people have blonde, Technicolor (blue, green, pink) or light brown hair. If that is the case, it is usually from the non-Kazeraikou parent.

The most common eye colours are royal blue, steel blue or cobalt blue. Some green shades such as sea foam or pine green may occur as well. Eye colours such as turquoise or honey brown are not unheard of either.

Common skin tones are beige or creamy tan with a cool undertone. Pale skin (beige-ivory, ‘peaches and cream’ or ‘English rose’) is not that rare either, especially if he person has reddish hair. Both men and women have clear, chiseled facial features such as high cheekbones and a somewhat pointed chin. Some quirks that can be seen on both men and women are long and sometimes narrow feet, long arms as well as bony fingers.

Location: Scatterd

Clan History: It is safe to say that the Kazeraikou clan is one of the oldest clans in Kaminari no Kuni. The oldest data goes 200 years back in time. It shows that the clan used to live a bit further north of the current location of Kumogakure no Sato.

Many of them were craftsmen, artists, musicians, scholars or even samurais. The clan was not exactly wealthy but they were not really poor either. The clan moved to Kumogakure no Sato for about 150 years ago. One of the likely reasons is because it would be easier to find work or raise a family in a village rather than on the countryside.

But all of this would change when the next generation was borne for about 120 years ago. Some of the children in the new generation were five siblings. Their names were Noriko, Kentaro, Yasuo, Sumiko and Ryoko Kazeraikou. Noriko was the oldest while Ryoko was the youngest.

A funny fact is that Sumiko and Ryoko was the first pair of twins to be borne in the family. They were even identical twins to make matters even stranger.

One day, the five children were playing at the playground together. The sky then turned gray in the matter of minutes. It was a warning about an upcoming storm…a storm that has been recorded as one of the worst in Kumogakure.

Rain pelted down from the sky while a thunder could be heard in the distant. Yasuo and Kentaro carried their then one-year old sisters on their back while they ran home as fast as they could.

The next event would change the clan’s future forever. A huge lightning struck all five of the siblings when they were just 100 meters away from their home. All five of them felt unconscious but two ANBU frog members found them ten minutes later. The siblings were taken to hospital immediately for a physical examination.

None of the siblings had serious injuries: they only had a few minor burns. But the tension from the lightning had made changes in their DNA. Some people have later said that the bad storm was caused by a dying dragon that had passed on its spirit to the children. That is only a legend...or is it? The only thing that was known for sure was that the lightning changed their genes in some way.

Those changes would be apparent as the siblings grew older. Yasuo somehow made two bulbs explode at once when he was frustrated with his homework. His twin sisters had made a radio go haywire when they read a funny story. Kentaro himself had noticed that he was able to dodge things thrown at him a lot quicker than before. Had this something to do with the lightning they had been hit?

However, the breakthrough came when Noriko graduated the newfound shinobi Academy at age 10 ½ . Her father wanted to teach her a rather basic Raiton jutsu that she could use on missions. When she aimed it on a dead tree that was going to be chopped down anyways, she burned the tree down when the jutsu hit it! Her father also noticed that her eye color had changed from sapphire blue to sheer emerald when the jutsu had been launched. The man then took her to a medic to see what it was.

The medic says that this ‘injury’ seemed to be permanent but nothing to worry about. When the other four siblings graduated, they decided to find out how you could activate those green eyes. It worried the man a little and he decided to teach his other four children the same jutsu.

Kentaro got a massive headache after his Raiton jutsu made a four feet crater in the ground, Yasuo collapsed with fatigue after he had made a medium-sized bush explode while the recoil of the jutsu sent the twins six feet backwards.

It was clear that the Raiton chakra had awakened something within the bodies of the five siblings. Noriko told them that she felt stronger when they were activated and this bloodlimit could be the start of a new chapter in the Kazeraikou family history. They decided to call it the ‘Ryuugan’ since dragons could control bad weather (i.e. lightning).

All five of them started to experiment with the new power to see what it could do. Their control over Raiton as well as Fuuton jutsus had improved and their five senses became more sensitive. But this made them more vulnerable to genjutsu, which could be dangerous.

All of the siblings except Kentaro moved to other countries. Noriko travelled with her fiancé to Yuki no Kuni while Yasuo became an ambassador in Mizu no Kuni. Sumiko moved to Konohagakure in order to rise in the ranks as an ANBU while Ryoko went to Ame no Kuni to assist her friends during the war.

The shinobi villages in the said countries became ‘minor branches’ of the clan while the main one is still situated in Kumogakure. But today, there are members spread all over the continent.

Kentaro later became a member of the village council. He had four children who all inherited his bloodlimit. His son Keitaro was the only one who stayed in the village since he took his father’s position later on.

It appeared that the bloodlimit gene was a dominant gene. This meant that if the other parent did not have a bloodlimit, it would pass on to their child. As for the Ryuugan…it improved a little for each generation that went on. But the improvement came to a halt when the second generation was borne. The clan is currently spread all across the continent with many different members. Up to this date, the largest branches can be found in Kumogakure as well as Konohagakure.


Name: Kumo Soushi (Cloud Creation)
Rank: Rank: "D", "C", "B", "A", "S"
Type: Supplementary
Element:  Futon and Suiton
Range: D: 5x5 Meter Cloud
C: 10x10 Meter Cloud
B: 20x20 Meter Cloud
A: 40x40 Meter Cloud
S: 60x60 Meter Cloud

Limit: Must have Ryuugan and Arashi no Kiero (Channeling of the Tempest)

Raiun Kyakuriki (Thundercloud Walking Ability)
Rank: "D", "C"
Skill: Ninjutsu, Supplemental
Effect: Allows the user to walk on clouds.
Special: Handseals
Drawback: Only capable of using on clouds the user created.
Description: By channeling their unique chakra into the soles of their feet a Kazeraikou is capable of using clouds as much as they could use the ground. By focusing their special chakra and having it come into contact with a cloud that they created the chakra condenses the substance into a semi-liquid state directly around their feet, allowing them to use it like normal water for standing purposes. Drains a D rank amount of chakra each round the user maintains the technique. The C rank version of this tech is learned to walk on clouds with lightning chakra within them.
Limit: Requires Ryuugan and Kumo Soushi (Cloud Creation)


Kokyuu no Ryu (Breath of the Dragon)
Rank: "C"
Skill: Ninjutsu
Effect: The user uses what is kept in his hands and expels them outward.
Special: Handseals
Drawback: Wastes chakra for the amount spent firing.
Description: The user does the handseals while having chakra in their hands. Afterward funneling their hands near their mouth and blowing out the respective element handled in their fists. This technique takes a C rank to activate, and D rank amount of chakra to perform and sustain for up to 6 seconds each second delivering a C ranks worth of damage. The distance it goes depends on the Stage of Ryuugan the user has.
Chibi Ryuugan: 15 Meters Maximum in a cone like shape.
O-Ryuugan: 25 Meters Maximum in a cone like shape.
O-Dai Ryuugan: 35 Meters Maximum in a cone like shape


(Summoning Technique: Fierce Dragon God!)
Rank: "S"
Skill: Ninjutsu
Effect: Summons a giant dragon out of wind, water and lightning.
Special: Handseals
Drawback: ---
Description: By using the O-Dai Ryuugan and combining all three elements whilst forming the handseals the user summons a giant dragon at his side. The dragon is about thirty meters long, and wind and lightning chakra dance all over the surface of its frame made out of water, giving it a bluish colour. Since it's covered on all sides touching it anywhere will result in deep cuts from the wind and burns and paralysis that lasts for three rounds from the lightning. The dragon is thirty meters long and moves extremely fast. It's attack speed is also impressive, it's movement speed is similar to that of a Taimaster of the same class as the user. The Kishinryuu can use the three elements it is made of to perform all Ryuugan jutsu up to B, also it has the highest level of Ryuugan active. Since the Kishinryuu is an elemental being it does not feel pain and dissipates after taking an S-rank amount of damage and all the while drains a C rank amount of chakra per turn to keep control of.

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PostSubject: Re: Kazeraikou clan WIP   Mon Nov 03, 2014 4:36 pm

Please use our template- the Description should not be used for jutsu. Instead, elaborate on the benefits & limitations of this clan: the jutsu goes at the bottom of the post, after Description, abilities & History.
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PostSubject: Re: Kazeraikou clan WIP   Mon Nov 03, 2014 10:16 pm

Am I allowed to add the Dojustu Justus to the list of justus already listed, or do I have to get rid of some.
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PostSubject: Re: Kazeraikou clan WIP   Mon Nov 03, 2014 10:46 pm

Elaborate on the ability of enhancing sight- how does it enhance the sight and give an advantage?
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PostSubject: Re: Kazeraikou clan WIP   Tue Nov 04, 2014 8:30 pm

Bump I fixed the eye sight problem and added some additional info .
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PostSubject: Re: Kazeraikou clan WIP   Tue Nov 04, 2014 8:50 pm

Please use our template. Click here for jutsu templae.

As for the Doujutsu, please specify the distance in Feet that the optical enhancement can allow them to see. I might suggest creating a specific color for each element that the eye allows them to see, such as yellow for lightning, blue for water, etc
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PostSubject: Re: Kazeraikou clan WIP   

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Kazeraikou clan WIP

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