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PostSubject: CALLING ALL GENIN FOR A DEATH BATTLE!!!!   Wed Nov 19, 2014 3:51 am



   Hosi opens his eyes. Instantly, the Sun's bright rays blinds him, leading to his fingers covering his face. His mind was confused, not being able to make a single clue of what happened to him. One moment he was going on a mission that required him to catch a cat, the next he was here. His palms moved to the grassy surface, feeling the dirt and plant life between his fingers. It was warm where he laid, sweat shaping itself on his brow. He never experience this feeling of natural warmth, the sun heating his light shaded skin, and the less need for double jackets and neck scarf. He was a hidden glacier boy, never knowing humid side of the world, so this was all going to be new to him.

   His mind and pupils wandered around where he was for a minute before something frightened him. From the back of his neck something burned his skin, it felt like the same burning feeling that a cow would go through when branded on its but. The pain only got worse, causing him to shriek in horrifying agony. His face turned frantic as he continued in his search for something. His ears could hear swaying of water just north of his position. Not wasting any time, he vanished from where he stood and appeared on the bark of a tree, moving from branch to branch.

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Kotetsu Bunraku
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PostSubject: Re: CALLING ALL GENIN FOR A DEATH BATTLE!!!!   Wed Jun 17, 2015 4:38 pm

Kotetsu Bunraku had just left the Village hidden in the jungle, Kusamuragakure, to check the surrounding cabins in routine mission. Now, however, he awoke from a slumber wide and alert. A sharp pain stabbed into his neck just left of his spine. His body jolted forward in response, and he let out a surprised howl. He grabbed behing him to make sure he hadn't just been attacked, and to his relief the pain began to subside. All that was behind him was a tall tree, sunlight winking at him between the leaves.

He stood cautiously, and felt inexplicably angry. Pissed off at all the world around him. Now, Kotetsu had always had a taste for blood. A morbid sense of satisfaction came whenever he drew a crimson fountain from an opponent. It had always been there. Never before, however, had he had such an overwhelming urge to eviscerate the next thing he saw. As his vision cleared from his drowsy state, he realized he was near a stream only a hundred meters away. Pity, he wasn't thirsty.

A wound from weeks past had finally healed up, so he pulled over his red long sleeved jacket where the scar lie, his torso being unprotected. His headband hun around his neck, the Kusa symbol glinting in the light of day. That's when he heard another person approaching. Through the trees it seemed. Kotetsu drew a Kunai, unable to stop himself, and dashed into the air to intercept the new arival. Just as the genin would show themselves, Kotetsu would throw the Kunai directly at his head with all the expected precision of a Shinobi.

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