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 Climate Change

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PostSubject: Climate Change   Tue Nov 25, 2014 1:20 am

Kouketsu grabbed his heavier clothes from his home hat resided in the Hidden Jungle. For this Kage was traveling to a country whom Kusa has had a rather iffy past with. Kouketsu wanted to ensure that those events were long gone and in the past for Kouketsu was the symbol for exactly that in his village. He even planned on having a public trial/execution for the council who had taken over the village temporarily. Kouketsu didn't care for the past anyways, he was the new Kage now. It was all about the present and future for him, however he wasn't too sure that was the case for all the other countries. So to Hyougakure he was going and it would take quite a while indeed. The Sakurakage would end up having to take a boat to the frozen wasteland. Such a drag the ride would be.

The now warm and cozy Kage took his leave of the village leaving it behind hoping no one dared to take it upon themselves to attack the village directly while he was on leave. If it so happened that they did, he would grant them his endless wrath and wreck havoc upon their village as well. Looking forward once more, the Sakurakage dodged and weaved throughout the dense jungle, noting the numerous traps and poisonous plants that laid upon the path towards the far out port. Every now and then Kouketsu would have to completely avoid some areas as they would be a problem trying to get through and it would only waste the small amount of time that he had. Those areas included thorns with poison dripping off them, man-eating plants, and even beautiful flowers that drew in its victims with its dazzling red petals which ended up killing them through touch. A harsh jungle it was.

Soon the Sakurakage would find himself at an opening with two enormous trees draped over each other in the sky. The two trees created a massive canopy which also ended up creating shade. The traveling Kage broke through this canopy and ended up at a port with a ship docked right in it. Two ninja known to be Kusamura Shinobi waved at their Kage with smiles on their faces and started to finish up the preparations on the ship. Kouketsu picked up his pace and soon ended up on the boat right beside his two brethren.

"Alright take me to the cold climates of Hyougakure. I have business with the village. I also would like to see if the village is as impenetrable as people say. An interesting village it should be. Now let's go."

The ninja nodded at their Kage's request and set sail for the Village Hidden in the Ice. Kouketsu watched as the water slowly turned to ice, making the climate that much colder. His idea in wearing heavier robes was a good one. His fellow shinobi looked like they were just dying to make it to the lands of the ice and leave immediately, too bad they couldn't immediately leave. They had to wait for his arrival once more. Good thing they weren't wearing the usual clothes from Kusa or they'd be in big trouble.
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PostSubject: Re: Climate Change   Tue Nov 25, 2014 1:28 am

(Travel from dock to the village)

Kouketsu took off from the port after getting information from his two shinobi. He was told where the village was located and how he could get there without being killed on sight. The Kage appreciated the advice and headed off. The more he got closer to the giant village of ice the colder it got. Soon he ended up asking local residents where exactly the village was located so he could effectively approach from the front so he was seen from far away. Most of the residents didn recognize the Kage anyways. He had literally just become the Kage through a civil war and didn't really have time to announce to the world that he was the new Sakurakage. Perhaps Hyougakure knew, but if they didn't that would be understandable as well. Most of the world only knew that Altair was the Kage, but that changed. Kouketsu arrived to see the hidden village in the distance and braced himself for what to come.
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Climate Change

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