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 House of bones

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PostSubject: House of bones   Wed Nov 26, 2014 7:43 pm

Hel's Playground- a place of despicable atrocities and permanent residence of some of the most notorious and heinous criminal's in the village's history. Serial killers, assassins from other countries, psychotic murderers... and a few unfortunate thieves who decided to pick the pockets of the wrong officials of the village. Their crimes were various, ranging from theft to mass murder, genocide and forbidden experiments; a place that would give the chills to any normal man who neared the place.

A fortress built into the side of the mountain of Boufuugakure. A prison for the guilty and safety mechanism to deter future criminals; just being threatened with a sentence in Hel's Playground was enough to turn most mild-natured criminals against their old ways. Rumor was, that the Goddess Hel had made this place. She had crafted the fortress from the bones of her slain victims she tortured and killed, countless as they were- to consider the size of the prison. A tight security was kept here, the most skilled and deadly shinobi of Boufuugakure monitored the inmates and occasionally killed an attempt-escape artist: for no one ever left except through the front gates and when they were cleared by the Kanetsukage.

To most, this was a horrid place. Not just because of the inhabitants of the prison, but the atmosphere of the prison itself and the near-impossible structure. Without knowing the layout of the prison well, it was easy to get lost in the halls of what seemed like a labyrinth. Meeting the wardens without a proper identification most assuredly meant death. Despite it's notorious background and reputation, there was one young woman who was not bothered in the slightest by the place. Vex Xanadu, a silver-haired woman in her early twenties with notable skills and a famous hatred for men.

Vex basically worshipped the Goddess Hel, Vex saw the Goddess as her savior in a sort, even though she wasn't religious in the slightest. A female god who tortured and murdered countless men for their crimes against women; she was the ideal image that Vex strived for: albeit murder for a crime that would assuredly end with her being imprisoned in the very halls that she walked freely. With proper identification of course. She had visited here so many times, that the wardens and guards of the prison were used to her and never bothered to ask her for identification- as much out of normality as fear for her temper and hatred of them. They knew her well enough to treat her with indifference even in the halls; often laughing to themselves secretly when an occasional inmate would make an inappropriate comment about her body.

The wardens sometimes had to pull her away from their prison cells where she would be trying to stab the victims through their cells with her weird giant swords. She kept her swords strapped to her back, in the center of her back and let the handles protrude above her head. One sword was ash black and larger than her, which a square tip and a long handle with bandages wrapped all over it. The edges of the blade were lined as a silver-lining against the ash-black blade. The other sword, was actually a large Uchiwa fan with bladed edges shaped in the appearance as a gourde. It too possessed an unnaturally long handle and a black chain that attached to the end for unknown purposes.

She stepped lightly down the dimly-lit halls of the prison, supposedly made of bones. She stepped with such grace and skill that no sound could be heard as she walked at a casual pace; her body in complete control and any part of her a deadly weapon, ready to be pointed and execute without mercy or hesitation, especially against males.
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House of bones

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