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 Hosi's 1rst Solo Mission {Lunch With Friends}

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PostSubject: Hosi's 1rst Solo Mission {Lunch With Friends}   Sat Dec 13, 2014 7:56 am

A knock on the door. A voice is heard addressing the knock with, 'I will be right there.' The door creeks open slowly to reveal the one who spoke and the one who knocked. On one side of the door stood a tall man in a Hyougagakure jounin vest. It's color was blue with the Hyouga symbol proudly represented on the back. He also wore regular black winter pants, made perfectly for staying warm in the cold while also being able to move around freely.

On the other side of the door was Hosi, a fresh starting genin ninja. He wore all black clothing, from his jacket to his pants, even his headband, which wrapped around his forehead, was black. Hosi looked tired, his breath heavy and his words short. It took no intelligent shinobi to tell that he had been running. The clear sweat stains on his clothing, the steam coming from his body, and the redness of his cheeks told enough.  

"H-Hosi of Hyougagakure here for your mission request," the young boy said as he handed the paper of approval to the jounin.

"Oh?" The jounin chimed, "looks like they sent me someone. Well, don't stay out in that cold weather, come in!"
The Jounin opened the door wholly and, without much hesitation, Hosi entered. He took his time to get a good look around the room he was in. From the amounts of sofa's, vending machine, coffee makers, and teachers within the room; Hosi understood that he was in the teachers lounge.

Word Count: 250
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Posts : 97
Ryo : 44755

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PostSubject: Re: Hosi's 1rst Solo Mission {Lunch With Friends}   Sun Feb 01, 2015 12:21 am

“Everyone, this is Hosi. He will be helping us look over the kids today.” All the teachers gathered and stood to address the Genin. They raised their hands, gave a warming smile, and welcomed him to the Academy. “Thank you for welcoming me,” Hosi said, bowing to them all in respect. The entire room was filled with high level jounin ninja, all more experienced and stronger than himself.

Before the friendly conversation could begin, Hosi took time to figuring out what he was needed for exactly. Pulling three jounin to the side, he asked them his task. A very macho looking jounin with a loud and rude tone answered first. “You must look over our children for us while we enjoy lunch! We have been running loose with these rugrats for a while now and we need a break. Don’t let one start trouble, or else I will tell the kage how big you failed! Got it?” The man yelled when he spoke, all the while keeping a tough looking exterior. It did not take Hosi long to understand that he was the Gym teacher. The other two jounins agreed with the gym instructor, not saying anything extra for Hosi. The one female of the group threw in a, ‘don’t call the children rugrats,’ comment towards the Gym teacher, but those were the only words that were spoken.

Before he could think about everything just spoken to him, the nice academy teacher he first met stepped close to him and spoke, “Yo!” He then offered Hosi some warm coffee, which was declined because Hosi did not enjoy the taste. The Jounin pointed to a seat, beseeching Hosi to sit, which he did, then pulled up a chair to sit next to Hosi. “The name is Heiwa,” said he, holding his hand out for Hosi to shake. Hosi shook, then their conversation continued. “I am the genjutsu teacher, and one of the most informational staff members in this school. Do you have any questions?”

Hosi took a small moment to think about everything so far. He had to look after kids, make sure that no one made a ruckus, and keep everyone safe from harm. Seemed easy enough. Hosi smiled at the teacher and said, “Nope, I am all good.”

Word count: 365
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Hosi's 1rst Solo Mission {Lunch With Friends}

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