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 Anata no tame no hana [Solo Mission]

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PostSubject: Anata no tame no hana [Solo Mission]   Wed Dec 17, 2014 2:08 am

Mission Info:

After having his mission authorized and handed down to him by the Kage, Hajiru headed off from the Shichiyo Palace to the streets of town, to the flower shop in question. They were short-handed, for whatever reason, and needed help getting flowers out to those that had ordered them, or to those that they were intended for as a gift from those who had ordered them.

At the shop, he learned that business had been good. Despite the fact that the growing season had ended -- not that there was much of a growing season out here to begin with -- there were a lot of people seeking flowers for loved ones. He did not care much for what the cards that accompanied them said, since it was none of his business, but he was instructed to announce the delivery with a little flair with the text on the cards. So he picked up three bouquets, their accompanying cards, the addresses they were to be delivered to, and set off to deliver them. They were all fairly large bouquets as well.

The first home was in the poorer end of town, and in an apartment building on the fifth floor. Five sets of stairs scaling the outside of the building led to the first doorway where a young lady would be waiting for tulips. Or maybe she wasn't waiting for them, and they'd be a surprise. After knocking on the door, she answered, and from behind the cover of the three bouquets, he wrestled through the cards.

"Yes?" she inquired.

"Umm, Miss... Harama?"

She nodded, and only responded verbally after chastising herself silently for not realizing she wouldn't be seen through the flowers. "Yes..."

"Roses are red, this is true,
Violets are purple, and not blue,
These Tulips are white, purple, and pink,
Which I would accompany with a wink.

Now before this goes on too long,
For I could not think of a song,
I wish to state what else is true,
And that is, I love you."

Hajiru blushed in the end, finding the whole thing rather ridiculous and embarassing, especially since he was the one that had to read it. He peeked over the flowers though, and cleared his throat as he finally held the tulips out to her. She took them and actually gave Haji a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She had tears in his eyes, and was muttering something along the lines of 'I can't believe he remembered.' This simply puzzled him, but as she retreated into her apartment, he just went back down the stairs, and headed for the next home.

The next home was near the wall, with a wondrous view of … the wall. On every floor, through every window … there was the wall. But he wasn’t there to nitpick about the wall or the house’s view or lack thereof. Instead, he was there to deliver flowers. He knocked on the door, and scooped up the proper note for the appropriate bouquet. This time, roses. When she answered, Hajiru was already blushing, for by this time, he’d had the chance to skim over the note before reading it.

”Hello, lady whose name I do not know.
But what is in a name? That which we call a rose, or three dozen,
By any other name, would smell as sweet.”

Hiding behind the bouquet of roses, he held it and the card out to the lady, who took it and gave Hajiru a hard stare. Looking at the card, she soon realized it was not he who designed this bizarre excuse of flirtation, and gave him a kiss on the cheek before she closed her door. With a sigh, he retreated once more, and made his way to the third house.

The third home was one of the better ones, and the woman who answered the door fit the bill of the higher ups in the village. For all he knew, she was someone important, but not having known the elders well, he could not say. She may have been the daughter or granddaughter of one of the elders, but he could not say. Nor could he say who wrote this note, but as he read it, his cheeks got redder and redder, and this time he did not have other bouquets to hide behind.

”I do not possess the riches that you and your family bring,
Nor do I hold the acclaim that those of yours would possess.
I cannot offer you jewels or any finer thing,
And all I can offer is this assortment of foliage,
Which I hope you find as pleasing to the eye as I,
My beautiful Flower of the Holy Night.”

The woman was clearly touched, and gingerly took this third and final bouquet of flowers from Hajiru’s hands. She did not offer him a kiss as well, but quietly retreated into her home with shock upon her face. She was so taken, she did not even shut her door, but with wide eyes of his own, Hajiru reached in and closed her door, and set back off to the flower shop. After informing them the deliveries were made, the owner of the shop signed the mission letter that the task was done, and promptly, and sent Hajiru off on his way, to return to the Kage.

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Anata no tame no hana [Solo Mission]

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