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 Yuudai clan

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PostSubject: Yuudai clan   Fri Dec 19, 2014 4:15 pm

Clan Information


Bloodline Name: Kaidoku no me

Bloodline Ability: Kaidoku me (Literally meaning Decipher Eye) is a dojutsu Kekkei Genkai that is only accessible to those in the Yuudai clan. The eye is sometimes referred to as the devils eye as it shows a person their worst fear.

The Kaidoku me allows the user to trick his or her opponent into thinking that they are facing their worst fear.

In order to unlock the Kaidoku me the wielder must have some sort of great joy, sadness, or desperation.
Some can obtain it through a very hard, and physically and mentally harmful training. Though many do not do it that way as it can also kill the person in the process.

Physical Traits: People in this clan are born with onyx Coloured eyes with a red ring around it, they are also born with tattoos that are different peoples personality most people are born with Angels on their back and they usually change. They are also usually born with black or red hair.

Location: Cherry Blossom Country

Clan History: The Yuudai clan was founded by a group of assassins  who visited Konoha one hundred years ago. They are one of the newer clans in Kusamuragakure and also have a Dojutsu Kekkei Genkai. The founder of the clan was a man named Sin Yuudai. He was a man who was merciless an assassin. He was accompanied by his wife and she was pregnant with twins. After weeks of gathering money and building he built a house on the outskirts of Kusamuragakure where his two sons would be born, the two boys would grow together and their parents would teach them to read, talk and write and as they grew older they would begin to hate each other and one would eventually kill the other. In memory of his brother he decided to create the Yuudai clan. He would have children and teach them his Dojutsu. This would happen until the  clan had a great amount of members.

Name:Kaminari yari

Jutsu: Rank:D-A

Element: Lightning

Description:A lightning kunai will appear from the users hand and as his or her chakra becomes stronger the longer the kunai becomes eventually becoming a spear.

Name: Raitoninguboruto

Jutsu Rank:D-B


Description: Small bolts of lightning shoot of of the users hands.


Name:Kaidoku no me

Jutsu Rank:C-A


Description: Once the user has chosen his target he just has to look at them in the eye and the target will feel a great amount of pain along with them experiencing their greatest fear.


Name: Raitoninguāmā

Jutsu Rank: S

Element: Lightning

Description: This allows the user to creat an armour around his or her body along with a sword. This is the ultimate assassin technique this also sharpens all the senses making it easier to track enemies.

Member List:

Sin Yuudai: Deceased

Ren Yuudai: Deceased

Rage Yuudai: Deceased

Tomi Yuudai: Alive

Sin’s sons: Deceased

Sin’s wife: Deceased
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PostSubject: Re: Yuudai clan   Sat Dec 20, 2014 10:31 pm

Please use the jutsu template the site has provided. Also, as showing your opponent their worst fear- that will be a Genjutsu- it should be listed in your clan jutsu.

Kaminari yari- Pseudo Raikiri/Chidori, which are banned. I suggest making this more of a bukijutsu or Nintaijutsu skill. This jutsu needs its own specific ranks, not labeled as D-A- it is also greatly missing the damage information of the jutsu.

Raitoninguboruto- This jutsu is too vague in nature. Not only does it lack the damage description, it also lacks the number of lightning bolts it fires. This also needs its own specific rank per jutsu.

Kaidoku no me- An ocular jutsu like this needs to be elaborated on- hence why you need to use the proper jutsu template to explain the duration/cooldown & requirements(Such as having your Doujutsu active) Causing your opponent a great amount of pain as well as the Genjutsu effect seems godmod by preventing your foe from using pain as a way to escape/ Consider where "fair" would be in turns of Roleplaying. This jutsu also needs its own specific rank per jutsu.

Raitoninguāmā- This is a pseudo-LRA technique, along with a form of Chidori sword; which is banned. Please use our appropriate template for all of your jutsu and be thorough with both the description/effects of your jutsu so that they aren't vague, easily abused/manipulated or seem as OP and godmod to the point where they are considered denied. Once you make the specified corrections, we'll go from there.
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Yuudai clan

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