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On the cold isles of the Blizzard Country, HYOUGAGAKURE NO SATO has still refused to create a free traveling policy. Some habits never change. To protect their traditions, they have even warned outsiders to not interfere with their matters.
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 Hecoro Clan

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PostSubject: Hecoro Clan   Thu Dec 25, 2014 2:40 am

Clan Information

Hecoro Clan

Bloodline Name: Soul Transfer

Bloodline Ability: On the brink of death, the caster can send all of their chakra into an item, living eternally inside it, while also giving an ability of their choosing to it for the wearer to have. About 20% of the items will be S rank mainly due to the fact that the item's strength depend on the caster's strength caster's strength being BLM and FUI. It is an ability of the caster's choosing... and the abilities are stat based as well as other things can happen, they can even be imbued with elements but the big thing of it all is it doesn't allow for god modding.

Physical Traits: The Hecoro's have a very small necklace shaped birthmark around their neck the birthmark with their crest on the collar with the iris being the color of their birth stone

Location: Tsukigakure

Clan History:  In the beginning, the Hecoro Clan's first members Drendi, Karash, Damir, Kinia, Dranaria, and Kishira were the best of friends, they did everything together, in fact when they first began the Hecoro Clan they had took it upon themselves to become the Genjutsu masters, and they made it too.... they made looked for minor details in everything, they did surprise Genjutsus of only the most minor differences to test their Genjustu resistant and attention to detail, they read up on everything that involved Genjutsus, in fact they reread everything they'd read to collect memory and improve their memory as well, they did a great many things to improve their minds. They all gathered together to see what they should do with their new clan, they had determined that their clan shall be devoted to research, not only of developing new things... but also spying, education, history... they became the most adept people of their time in terms of intelligent minds... and through the years it had become genetic... producing brilliant minds in each of their children.

They gather in a secret area within their clan's grounds every month to share with the rest of the clan their findings and ideas, those with the most amount of research and or ideas were those who were regarded for the entirety of the next coming month and were given their wishes when desired, as long as it was possible of course... and of course the Hecoro's regarded themselves very highly and declared themselves noble blood, the decedents of the clan who were impurely Hecoro were those who are the defenders of the pure Hecoro's. Only pure Hecoro's are allowed to have high positions within the clan, and only the pure are allowed to know the secrets they keep. The Hecoro clan are highly family oriented and take care of their own... though they show a smaller amount of respect for the impure bloods they do take care of them very well... in fact you wouldn't know the impure bloods were impure until most of the clan is gone and the impure's are the only ones out, for they are also excluded from the monthly meetings... though the meetings are usually at midnight under the fullest moon of that month so it is still difficult to know who is impure. There is a celebration of battle every ten years, the impure bloods fight in an arena within Clan grounds, not just in brawn but in brain as well for that is what the Hecoro's were founded upon... this goes as far as mazes, puzzles, battles, questionnaires, topic battles, labyrinths, etc.
Those that win the tournament are prized and granted limited access to the true Hecoro libraries and treated more purely better for the next ten years... they even get a small amount of guards and live in a larger house.

The Hecoro Clan are highly regarded within their village for gathering information, funding their village's studies as well as code-breaking, and assisting in several informational activities. Their motto is, "If there is no answer, FIND IT!". The Hecoro Clan are an extremely fertile family, as their goal were to make the world intelligent they have used their chakra to make themselves this way, making it very difficult for any Hecoro not to have at least twins, identical ones at that, this goes for male and female Hecoro's... those that do not have multiple children are very very rare. The Hecoro clan also have always had 20/20 vision as well, since they had trained themselves to notice the smallest details in everything... and as young children are taught this as well, to the point where even the elderly of the clan are unlikely to miss a crumb just outside of the mouse hole. The Hecoro did not just train their eyes when they had begun, for they knew only training the eyes to spot detail was foolish especially when they wanted to know when they were in a genjutsu so they had also trained their other senses... they match the eyesight description... they aren't hypersensitive like a dog's sense of smell but they are able to notice even the smallest difference of the fragrance in the air (that was only an example of one of their senses).The Hecoro's have a very small necklace shaped birthmark around their neck the birthmark with their crest on the collar with the iris being the color of their birth stone... also a genetic trait caused by their ancestors using chakra on themselves.


2 D-rank Jutsu


1 C-rank Jutsu


1 S-rank Jutsu
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Hecoro Clan

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