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 Fighting Fire with Fire (P, NK, XAV/SYL)

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PostSubject: Fighting Fire with Fire (P, NK, XAV/SYL)   Tue Dec 30, 2014 3:50 am

Sylvanas was awaiting in the southern watch tower, also known as the Frozen Overpass, being as though its walkway led to a bridge, which was the only way into and out of the roman concrete building. She stood, leaning lightly over a desk blanketed by a sash fashioned with the coloring to honor Hyougagakure, embroidered with elegant and elaborate symbols and trimmings. A quill feathers in her hand, writing lightly with haste, but with a hardened and deep importance. Her ANBU mask lay parallel to the parchment she was narrating. The sun, barely visible over the horizon of a fogged treetop skyline, casts shadows from the clouded atmosphere above, beckoning forth a rather familiar mist over the landscape.

The document was written, and read thusly;

Letter to Xavier Deventrius, with Urgency:

She would read over her document several times to make sure everything was in order before rolling it up and centering it on the desk. Lifting a stamp from the right hand side of her drawer, she dipped it in what seemed to be a vat of wax. Pressing it against the document, it sealed, the engraved and now beveled Hyougagakure Military Signet lay upon the tethered parchment. She slipped it into an elongated satin bag, along with a formally written document cashable at any bank in the Nations for five-thousand ryo. She slid the package onto a small backpack that her messenger hawk wears, allowing for it to carry excess amounts of weight up to fourty pounds of cargo. Sending it off, she hopefully waited for Xavier to respond.
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PostSubject: Re: Fighting Fire with Fire (P, NK, XAV/SYL)   Wed Dec 31, 2014 4:49 am

Days such as these weren't ones to be wasted, the wind blew quickly yet softly, the snow drifted aimlessly and the few rays of sunlight that managed to break beyond the clouds spread over the village. It truly was a nice day indeed. Even still Xavier wouldn't get the chance to enjoy the day such as today. Early he had received a message from one Sylvana, a name he hadn't heard from in what seemed to be ages. He read over the message and would release a shallow sigh, though there was no formal decree or announcement the people of Hyougagakure were preparing themselves for what the future held. News of the incident outside of the monarch had spread like a wild fire and now it seemed to be the only thing people would talk about it. Xavier stood atop his roof, observing the people and objects around him, all he wanted to do was take a nap but nope "folks trying to get all up in the kool-aid when they don't even have any sugar". He would yawn and stretch before returning to the inside of his home, pouring himself a cup of kool-aid in a mug before heading out, he would leave the 'donation' on the table to be dealt with at a later time. He was being summoned so he didn't plan on sending a replying hawk back, instead he would just show up on the scene

He would take the normal approach to the monarch, walking along the street. Though it took more time he wasn't too eager to discuss this topic, in fact until he hears from Isais it was a topic he didn't want to even think about. The time passed quickly as he scaled the village's greatest defense and made his way to the Frozen Overpass. He would enter the small building without a knock a smile covering his face "ello ello!" he would approach the desk and stare at the female sitting behind it "long time no see Vana, y'know you should really message more often you'll end up hurting my feelins if ya don't". He was kidding of course but hey he wouldn't be himself if he wasn't.
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Fighting Fire with Fire (P, NK, XAV/SYL)

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