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 The Infamous Tamashi Uchiha Captured - Chapter 01 - Completed

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PostSubject: The Infamous Tamashi Uchiha Captured - Chapter 01 - Completed   Thu Jan 15, 2015 8:51 am

Day 1 The Infamous Tamashi Uchiha Captured!

Whispers started to escalate and grow from the bar to the whole entire village. "Tamashi Uchiha spotted in the Hidden Storm Village." That's what Tamashi heard as he walked the streets in his flak jacket that belonged to the village. Tamashi kept his cool and decided to abandon Sakra as he knew that they were coming after him instead of her. Tamashi started to blend in with the large crowd and eventually escaped far enough for Sakra to lose sight of him. An hour passed by and Tamashi was confronted by one of the that crossed path with him on a single dirt path road that lead to the office of the kage. A jounin who had walked down the same dirt road path as Tamashi, but walking the opposite way, glared at the attire and appearance of this jounin that he has never seen before. The man stopped right in front of Tamashi and ordered him to stop in his tracks. The Jounin had his chest bulked up and out with him observing Tamashi from head to toe. The jounin then spoke in a serious tone with a facial expression of preparing for combat. 
Jounin: "What's Your Name?"
Tamashi: "Yoki Ashimaru"
Jounin:"You have any proof?"
Tamashi:"Of course..."
Tamashi pulling out his documentations from his brown bag and giving the documentations to the jounin and as he observes the documentations, he begins to become skeptical of this man and started to interrogate him further. 
Jounin: "I don't recognize your name or your face. Since I remember everyone of my year during my academy days and seeing as how on your I.D card you are a year older than I am. There is only two possible outcomes of why I don't know you. You either dropped out of the academy or you don't belong in this village."
After those words, an unfortunate fate met Tamashi Uchiha's demise, as the rain started to pour down hard and the rain not only washed away the hair color of Tamashi, but the fake eyes inside Tamashi's eye sockets bothered him even more that he took them out and had them drop on the floor. The man began to recognize this man, like he had seen him before. The man took every piece of detail that just happened right before his eyes and saw the black hair turn to white, the fake eye balls, there is only one man he could think of that fits that description. Tamashi Uchiha, the jounin started to speak to Tamashi in a serious tone.
Jounin: “Tamashi Uchiha… You have a large price on your head for assassinating your former kage from your village. You are worth more to us alive than dead. You either come quietly or I will have no choice but to fight you.”
Tamashi got into a casual stance as he heard this man through the rain and focused more on the words and his other surroundings as he prepared himself to attack or defend this jounin at any cost. The jounin started his move as he leaped far away from Tamashi and threw three kunais with explosive tags on them, as they landed near Tamashi’s feet, the explosive would happen almost immediately but Tamashi evaded it within a split second by rushing towards the man in a calm and relax manner. Tamashi heard where the man landed as he pulled out a kunai of his own as he dashed towards the jounin with the kunai at his right hand. The jounin pulled out a kunai of his own and dashed towards Tamashi as well. The two clashed kunai’s against each other and with a simple smirk, Tamashi sent his other hand to the jounin’s throat and held it in a strong grip as the man began to cough up and almost at a loss of breath since the heavy rain also made it hard for him to breath along with the strangle. The jounin dropped his kunai and Tamashi got closer to the man and sent chakra to his forhead and bashed the jounin’s face, causing a broken nose seeming to bleed endlessly. Tamashi threw the man to the ground and the jounin had a much harder time breathing even more since his nose broke and he could only breathe through his mouth. The jounin placed his hand on his radio to call for back up, but as he reached for the device and turned it on, Tamashi placed his left foot onto the jounin’s throat and placed enough pressure for him not being able to speak. Tamashi then bent down and ripped the radio from his jacket and placed it closed to his mouth.
Tamashi: “Tamashi Uchiha is down the dirt pathway near the office.”
Tamashi closed his fist strongly and severely damaged the radio as he then dropped it on the floor as about five jounin showed up to the scenery within two minutes and ordered Tamashi Uchiha to surrender or he would be killed where he stood. Tamashi voluntary gave up and dropped his weapon on the ground and got onto his knees as his brown sack bag was taken from him, along with him being cuffed to the ground and the five jounin escorting him to the registration station of the police task force. Tamashi was stripped of his clothes and given the inmate uniform of red, which represented maximum security. He was booked and process in the station as he was questioned by a jounin officer.
Jounin Officer: “Tamashi Uchiha… your crime was assassinating your former kage during the night and now you chose to come here and attack our village. I would love to send you back to your village so they could deal with you, but we have a rule here that thirty days must pass before we send you back to our village.”
Tamashi didn’t utter a word and awaited for them to escort him to the prison, where he would remain there for thirty days.


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PostSubject: Re: The Infamous Tamashi Uchiha Captured - Chapter 01 - Completed   Thu Jan 15, 2015 6:19 pm

Day 2 A Warden’s Call

 Booked, Handcuffed, and only wearing the uniform of an inmate. Ten jounin escorting him to the prison. Two hours passing by and they finally reach the destination and Tamashi was already liked in the prison by the other inmates. One of the inmates approached Tamashi, this one particular inmate was much bigger than Tamashi was, and also appeared to be that much stronger. The inmate lifted him up from his collar jumpsuit alone and spoke to him in an arrogant tone of voice.
Inmate: “Well Well Well, what an unfortunate way for a criminal of your stature to end up in this prison. This is the worse prison you could have gotten yourself into kid. We know your history and let’s just say we have done much worse than what you have done to one man of power. I suggest you learn to be my Babe while you are here for thirty days, or you will be killed.”
Tamashi was dropped to the ground by the inmate’s release of his big bulky hand. Tamashi’s face looking to the ground as he then stares up to where his face meets the inmates face. A smirk appeared on the inmates face as he began to laugh with the other inmates and then spoke to Tamashi, in attempt to belittle him.
Inmate: “You are an Uchiha who is blind, hahahah!!!!!, You my friend is a failure to your own clan. I suggest you learn the word slave for your remainder of your stay.”
Tamashi began to play along with the inmate as he projected his voice into a much more willing companion to do such great things for his new friend.
Tamashi: “I will do whatever you say master, after all, you are the strongest of this prison.”
The inmate began to laugh and as he went from staring at Tamashi to actually closing his eyes as tears ran down his eyes. Tamashi quickly took the opportunity to travel right behind the inmate and jumped high enough in the air to send both his feet to the inmate’s back of the head, which he took the full brunt force of the impact and dropped to the ground to where he was unconscious, with Tamashi landing on his back and rising to his feet quickly and getting into a fighting stance as he awaited for any other inmate to put him to the test. All the inmates started to back away, one after another, seeing as how the strongest inmate at the prison just got dropped on the ground. Tamashi heard no one moving and took his walk within the inmate crowd and sat at a nearby table. Two guards arrived at the scenery and started to interrogate the inmates.
Chunnin Guard#1: “Can anyone explain to be what happen to this inmate, if no one speaks up, everyone is getting locked down for twenty four hours.”
One of the inmates shifted his eyes and maneuvered his head over the other inmates’ heads and the two guards noticing Tamashi is the only one sitting at a table. The two guard approaching Tamashi and having a smirk on their face.
Chunnin Guard:#2: “Care to explain why you injured a fellow inmate?”
Tamashi rose to his feet and placed his head on the floor to where his ear was touching the floor. Two heartbeats right next to each other and very close to him was heard. Tamashi rose to his feet again and the two guards looking at each other, wondering what this man is plotting to do. Without any warning as they both face Tamashi after they just looked at each other, Tamashi jumped in the air and sent each foot to the guard’s face, having both of them fall back to the ground with dizziness and a broken nose. Tamashi landing on his back as he quickly rises to his feet and leaps onto both of the guard’s body and grabs a hold of each of their neck and holding it tightly. Before these two guards could even pass out, a third guard came from behind and bashed Tamashi on the back of the head with a metal pipe and had him impact the ground and releasing both guard’s neck. Tamashi falling unconscious and dragged to a cell all by himself until he awakens from his sudden impact. Twenty minutes passes by and Tamashi rises up to his feet in a cell as he seems to realize that he is confined to a space with only a concrete bed and sink and toilet. Tamashi took this time to think and ponder what his next move was into getting out of confinement and back into the general population. Two guards then suddenly appeared at his door cell and unlocked it as they both entered the cell and cuffed both his legs and arms as they brought him to room to speak with the warden. Tamashi arriving at the destination, sitting on a wooden.
Warden: “I can make your stay here, nice and easy, or confined to a cell for thirty days straight. All you have to do is give intel of your village to us.”
Tamashi: “Unfortunately I can’t give you Intel I don’t have, I was just a guard for the village, nothing more, nothing less, and I was never given special privileges of any type of information. Why would anyone trust a blind man with Intel..”
The Warden thought about it and pondered for a second. He knew that confining him to a cell for thirty days won’t hurt Tamashi at all. Placing him in general population with other inmates will, and for what his actions have shown, will mean that someone will kill him and they won’t have to worry about anything, since they will have evidence on camera on who killed him and not having to worry about bringing him back to his village in thirty days. The Warden made up his mind.
Warden: “I’m feeling quiet generous today, I will send you to general population for the remainder of your sentence.”


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PostSubject: Re: The Infamous Tamashi Uchiha Captured - Chapter 01 - Completed   Thu Jan 15, 2015 6:20 pm

Day 3 Plan A

Tamashi was brought back into general population with the other inmates. This time came around and it was already mess hall time for the inmates and everyone stared at Tamashi who entered the double doors. One inmate in particular pulled out a shank nearby Tamashi and his ears caught the sound of a metal object being pulled out, almost sounded like a sword. The inmate's footsteps got much closer to Tamashi and as the inmate was about to stab Tamashi from the side, Tamashi quickly swept the inmate off his feet, having the shank drop to the floor, and Tamashi quickly mounting his body on top of the inmate and sending three left hook fist and three right hook fist over to each cheek of the inmate. The inmate coughing up blood as Tamashi rose to his feet and left the inmate on the floor to recover from his wounds and headed straight to the line to get his food. As an officer witness the whole event, he got a radio call saying to not apprehend Tamashi and to let it go. The warden even witness the whole event himself from the balcony top glass window of the prison mess hall and left a smirk on his face. The prison warden knew that an inmate would eventually kill Tamashi within the prison once his guard was down. Tamashi now already having his food as he sits in a table alone and eating by himself. Another inmate by the name of Makuzi approached Tamashi Uchiha's table and sat next to him as he began to chat with him in whispers.

Makuzi:"You don't have to worry about me trying to attack you, it's that I heard the rumors of you escaping the other prison from your village. My crew and I want your help to escape this forsaken place. We already know how to get through the Labyrinth maze, we just need to find a way to bust out of here.

Tamashi:"I also already have memorized the Labyrinth maze as well, I counted the meters and such to know the complete layout of how to escape it. However, If you really want to escape this place, you will have to introduce me to your crew and tell the other inmates to stop attacking me if they want in."

Makuzi:"You got it, I will spread the word fast."

Word began to spread out fast just like Makuzi said, and it didn't take much long for inmates to like Tamashi and even giving him wrapped food products since everyone in the system just like Tamashi, hated the mess hall food. One inmate in particular approached Tamashi by the name of Jashin, and kept it cool and low key as he leaned against a wall while Tamashi was pretending to play cards with the other inmates.

Jashin:"Two guards are always on this unit at all times for twelve hours straight, after that, one guard is placed here for the night shift for the last remaining hours."

Tamashi:"Why only one guard at night?"

Jashin:"That's because for the remainder of those twelve hours, we are placed in our cell."

Tamashi:"Anything else I must know?"

Jashin:"I heard that one of the inmates plans to tell the warden of your escape plans to gain immunity for himself. What do you want us to do about him?"

Tamashi:"Bring him to my cell right now."

Tamashi dropped the cards on the table and walked to his cell as Jashin got the inmate who was planning to talk with the Warden. Tamashi leaning against the wall of his cell as the man got pushed into Tamashi's cell, having Jashin and Makuzi blocked his escape path. Tamashi quickly maneuvered his body forward to punch the man in the face with a right hook, then kneeing him in the stomach, and lasting folding both hands together and impacting the inmate's back of the head. The inmate dropping to the ground and Tamashi telling the man to rise up to the ground, as Tamashi walked around him and was now facing his back. The inmate rose to his feet and Tamashi walk along with him and pushed him against the wall that he was leaning on preciously. Tamashi then spoke with this man.

Tamashi:"Word is, you are trying to tell the Warden about my plans to escape this plan, don't you want to escape this place as well?"

Inmate:"You really think you will escape this place, no one has ever escaped this prison. And I as hell won't let a blind man lead me to my death. These guards can come from one to two, to fifth guards coming here and sending us back to our cell. I really don't know what it was like for you back in your days of prison and at your village, but at this prison, you won't even make it out alive against fifth elite special trained jounin level guards."

Tamashi:"You don't know me well enough, I use to be a warden of another prison back in the day. I even escaped the prison because of how smart I was. I have had people like you who chose to squeal instead of joining us in escaping. Which is why I am giving you one choice. You either join us, or you will lose both your eyes."

The inmate laughed and knew he was bluffing. Thats when Tamashi turned around and pulled out the inmate's left eye out and squeezed it. The inmate then agreed to not tell a soul of Tamashi's plans. Later on that night, the inmate got a hold of the warden face to face. The man sat in the wooden chair as the Warden get tapping his fingers on the wooden desk and awaited for what this inmate had to say at the middle of the night with one of his eyes missing and a smile coming onto his face as he couldn't wait to tell the Warden on what Tamashi is about to do within thirty days of his stay.

Inmate: "Tamashi Plans to Escape This Prison!"

WC: 1000

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PostSubject: Re: The Infamous Tamashi Uchiha Captured - Chapter 01 - Completed   Thu Jan 15, 2015 6:20 pm

Day 4 A deal with the Warden

The warden wasn't shock of what he heard from this inmate, but he knew that the Tamashi would know that he was the man who foiled his plans and that's when the warden grabbed that inmate by the throat and ended his life in one strong arm strangle. He gave the body to one of the guards, who then told him to discard the body and to bring Tamashi here. The guard nodded and as the morning came by, Tamashi was escorted to the Warden's office and placed in the same wooden chair as before. The Warden sat on his leather chair with a cigarette in his mouth and blowing smoke towards Tamashi's face.

Warden:"You see Tamashi, A little birdie told me you were trying to escape this facility. No need to worry about ending his life in silence, I already have done the deed for you. Now then on to business. I'm going to give you the straight scoop so you don't ever try to even attempt to escape this prison as long as you are here. If you attempt to escape my prison, you will be placed in the hole for the remainder of your sentence. Once that happens, you won't even have a chance to make another escape while you are in here. I could easily send you to the hole for the remainder of your sentence, but I will give you this warning to not escape this facility. If you choose to not escape and behave for thirty days, I will make sure to let your village know that you were on good behavior and to not have them execute you when you get back to your village. From a prison warden to a former prison warden like yourself. You know that if a prison warden tells another prison warden to not execute that prisoner and give that person the right to live. Then you already know that you will still be alive when you enter that other facility and won't be killed."

Tamashi: "As you already know, Words are very different than actions. I have been only a warden for a year and even though a warden told me to spar another inmate while he has been in my facility, lets just say he didn't live because he chose not to give intel of the enemy nation. So if you think my country will allow me to live for my crimes and for me giving them intel in exchange for my life, you are that much crazier then I thought."

Warden:"Send him to the hole, maybe he will come to his senses and now you won't be given anything and you will be placed in the hole for the remainder of your sentence. Good luck."

Tamashi was cuffed and sent to the hole, where Jashin and Makuzi saw Tamashi and knew what to do next in order to grant his freedom out of the hole. Tamashi now in the hole, lays on his concrete bed and Tamashi then replaying a flashback in his mind.

[Flash back]

Tamashi and Jashin and Makuzi are in his cell after the inmate left the cell with losing his eyeball.

Jashin:"Could we really trust him not to talk..."
Tamashi:"Trust me, he will talk and when he does... I will be sent to the hole. Which means we will have to escalate the plan that much further."
Makuzi:"What do you suggest we do to get you out."
Tamashi:"Start a riot and make sure to run to the housing cell well i am stationed at and get me free."
Jashin:"If we do that and it does succeed, we all will be in locked down for a long time. Which means it will shorten our days of escaping this place."
Tamashi:"Do you trust me or not?"
Makuzi:"I trust you, come on Jashin, just do what he says, after all, he has escaped a prison facility before."
Jashin:"Alright, I trust you."

The flashback ends and Tamashi rises up to his feet as he hears the alarm go off. The jounin sentry are all rushing towards another housing unit as they gear up with giant shrunken and explosive kunais. The riot escalating to officers dying and prison inmates dying. Jashin and Makuzi going to Tamashi's cell and taking him out of the cell. As all three of them are running back to the riot, Tamashi and both of them are stopped by a jounin elite who gets into a stance. Tamashi telling both of them to run the opposite direction as he takes care of this jounin. The two inmates running the other direction as the officer now speaking to Tamashi.

Elite Officer: "Tamashi Uchiha, I suggest you cooperate and surrender yourself, or you will be killed."

Tamashi dashing forward towards the officer as the officer also dashing towards him as well. Tamashi then changing his forward to dashing backwards as The officer gets within close range of Tamashi, as Tamashi quickly moving around the officer and sends his arm underneath the neck of the officer and lifting him up off the ground as he chokes him quickly and tightly the grip as the officer has no chance of escape, As Tamashi using his body weight to slam the officer over his body and to the ground. The officer impacting his back and Tamashi sending his leg to the officer's throat, having the officer coughing up blood on his own face as he begins to chuckle to himself.

Tamashi:"What's so funny?"

Ten elite jounin officers surrounding Tamashi and ordering him to get on his knees or he will be killed. Tamashi getting on his knees, knowing that he can take these guys on his own, but he wants to escape this place with a group rather than by himself since he knows he won't get far on his own. The riot eventually clears up and the inmates are sent back to their cells and the corpses are placed in the basement of the facility and to the furnace. Tamashi is sent to the Warden's office.

WC: 1000

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PostSubject: Re: The Infamous Tamashi Uchiha Captured - Chapter 01 - Completed   Thu Jan 15, 2015 7:04 pm

Day 5 Conversations

Tamashi got sent directly to the Warden after all of the commotion and the Warden now tapping his fingers on his wooden desk in his office. Tamashi now in the room with ten elite jounin and the Warden, as he is placed on the wooden chair cuffed from wrist to ankles. The Warden then speaking to Tamashi.

Warden:"I was wrong, I thought these inmates would kill you so that you would be out of my hands and not my problem anymore. I would simply kill you but, that would will escalate internationally and then I might lose my job and other things because of the poor decision in my part. However, you have now put me in a position where I have to make sure you are confined. Ten jounin guards will be overlooking your cell for the duration of your stay. You have become a great problem for me and I can't wait for you to leave my facility. Of course, we don't even have to go down that route at all, in fact, tell you what, I will give you access to general population with the other inmates, however, if you plan to escape the second time. I will have enough evidence in my power to legally end your life. So make my day and try to escape, because I would love to be granted that power to end your life. All I would have to do is show proof to the council that you tried to escape twice, which would mean you are a great threat to the prison, which gives me the authority to end your life. If you think for a split second that I won't be the one killing you, then you are sadly mistaken."

Tamashi:"I would like to go into General Population."

Warden:"Good boy."

The ten jounin guards lifting Tamashi from the seat and him being escorted back into general population.
The commanding officer going back to the Warden and speaking with him in private. The warden having  his back turn as he sees Tamashi mingle with the other inmates. The commanding officer bowing before the warden.

Commander:"Do we proceed with the lock down of all the cells for a whole week?"

Warden:"Not this time around, I want Tamashi to slip up and once he does, I will grant you the privilege  to end his life."

Commander:"Thank you sir."

The commanding officer rising to his feet and does a parade rest and leaves the office. Tamashi is back in general population and speaking with both Jashin and Makuzi. They have their conversation back in Tamashi's cell.

Jashin:"What happen, why were you sent back here in general population, they never put anyone back in general population after they were just sent in the hole."

Tamashi:"The Warden wants me to slip up so he has the right to kill me if I try to do another escape attempt. I will have to plan more each day if I am going to pull off this escape plan. Jashin, how many officers in total does this prison have."

Jashin:"Currently Sixty in total, including the Warden, however, they grow about ten more officers each year. Maybe even thirty if they lose to many."

Tamashi:"We have the numbers... the question is do we have the power to control this whole facility and escape."

Jashin:"The thing is, there was once a prison escape attempt, and the only problem that we had is getting through the labyrinth. We all were eventually rounded within the labyrinth. Many have died in the labyrinth and those who did make it to the other end, were killed by the jounin who were waiting on the other side. I'm telling you, it's very hard to escape if all the inmates aren't cooperating and just thinking that they need to escape on their own instead of being in a group."

Tamashi thinking and pondering what his next move should be. Tamashi then asked him a question.

Tamashi:"What exactly do they do with inmates who have died?"

Makuzi:"They place him in a room for a day, so that the medical examiner will arrive the following day to open up the inmate and take their organs carefully before throwing them in the furnace in the basement."

Tamashi:"Could you get me a pill that fakes my death for a day."

Makuzi:"Other inmates have tried that as well, if you don't have any wounds, they will immediately make the wound in your head and end your life. Others have tried so in the passed and since they tried to escape using that method, the Warden finally caught on and made her to stab the inmate in the head just in case. That option is out the window."

Tamashi then told both of them to leave his cell since he wanted to spend this night alone to think what the escape attempt will be. He also told them to tell only the inmates they trust, that Tamashi will come up with an escape attempt. Both of them left the cell as Tamashi laid down on his concrete bed and wondered how he was going to do about the escape attempt, since it would only be his one shot of getting out of this place. Tamashi thought about Sakra and wondered what she would do in a situation like this, and then began to think of the organization and knew that he had to escape in order to get back in the organization. Tamashi began to analyze what he could do and what he couldn't do as an inmate and which actions were minor to severe. Tamashi thought about this as he began to pass out for eight hours straight with the whole prison put on lockdown for the night with two jounin level guards watching over the prison just for tonight and having the Warden watching Tamashi's cell and knowing that he won't ever escape this facility alive. Tamashi's dream was about him and Sakra together again, along with him and his organization causing destruction to all of the villages, with a smirk on his face as he awakens eight hours later.


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PostSubject: Re: The Infamous Tamashi Uchiha Captured - Chapter 01 - Completed   Fri Jan 16, 2015 6:56 am

Day 6 Food Fight

The night turned to day in a matter of a second. Tamashi awoken from his cell, along with his cellmates Jashin and Makuzi. Jashin stared at Tamashi and started a conversation.

Jashin: You ready for breakfast Tamashi?

Tamashi: I got a question, why doesn't inmates just use there ninjutsu to break free from this prison?

Jashin: There is a chakra generator that stops everyone from using ninjutsu or genjutsu, but taijutsu is the only thing that is allowed here. If it is too advance like the eight gates, that person's legs are chopped off by the Warden himself. 

Tamashi: Where is this chakra generator?

Jashin: Well its located in this housing unit but in order to access it you need one of the security key cards that guards carry around their neck. People have tried to steal the cards from the past, but they never reached the door without being caught and apprehended. It's best if we forget about it.

Tamashi: I have an idea. 

The inmates now sent outside of their cells and all were sent to the mess hall to eat there breakfast. Tamashi told them the plan and they had given nods to the majority of the inmates as the six chunnin officers weren't aware of what was going on. An inmate rose up from a table in the back and threw a pie at an officer's face. The officer got impacted by the pie and the food fight started as all of the inmates participated. A near by inmate quickly snatched the security card from the officer and quickly passed it around in secret all the way to the table of where Tamashi was located at. As the officer was searching to see what was taken from him, an inmate sent a right hook to the officer's face, having him drop to the ground and being knocked out. The other officers came and placed the mess hall on locked down, having the inmates being sent to there cell. While they were sent to there cells, Tamashi had the security card in his left sandal. 

The Warden became furious and frustrated and the officer who got his security card stolen was to be reported to the Warden's office immediately. The chunnin officer entered the office with his legs shaking and his body structure in fear of what might the Warden do. The Warden walking over to this officer and sending a right hook to his face, causing him to impact the ground. The Warden then starting a conversation.

Warden: Kenard, eighteen years old, and you are shaking like I am the devil. Stand up straight and present yourself to me.

The chunnin rising up to his feet and getting into a fixed position in a parade rest. The warden now smiling and then turning to an aggresive manor. 

Warden: Would you like to tell me how you lost your key card to an inmate.

Kenard: Well sir... An inmate threw a pie at my face and I guess another inmate close by stole my card and... I don't know where my card key is...

The warden walking much closer to him as he places his index finger to the chunnin face and smells the pie filling coming from his finger. 

Warden: Not prepared, unaware of the situation around him. I would you like it if I suspended you right now.

Kenard: Please don't sir... I got bills to...

Warden: That would be enough, just find the key card and put all the inmates on lock down. The one with the key card will have to answer to Commander. 

The Commander coming from behind Kenard with what appears to be a robotic eye on his right eye, with the left eye covered with an eye patch and his mouth sealed with a breathing mask over it, with his dark navy blue leather uniform. The commander placing his right hand on Kenard's left shoulder. 

Commander: Let's go find your key card before I become impatient with you. 

They both left the room as the Warden turned his backs on them and looked out the window to see the labyrinth maze in the distance. Jashin and Makuzi awaited Tamashi to return and he did within the right time frame before the guards swarmed into the facility. 

Tamashi: I destroyed the chakra generator... You guys should be free from using ninjutsu... however.. don't use it and make sure to tell the inmates not to use their ninjutsu or the plan will be ruined... If we want to escape here, we have to go by my plan, and my plan will get all of us out of here alive in a stealth approach.

Jashin: Normally inmates wouldn't listen to anyone, but since we all know how you escaped within a week of being confined to a prison, we all trust that you will get us all out. I will spread the word and I know that no one else will disobey what you have done and requested.

Makuzi: Give me the security card, will take the blame..

Tamashi hands him the key card and that's when fifth officers came to raid each and every individual, an hour passed and they discovered Makuzi had the card and they brought him to the back. He never returned to them again, having met his fate by death. Tamashi and Jashin talked among each other and Tamashi then started the conversation.

Tamashi: I won't let his death be in vain.... I will get us out of here...

Jashin: I know you will, so what's the next step?

Tamashi: Could you get me a camera?

Jashin: I can but... smuggling it in here is going to take a day. I will get one of my contacts to order it for tomorrow. Why do you need a camera in here anyways?

Tamashi: That camera... is going to aide in our escape.

Tamashi getting on his bed and awaiting the eight hours to pass by as he thinks about the escape plan before he passes out from being tired and finally falling into a deep sleep and Jashin as well falling into a deep sleep and awaiting what Tamashi has in store tommorow for the next day.

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Day 7 Special Delivery

The inmates were taken outside for there daily recess activities that varies from lifting weights, basketball, meditation, tattoos, you name it. Tamashi was at the center of it all with Jashin by his side. Tamashi and Jashin walked up to the strongest guy that was doing his bench press sets and going by the name Bulky. Bulky rose to his feet and towering the two.

Bulky: You here to test me again Uchiha?

Tamashi: I'm not looking for a fight. I here that you can smuggle anything within the prison correct?

Bulky: Will this aide us in escaping this prison?

Tamashi: Trust me Bulky, once the plan is in set, everyone here will be free of this place. Can you get the camera here by today?

Bulky looking around for a brief moment and shaking Tamashi's hand and then letting go of it as he then responds to Tamashi.

Bulky: I will get it by today. I will put it in your cell by the end of the day. I don't like the fact that I can't use my ninjutsu, since I would already be out of here.. but since that has already been done so in the past... no one has ever escaped.. so going by your plan, I really hope it works.

Tamashi nodding to him as they both walk away from Bulky and talking among each other.

Tamashi: I need to show you something when we get back into our cells. 

Jashin: awaiting to see what Tamashi is talking about.

The two hours passing by and they both head to there cells as Tamashi starts the discussion. 

Tamashi: You are able to use the earth element. I punch a hole in the wall earlier and it seems that it leads somewhere since it's hallow. 

Jashin: It leads to the security camera room. 

Tamashi: We need to get the key to open our cells at night. Which is why we will be doing this at night undetected. 

The hours passes by with Bulky guarding Tamashi and Jashin's cell room as they enter the hole in the wall and climbing down slowly towards the security room. They don't have much time since the cellls will be locking down within the hour. Tamashi and Jashin reaching to the wall that is the security room. Tamashi placing his ear against the ground and hearing one heart beat

Tamashi: There is only one person in the room.

Jashin: How the hell do you know that?

Tamashi: I heard only one heart beating person in there that's how I know. 

Jashin: Alright... whatever you say man.

Tamashi, I need you to carefully open this wall and get the key.

Jashin touching a piece of the boulder wall and turning that part into sand, as he crouches to where the key is hanging onto and then snatching it and heading back to Tamashi. Jashin then forms the wall back in place using another jutsu and they both heading back to there cell. As they enter there cell, Bulky looking over his shoulder and then walking out of the cell as they made it just in time before cell lock down. Jashin fixing the hole as Bulky starts the fight with an inmate, as the officer heads towards the commotion on what is going on, meanwhile, another inmate uses the camera that Bulky gave to Tamashi and takes the exact replica angles of each and every spot that each camera is facing. The inmate doing this without being seen by the officers or the security cameras, returns the camera to Tamashi, along with the pictures, as he thanks the inmate and the fighting commotion stops. The cell getting placed on locked down for the night as Tamashi and Jashin prepare there next step. Tamashi and Jashin quickly making a hole in the wall, as it reveals the other prison cell next to them. Jashin handing over the key to Bulky, as he then unlocks his cell but doesn't open it, as he rinse and repeats by each and every cell, having five cells open except for Jashin and Tamashi. The key is then given back to Tamashi, then the key is thrown in the toilet and flushed down. Jashin in the mean time, rebuilding the walls with the holes in them with a jutsu. The five cells bust open, with ten inmates attacking the three officers, having them knocked out within seconds. The alarm activates and the fifth officers enter the room and placing them back in their cells. The Commanding Officer enters the room afterwards, taking Tamashi out of his cell and into the interrogation room. Locking up Tamashi on the wall, with his body looking like the letter "x". The commander starts the conversation.

Commander: I know you had something to do with this. The missing key in the security office, the cells magically opened. This had to be you, I have no doubt in my mind that this was your doing. I'm going to give you one chance. If you don't confess, You will lose something of value. 

Tamashi: I have nothing else to lose.

Commander: We always have something to lose.

The commander walking up to Tamashi and with a sword against Tamashi's chest, he then repeats it again.

Commander: We always have something to lose. 

the commander slicing across Tamashi's body, only showing blood dripping on the floor and his body. The commander stitching him up and placing a bandages on it to have him be able to withstand more pain. The commander now speaking towards Tamashi.

Commander: Will you talk? or must I go for your hand? This would end quicker if you just speak and tell me the truth! You took the key from the security office!

The commander placing the sword against Tamashi's left hand. 

Commander: I'm giving you one last chance to talk, or you will lose your hand.

Tamashi: I told you, I didn't take the key!

The commander pretending to chopping off his left hand and bandaging it up with white wraps. As something else was about to unfold another officer stepped in.

Officer: The key isn't in his cell sir.

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Day 8 Lock-Down

Tamashi brought back into his cell, as Jashin and the other inmates seeing the scars on his body and knowing that it came from the commander. Tamashi was thrown against the wall of his cell by the commander. The commander laughing and walking away as his fellow officer spat at Tamashi. The officers walking away with all cells locked down.

Jashin: What the hell happened...

Tamashi: The commander  tortured me and wouldn't stop until another officer came  after I refused to give up where the key was. It's better to deny it then to say you flushed it down the toilet and face death. I have done interrogations to inmates during my days as a prison warden. I know that the moment they give me the intel, they will die. That is why I kept denying it. If we are going to escape, I need you to get me the drug that will put me to sleep. I have a plan..

Jashin: Alright... I will get it today.. 

The eight hours passing by, with Tamashi sleeping against the wall instead of his own bed. Shower hour was where everyone were being sent to the showers. Tamashi washing his hair, his whole entire body, his genital region, and finally washing himself with water, getting rid of the soap all over him. After the shower hour, they all get sent to Recess. Bulky approaching Tamashi with confidence. 

Bulky: What's going on Tamashi, how are you suppose to even aide us in our escape if he tortured you that much.

Tamashi: Don't worry about me, I can still fight if you want to take me on.

Bulky: No no... I wasn't saying anything like that. Anyways, I got you the drugs you requested... I really don't know why you need them, but if you have a plan count me in. 

Tamashi nodding to him as they get sent back to their cells. The daily routine officer scouting the area of the housing unit and spotting Tamashi collapsing on the floor. The officer rushing over to him to check his pulse and realizing that he has died. The officer calling in the Warden and Commander to be present. The Warden and Commander arriving on scene within a minute. 

Warden: Cause of death is unknown... But I think I know who could of done this. 

The warden looking at the commanding officer.

Commander: It wasn't me.

Warden: Who could of drugged him, I however think this is your doing Commander. I will just have to report him dying from an inmate..Take him to the examiners room to see how he even died, and the following day we will proceed with throwing him in the furnace. If we find out his cause of death, we can alter the reports and bribe the doctor to make it look like an inmate did it, so our hands are clean. 

The commander and the Warden walking away with the fellow officers dragging the body to the examiners room. The Warden awaiting for the doctor to show up, as he stares at the corpse of Tamashi.

Warden: I wish I could of been the one to kill you. Son of a Babe..

The doctor arriving on scene and speaks with the Warden.

Doctor: Tamashi Uchiha... Internationally criminal finally dead... I never imagine his fate would be a prison. I would of thought it be in battle. I will determine what killed him... This will take the rest of the day to do. So I need you to leave the room and have your guards posted here. 

Warden: No, I wanted to stay and find out what happened.

The doctor pulling out a scalpel and pressing it against the skin of Tamashi's upper stomach. The ceiling begins to crumble, with the boulder falling onto the doctor and killing him. Bulky and Jashin along with a few other inmates step in and fight the guards while Bulky faces the Warden and Jashin awakening Tamashi. Bulky rushing over to the Warden with a strong right hook to the face. The warden quickly lifting his left arm to block the fist and sending his other hand to grab the throat of Bulky. The Warden then using Bulky's massive body structure as a leverage to get onto his back using his neck and bashing the back of his head with a fist. Bulky dropping to the ground and placed in hand cuffs. Tamashi awakening and rushing over to the Warden from behind. The Warden doing a back flip over Tamashi, as Tamashi tried to send a right fist to the Warden's back of the head. The Warden lands behind Tamashi and tackles him down as he places him in cuffs. As Jashin was about to aide Tamashi, he got piled by guards and handcuffed along with the other inamtes. The Warden calling in back up and having them sent to the execution room. As the five inmates on there knees, Tamashi, Bulky, Jashin, and two other inmates, hand cuffed and awaiting the Warden on what he has to say.

Warden: You know Tamashi, I thought you were dead. I thought I wouldn't have the privilege to fight you. I guess faith is on my side. Now then..

Five officers who each stand behind each inmate, draw out there swords, as the Warden is about to get more serious.

Warden: You have five chances to tell me the truth, each lie will end the inmates life.

Tamashi: I'm not telling you anything. 

The first officer cutting the head off of the first inmate. 

Warden: One

Tamashi: Nothing was planned.

The second officer cutting the head off of the second inmate.

Warden: Two

Tamashi: I promise you, nothing was planned out!

The third officer placing the sword up against Bulky's neck. 

Warden: Well

Tamashi: I'm telling you! I didn't plan anything at all!

The third officer cutting off the head of Bulky.

Warden: Three.

Tamashi: How can I get you to believe me!

The fourth officer cutting the head off of Jashin, as the sword is now being placed against Tamashi's neck but not touching it.

Warden: Four. Now you either tell me the truth or you will meet your fate like the rest of them.

 WC: 1001

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Day 9 Plan B

Warden: This is your last chance before I end your life right here and now. 

Tamashi: I didn't do anything!

The fifth and final officer cutting Tamashi Uchiha's head off, the head rolling next to the Warden's feet.

Warden: What a shame he had to die like this.

Cold Sweat, heart racing fast, Tamashi awoken from his nightmare. Tamashi still sitting against the wall and looking around the cell to see Jashin alive and awake. 

Jashin: Tamashi it looked like you have seen a ghost or something... are you okay?

Tamashi: I'm fine.. just forget about the drug idea... I'm going to come up with another plan..

Jashin: Alright.

Tamashi and Jashin headed to play cards with the other inmates. 

Inmate: Tamashi why do you bother to play cards when you lose all the time.

Tamashi: Not playing cards, I'm scouting with my ears. This is just a diversion tactic. 

The inmate showing his cards and having both cards add up to twenty. Tamashi showing his cards and showing that he has twenty one. Tamashi winning the prize of a candy bar as he rises up from his seat and walks around the prison unit.

Inmate: What's up with him?

Jashin: He is always like that, in his own little world. He is coming up with a strategy or losing his mind. 

Tamashi telling Jashin to come over. Jashin walking up to him and Tamashi starting the conversation. 

Tamashi: Lets start a riot, I have an idea. 

Within seconds the massive riot starts and Tamashi and Jashin head through the facility within the walls of the prison, using there cell as an entrance and exit point. They arrive at the private office of the Warden and Tamashi placing his ear onto the ground and hearing no heartbeat. They quickly enter the office and Jashin quickly spots a picture of the Warden's son. 

Jashin: Tamashi you won't believe this..

Tamashi: What...

Jashin: The Warden's son is in this facility, he is an inmate who is in our housing unit. We have to grab him and use him as leverage. Tamashi grabing the photo of the son and they both escape the office and fixing the wall up. The riot coming to a close as Tamashi is sent to the office with one on one alone time with the Warden.

Warden: I guess the lost of a foot and a hand won't stop you.

Tamashi showing the photo of the Warden's son from his pocket. 

Tamashi: That is your son correct? You wouldn't want him hurt would you?

Warden: How did you get that picture... 

Tamashi: Don't ask the questions. We have your son in custody and as dangerous criminals that we are, we won't hesitate to do something drastic. 

Warden: What do you want? Freedom?

Tamashi: No... that would be too easy without having a reward before I leave. The chakra generators, we broke it. Keep it broken or we will kill your son.

Warden: You broke the generator... How did you even find it.. 

Tamashi: Do we have a deal?

Warden: Yes... and I won't be putting the cells on lock down... 

Tamashi: Your son will be in Bulky's cell, for safe keeping if you don't mind. 

The warden closing his fist tightly. 

Warden: Fine... Anything else... 

Tamashi: That would be all. 

Tamashi being sent back to his cell. Later on that night, the fifth guards coming from within the walls of the cells and restraining all of the inmates and getting the Warden's son out of there and being placed in a much more secure cell. Tamashi being sent to the hole, the warden comes to see him.

Warden: You aren't in control of this prison. You are a bug, a little fly. You are nothing and powerless here. You have no power no authority. You will serve the rest of your sentence here. 24 hour locked down. Your shower will be brought to you. You are to not leave this cell for the remainder of your stay here. twenty one days left till you are out of my hair. 

Tamashi laying on his bed, hearing those words as he ponders and thinks his next move to escape the prison. The scenery is changed to Bulky and Jashin.

Bulky: What will we do... He is going to remain in the hole for the rest of his stay... There's nothing we can do.. They even fixed the generators.. we are powerless without our ninjutsu...

Jashin: We have to find a way to get Tamashi out of there... There has to be a way... The only man who can help us is Eriku..

Bulky: Whose Eriku...

Jashin: Eriku, is an inmate who is a master at taijutsu and I know he won't help us. Maybe he could teach us and we can be strong enough to fight the guards. 

Bulky: Oh him... He won't train us...he just stays to himself and meditates..

The hours passes by and recess takes place. Bulky and Jashin walking up to Eriku. Sitting there and mediating in his same spot.

Bulky: We need your help Eriku.. to help us free Tamashi Uchiha from the hole...

Eriku: Tamashi Uchiha.... Whats a man of his caliber doing in this prison...

Jashin: He was arrested and he now only has twenty one days before being transferred out of here and he has escaped and lead hundreds of inmates free from his own village. He wants to do that with us now. Please train us..

Eriku: Not Interested... 

Bulky: Don't you want to see freedom like the rest of us!

Eriku: I'm blind.. I can't even see..

Jashin: Tamashi is blind! He also can't see, but he wants to get out of here!

Eriku: An Uchiha.. blind... that is rare to even hear. I know what he must be going through... not being able to see... It's a much worse curse then the clan itself. I will help you in the escape and free Tamashi. 

Jashin: Thank you... Tamashi has a plan that will help us all out of this prison, you will see. This man is a genius.

Bulky: Bulky genius too.

Jashin: Sure whatever you say, now lets get going!

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Day 10 Careful Planning

Tamashi sat up in his cell, as two elite jounin step into the room and one holding a bucket of water, the other holding a bucket of water mixed with shampoo. 

Jounin#1: Get undressed and lift your hands up in the air and face your back against us. Don't try anything stupid. 

Tamashi got undressed and lifted his arms up in the air as the shampoo got splashed against his body, then came the cold bucket of water, which didn't faze him at all. Tamashi was then given a towel to scrub off the water and then giving it back to the two jounin as they walked out of the cell and locked the door behind them. Tamashi then getting dressed up again and tying the lower part of the jumpsuit to his waistline, with his white plain t shirt on his body and him training by himself as he pretends to dodge enemy attacks and attempting to grab their own bodies and slamming them to the ground. The two guards watching him from the window as they laugh at one another and leave. The scenery is changed with Jashin, Bulky, and Eriken talking among each other at a table with there voices lowered. 

Jashin: What's the plan Eriken.

Eriken: If we start a riot, there is no doubt we will all be in lock down. Two guards are always here on duty watching our every move. We could always try to take them as hostage and end their lives. They would simply replace the two with two more or even worse. Which is why if we are going to rescue Tamashi, it can't be today, but the day of his transfer. I can get the card key from a card and make my way towards Tamashi with you guys as backup. If we try to hide him in the facility, they will just request Byakugan users to infiltrate the base. They normally only get them if an inmate is missing. If we try fighting our way through without a plan, we are screwed.

Bulky: If have to make this day count, and I got an idea. 

Jashin: What's your idea, please share with us.

A facial expression Jashin gave since he knew Bulky wasn't the brightest of the group.

Bulky: What If I fight the two staff members and knocked them out, while at the same time you guys destroy there security cameras. 

Jashin: That's... not a bad idea. 

Eriken: Lets go by that plan then. 

Bulky started the show as he approached both officers with his bare chest out, his shirt taken off, and his eyes appearing to look like a demon. The two chunnin guards looking at each other and one of them spoke for the other.

Chunnin: You might want to get back or you will be put in the hole. 

Bulky quickly grabbed both their heads, while at the same time, Eriken and Jashin were destroying the cameras with taijutsu. The monitors went black and the chunnin in charge of that section wondered what was going on. He attempted to call the two chunnin guards through the radio but no answer was given. The chunnin officer rose from the chair and quickly attempted to run to the alarm to signal that something was going on. As his hand was about to reach the button, Bulky busted open the door, shocking the chunnin in his place, as Bulky grabbed him by the throat and tossed him against the wall. Bulky went up to the security systems and destroyed it with his fist, feet, and his body weight. Eriken and Jashin went over to the chakra generator room and destroyed the generator to where it was beyond repair and needed a replacement. Which allowed the entire inmates to use there ninjutsu and cause mayhem to the prison. One guard after another were dropped to the ground. Tamashi was free from his cell within twenty minutes time. The fifth or so jounin elite officers responded in time to cuff and apprehend the inmates using smoke bombs. Everyone was arrested except for Tamashi, who was hiding within the walls of the prison. The Warden and Commander stood side by side, wondering where Tamashi was.

Commander: What are we going to do this prison is getting more chaotic by the day sir.

Prison Warden: Look... We can't tell Anbu that we can't handle the situation.. Then they would send there guys in... and I would be replaced as Warden... I can't have that happen. We have to install more than one generator to keep this place confined. We also need to install new cameras within the facility. This place is old but damn it, we have to make these inmates understand that we are authority and they are nothing. Have the elite ten jounin unit to find Tamashi now!

The ten jounin unit went to go find Tamashi, one of them being a byakugan user. The jounin finding Tamashi within the walls of the prison. They then go to where he is and enter the walls themselves, apprehending him and putting him back in custody. The warden then speaking to Tamashi one on one in his office.

Warden: You have manipulated these individuals into thinking your escape plan will work, but so far it hasn't, and so far your plans have failed.

Tamashi: Those weren't my plans... those were someone else. I have no involvement of what happen today. I just want to do my time whether I am in the hole or not. You are the warden and I am a bug.

The commander walking towards Tamashi after hearing what he had to say.

Commander: Lets give him a private exercise. I say we put him back in general population. After all, what can a blind man do with once I'm through with him. Trust me sir, will watch him closely.

Warden: You know something, you are right Commander Rover, lets grant him general population. I would love to see his hard work crushed into pieces. I won't keep my eyes off of you Tamashi, to me you are nothing more then dirt.

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Day 11 Ten Days Of Torture

Tamashi's torture began today. Being place in a room with the Commander and Tamashi alone for ten days straight. This place of choice was darker in appearance than the other rooms. This room had at the center of it, knives which didn't go so far as penetrate the user's tissue. Tamashi stood on one end of this 1 meter straight forward line. Behind him stood Commander Rover, ready to start the procedure.

Commander: Ten days of torture is what you will have to endure for the time being. Now then, walk across it.

Tamashi placed one foot on the knives, then his other foot. By the careful pacing that Tamashi did, it didn't really hurt his feet at all. The pain in fact became like a pleasing feel. Tamashi finally reached the other side of the knives floor. Tamashi was then stitched up to proceed into doing it yet again. Tamashi took it fast this time, as he made it much quicker than before, suffering more wounds as he collapsed on the ground. Tamashi was bandaged up and healed once again.

Commander: I hate to do this to you. You give me no choice but to do this. You have been very bad at our prison. If we can't break you mentally, physically is the next step. 

Tamashi rose to his feet, his legs shook but he got his act together and stepped on the knives carefully this time around. The first step was that much closer to freedom. The second step represented the joy of once he is done with all this, he will murder the commander. The third step represented the pleasure he will get once he kills the warden. The fourth step represented that he will see Sakra once again on the outside. The fifth step represented his freedom that he will obtain once he frees himself and these prisons from this prison hell. The sixth step represented the sweat, tears, blood, that he is sacrificing to even make it this far. The seventh step represented the will to never give up. Tamashi had his arms extended as he thought all of this and knew he had a long way to go before this was even over. The commander started to speak.

Commander: Most inmates would beg me to have them take a break or apologize for there wrongful actions, but not you. You really do deserve this punishment. I will make sure you cry after these ten days are up.

Tamashi thought to himself as he has been through far worse than stepping on knives. Tamashi wanted to stop this and attack the Commander, but ten elite jounin stood behind him. Tamashi then began to spoke with the commander. 

Tamashi: What made you go into being a commander of the prison if you don't mind me asking.

Commander: Well, the kage of this village is the one that gave me this position since I am one of the most trusted people in this village, along with the Warden. What I don't understand, reading through your history. Why would you assassinate the former kage of your village. 

Tamashi: I didn't... I was wrongfully blamed for the murder because it was me and a jounin who was in that room that night. I failed to stop him from eliminating the kage in his sleep. That is my crime, failure to kill a traitor to the village who eliminated my kage. I was blamed because I killed the jounin and I was the only one in the room with a kunai in my hand. The only one who was in the room with two dead bodies. What would you think if you were in my situation. That I did the crime. They never had evidence that I actually killed the kage, since there wasn't my finger prints on it, nor the jounin that I killed. Which means I had to be the suspect. That jounin got fired that same day.

Commander: Why was he fired?

Tamashi: Because I was a council member of the kage, yet I cared so much about him that I believed that no one else could protect him like I could. So I fired the man and took his place.

Commander: Such dedication and look what it brought you. 

Tamashi: I'm only seen as a criminal because of what my actions appeared to be.

Tamashi finally reaching the other side of it, as the jounin unit patched him up and got him to his feet once more to walk it across again. 

Commander: What would you change about your past.

Tamashi: Nothing.

Commander: Why is that, look where you are as a criminal.

Tamashi: That jounin wasn't doing his job right and could of bring the whole village and the kage to destruction if I didn't take his place.

Commander: Do you think you are unstoppable, the best?

Tamashi: No, I have dedication and loyalty on my side. You may not like me, but I will get out of this prison.

Commander: Through a transfer, then after that, I won't care about you anymore. It's because of your trespassing that I even have to deal with you now. You could of simply just not have entered our village to begin with. Which brings a question to my mind.

Tamashi: What.

Commander: Why did you infiltrate this village, I mean I know it's because of the false documentation, but why did you let yourself get caught.

Tamashi: Because my mission isn't over.

Commander: So your telling me you planned to get arrested?

Tamashi: Yup.

Commander: Why the hell would that benefit you?

Tamashi: If I told you, it would ruin the surprise. 

Commander: You make me laugh

Tamashi: How so.

Commander: Why our village in particular?

Tamashi: No reason, just love your prison.

Commander: Can't wait till you leave.

Tamashi: Oh I will.

Tamashi collapsing to the ground as he is now on his knees and not able to move anymore because of the pain in his feet. The unit not bandaging him up and the commander and the unit leaving and locking the room behind him.

Commander: You should prepare yourself for tommorow, it will get much worse than now.

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Day 12 The Fire Torture

Tamashi awakens after sleeping for 18 hours straight, his feet healed up and his body wide and fresh to start off the next stage of his torture. The commanding walking in with the ten jounin elite officers. The commanding standing near Tamashi, as an elite jounin stood from afar. 

Commander: You will now suffer from fire being blown at you. This torture will certainly raise the temperatures a bit. I suggest you stand calm and relax. This fire won't kill you, but it will certainly make you drained and first degree burns. Let it begin shall we?

The jounin prepared his hand signs and held the tiger hand sign, as the fire blew out immensely, it brushed passed the commander and impacted Tamashi and giving his body black burns all around, with bits of ashes and first degree burns to his wounds. Tamashi was then healed a bit up, around the flesh so that it could withstand a second fire attempt, which would give him first degree burns and even appearing to look much worse than the first shot fired. 

Commander: Betraying a village is a serious crime. The fact that you are still alive is faith at best. You are lucky that we are ordered to keep you alive till transfer, then you aren't our problem anymore. You will become nothing more than fried pork at this rate. 

Tamashi exhaled a lot of air as he then looked at the direction of where the sound was coming from and then began to speak as he caught his breathe. 

Tamashi: You think you are better than me just because you have a badge.

Commander: I don't think so, I already know I am.

Tamashi: What makes you better than me..

Commander: You are there and I am here. Shoot the third round on him without any medical support. 

The third fire blast was shot at Tamashi, impacting him and leaving him with second degree burns all over his skin, as the medical unit came over to heal him of his wounds as best as they could. 

Commander: One last shot and you are going into the third degree burns my friend. Tell you what, if you tell me a good secret that no one knows about you. Then I shall spare you. 

Tamashi: Did you know that I lost both my sharingan eyes and lost my parents to a group of rogue shinobi when I was a child.

The commander had sorrow in his eyes as he then fixed them into seriousness and began to speak. 

Commander: Shoot him again with the flames. That is a good secret, however, you will suffer much more than losing your eyes!

The jounin firing the immensely fire over to Tamashi, the third degree burns appearing all over his body. Tamashi panting so much as the medical unit healing him up and taking him down from being pinned on the wall and bandaging him up until he looked like a mummy. They pinned him to the wall once more and locked him in place as the commander started to speak. 

Commander: Did you enjoy it.

Tamashi: You have no idea what it's like...

Commander: What was that?

Tamashi: To lose your eyes, your family, to be labeled a criminal even though you never was one. 

Commander: You don't know anything about me. 

Tamashi: When I get free, I will kill you..

Commander: I would love to see you try.

An immense fire fired directly at Tamashi, having the bandages ripped up and making the healing process almost useless seeing as how his skin is now showing parts of bones. Tamashi withstanding all of this with a smirk on his face. The medical team taking him down and healing him up and placing the white bandages all around him and having him lay on the ground. The commander and the unit leaving the room and locking the door behind him. The eighteen hour process of sleeping and recovering from what he just experience would aide him in being health, but only by a little bit. Tamashi falling a sleep while dreaming about Sakra and wishing she was here to help him. Tamashi awakening after sixteen hours of sleep and walking around the room while holding onto the wall by his side to aide him. Tamashi struggling to make it to the end of the wall, as he collapses and he struggles to make it to his feet once again. Tamashi now crawling to the end of the wall and trying not to give up and show signs of weakness. Tamashi then hearing his childhood self talking. 

Younger Self: Why did you let the bad people take our eyes. This is your fault for not being able to protect anybody. 

Tamashi: Shut up, you are just in my mind.

Tamashi hearing footsteps walking away from him as he crawls over to get closer and closer to it. Tamashi having tears dropping from his face. The noises getting louder, to where Tamashi covers his ears and wishing for it to go away. Tamashi then yelling within the room, telling the voices to stop. Two jounin elite members entering the room.

Jounin: What the hell is going on here?

Tamashi: The noise...

Tamashi rising to his feet and touching the guard's shoulder.

Tamashi: Make the noise go away... Please I beg you..

They both look at each other as the man pushes him to the ground.
The jounin then calling the commander to come check out the situation. The minutes passing and Tamashi is laying on the ground with the commander staring at him. 

Commander: Tamashi, what the hell is wrong with you!

Tamashi then hearing to where the voice is coming from.

Tamashi: Leave me alone, and I will avenge you little me!

One of the jounin saying the word coco and showing the hand sign for it to the commander. 

Commander: He must be joking with us to get out of torture. This won't work Tamashi, you will be going to the next step of your program. This isn't over until the days are up Tamashi. Well Tamashi?

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Day 13 Water Torture

A Large tank of water is placed within the room. Crafted by a doton user and a suiton user by supplying the cold water needed for this torture. Tamashi laying on the ground and a rock crane lifting up his feet and off into the air he goes, right over the tank. 

Commander: Day three of your torture, how do you feel Tamashi?

Tamashi: screw you.

Commander: That's the spirit. 

The crane going down slowly and having his whole body dipped in the water for a good minute, as he is then lifted upwards from the crane and coughing so much and freezing.

Commander: You don't look so good, tell you what. Lets try this again.

The crane going down once more, this time reaching the bottom of the tank, being about a minute, the crane is then lifted out of the water, along with Tamashi catching his breath and spitting out water.

Commander: I have a few questions for you Tamashi.

Tamashi: What.

Commander: Why did you come to our village, why get arrested when you could of easily escaped? A man like you could of easily avoided us.

Tamashi: I guess I must not be that great of a shinobi if I got caught.

Commander: The voice on the radio was you. You turned yourself in.

Tamashi: You really think I would come unprepared to this prison. I have heard the rumors about this place how it is haunted by ghost, specially around the labyrinth. I also heard of a legendary mask that you guys have here.

Commander: Legendary mask?

Tamashi: I heard the rumors from a bar that I was in and no doubt the mask is within this prison and the only way for me to get in was to get arrested.

Commander: Unfortunately you won't have the pleasure of ever finding it, your transfer isn't that much far away and after we are done with you, we will begin to reconstruct our prison to be much more secure than it was ever before. You really have came here to make a big mess in our prison and we will fix it. You really have made yourself known in this prison by inmates and staff. As much as I would like to kill you, I can't. That crime would make me a criminal because I didn't follow the laws of this prison and this village. Tell me something Tamashi, did you really kill your kage.

Tamashi: Why would it matter if I did kill him or not, it's not like it would change anything.

Commander: It would change the truth about how people see you as.

Tamashi: Everyone thinks I killed the kage, and I told them that I didn't. So obviously it hasn't worked yet.

Commander: Tell me the truth that day.

Tamashi: Well, it all started when the kage wanted a meeting with me and a few other council members that day. He wanted to investigate why the majority of the inmates in our village has lost there eye sights. The reason why they truly lost their eye sights is because I was a warden for only a year and more than half of the inmates lost their eye sights because of my ways of torture of bringing out information. Well after my leave as warden, the guards started doing my way of torture and so did the new warden who agreed to do it that way as well. Eventually... later on that night, when the kage went to sleep, I notice that the guard who was protecting the kage started to ignore the commands I had instructed him to follow and since he didn't follow those instructions, I had him fire immediately. I didn't know he was going to go into the kage's room that day and kill him.

Commander: Where were you that day?

Tamashi: Well, the kage had ask me to bring him a cup of tea before going to bed, so I left and went to go get it. I didn't realize he would pass out before I even got back and when I entered the room with the tea cup at hand. The jounin who I had just fired hours before, was the person who killed the kage in his sleep.

Commander: How do you know the jounin killed him? You are blind so you obviously couldn't have known who had killed the kage.

Tamashi: I had memorized his voice and I knew it was him. The way he presented himself earlier on and the way he presented himself now. There is no doubt in my mind that he was going to kill the kage whether I had fired him or not. I consider him a spy to the village and a traitor. I had told the council and pleaded but in the end it didn't mean anything and I was thrown in prison and a week is all I had to live before my execution day. When I escaped that night, I had the entire inmates follow my lead to success and we escaped it.

Commander: How did you know how to escape within just a week.

Tamashi: Like I have said before. I was a guard for the prison for a year and warden. So I had to adjust to where everything was, how many on staff, and there shifts. I memorized it all that I can walk through the prison without bumping into anything. This prison is something I don't recognize, that's why I haven't escaped yet. I will escape this prison, whether you think so or not.

Commander: Don't forget that I am also jounin rank like you. I have fought many international criminal just like you before I was sent to protect this prison. I have fought those stronger than you. So when you tell me that you will escape this prison. I laugh, because I know you won't ever escape this prison. No one has ever escaped this prison. The best inmate we have ever had before his passing, never was able to escape this prison. Let me tell you something Tamashi Uchiha. If an Uchiha who has came to this prison before you, with the sharingan eyes and with the mangkyou can't escape this prison. Then you as a blind uchiha who doesn't posse the sharingan at all, won't ever escape this prison.

Tamashi: I guess I'm going to be the first to escape this place.

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[u] Day 14 Earth Torture [u]

Eight hours straight of in and out of the tank that the commander had a brief conversation with Tamashi and then after the water torture was done, Tamashi was sent laying on the ground with the tank rumbling to pieces of rock and the water appearing to be a mini flood in this vast room. They gave Tamashi a large blanket and left him to rest for eight teen hours.

Commander: wouldn't want you dying on us.

Tamashi laid there for sixteen hours of sleep and awoke to having chains of a boulder on each ankle. Tamashi having to crawl all around the vast torture room.

Commander: tell me something Tamashi, how do you feel about losing your eyes?

Tamashi: I still am Uchiha with or without the eyes. I just am not emotional like the others.

Commander: do you think your better than your fellow members.

Tamashi: with the mask that I will acquire from this place I will.

Commander: tell you what Tamashi, what if I offered to give you back your sight.

Tamashi: I wouldn't want to see this world. It's hell. I don't even remember how I even look like. The only remembrance Of how I look will be before I lost my eye sight.

Commander: what if I granted you freedom right here and now.

Tamashi: I can escape without your help and I'm here to acquire something

Commander: big words for someone whose in torture

Tamashi: and bigger words for a man whose too much of a coward to fight me

Commander: if you can beat me in a fight I will grant you your freedom.

Tamashi: I don't need an easy way out. I will beat you when the time is right.

Commander: you can't even see me.

Tamashi: even the blind can see

Tamashi's arms started to given even and he laid on the ground with the face buried on the concrete floor.

Commander: you look tired and I have done these types of torture for years and you are one of the lucky ones to have made it this far without giving up. Now rise to your feet and walk it off. Or do I need to force you?

Tamashi rose to his feet and kept walking one foot at a time.

Commander: your skin looks much better. Our Medics really know how to take care of people.

Tamashi: Why do you insist on talking to me.

Commander: It gets boring for eight hours of watching you get tortured.

Tamashi: Why don't you just talk to your men.

Commander: You are more interesting.

The commander taking his walk over to Tamashi and sending his hand against Tamashi's neck.

Commander: If only you could see your face. It looks pitiful.

The commander releasing Tamashi's neck and using that same hand to send a right hook to Tamashi's right side of the face. Having Tamashi fall back and impacting the two boulder's behind him. His back taking the impact and him coughing up so much. Tamashi then getting on his knees as both his arms are keeping him up from hitting the pavement.

Commander: Be respectful. I am authority. What are you Tamashi?

Tamashi: A bug.

Commander: Someone catches on quick. It won't be long until your torture is finally over and you will be sent back to general population with the others. When you have learned your lesson. I honestly think you won't be trying to escape this prison anytime soon. Cause we will gladly extend the stay to sixty days if we must.

Tamashi: You think I'm scared of a longer sentence?

Commander: Thinking that this is a game... is your biggest mistake

A jounin elite sentry getting into a stance as the commander lifts one arm to the air and then back to his side. The jounin sending an earth dragon over to Tamashi's front part of the body. Tamashi using his ears and quickly detecting the sound of something coming towards him, as he quickly jumps in the air and having the dragon go pass him and impacting the two boulders. The two boulders and the dragon turning into rumble as Tamashi lands on both his legs and having to inhale and exhale due to the amount of energy that it took to make that jump. Catching his breathe he finally gets into a fighting stance and faces the commander.

Tamashi: One on one. If I win, I gain my freedom out of this torture chamber.

Commander: Seems fair. You got a deal.

The commander running up towards Tamashi, as the commander gets within arm's length towards Tamashi and leaps into the air and sending a right hook toward's Tamashi's face. Tamashi quickly grabbing the commander's wrist and quickly placing his arm behind his back and having Tamashi move along with it.
The commander getting onto his knees.

Tamashi: Do you give up yet?

Commander: Far from it.

The commander doing a one hand seal with his other hand. A shadow clone appearing right beside his original but facing the opposite direction. The clone then sending a right hook to the face, as Tamashi quickly leaps back after hearing the clone being summoned and feeling the change of pattern in the wind. The clone missing the impact, but the commander free from his arm grip. The original turns around to face Tamashi.

Commander: This won't be easy.

Tamashi: Bring it.

The commander and the clone quickly taking their run over to Tamashi. The clone taking the leap and pulling out a hidden sword from his sheath, having Tamashi hear the sword being drawn. The sword being sent to slice Tamashi's side of the body going horizontal, having Tamashi quickly grab the sword before it making impact. The original then jumping into the air and quickly getting in the middle of them both, as he sends an axe kick down to Tamashi's head. The impact only being made because Tamashi suddenly having chest pains in his stomach. Tamashi not focusing on what is going on, taking the impact and dropping to the ground. The clone disappearing and the original standing before Tamashi.

Commander: Well you lost. I'm not surprise. Just sleep and get ready for tomorrow. Enjoy your night.

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Day 15 Unexpected Decision

Tamashi had been sleeping for eighteen hours just like the other nights, but seem to realize that no one had showed up today. Tamashi wondering what was going on, if no one showed, he would go back to sleep. The commander being in the office with the Warden.

Commander: It's been five days sir. I honestly don't believe he won't be escaping from us this time around. The man is completely destroyed and crushed. He even lost to me in a fight yesterday.

Warden: He is probably playing possum and once we grant him that freedom of going back to general population, he will just find his way of escaping once more.

Commander: Sir, believe me when I tell you this. He won't be escaping this facility. His condition would need days of recovery and even then, he won't put up a fight. His movement have been drained and much slower than that of the average A rank shinobi. Sir, he won't stand a chance against our chunnin sentry.

Warden: Put it to the test. I want to witness this with my own eyes. I have to see this.

Both the commander and the warden and the ten jounin elite officers and a chunnin officer all walking to the torture chamber and finally arriving to the entrance of the door. The doors open and Tamashi laid there on the ground and sound asleep. The warden leaning against the wall right next to the double doors with his arms folded and awaiting to watch the fight unfold. Tamashi rose to his feet and got up to face the commander.

Commander: I wil grant you a one way ticket to general population. By fighting one of my soldiers in combat.

Tamashi got into a stance and the chunnin officer got into a stance and got ready to fight the officer.

The chunnin took his run over to Tamashi and Tamashi also ran towards the chunnin. The chunnin jumping over Tamashi and his ears quickly heard him jump off the ground and the air above Tamashi seem to change wind patterns and then Tamashi heard a landing right behind him. The chunnin sending a straight punch over to Tamashi's back side of the head. Tamashi hearing the landing as he turns to face this chunnin officer. As Tamashi turns to face this chunnin to counter the hit, Tamashi feeling rib pains on his stomach, as Tamashi holding his side and the fist impacting his face. Tamashi getting sent far back to the ground. The warden going from leaning to actual standing as he walks up next to the commander. The warden touching the commander's shoulder and nodding.

Commander: Tamashi, you will be granted access to general population once more. Don't try to escape this time around.

The prison warden vanishing from his spot and the commander and the ten elite officers taking Tamashi back to general population with his inmate clothes on. Tamashi being placed in his cell, with Jashin looking at his disfigured bone face.

Jashin: What the hell happened to you...

The ten officers and commander leaving and heading back to the office of the warden.

Tamashi: I was put through hell. I have to rest if I'm going to even stand a chance at escaping this place. I still have a plan.

Jashin: Alright, just tell me the plan.

Tamashi taking his rest on his bed as he lays on his pillow and blanket and turning his body so that he sleeps on his back.

Tamashi: We have the pictures, what we need to do now is find the chakra generators that are around this facility. We also need to destroy those the day of our escape. What I really need right now, are paper bombs.

Jashin: Alright you got it.

The day went by like it would any other day and Tamashi took that day to rest up his entire joints, as the officer left him alone in his cell to recover from such torture. Jashin arrived at his cell and gave Tamashi fifty explosive tags.

Tamashi: Perfect. We need to hide this far away from our cell and the day of our escape. We need to use this to blow up this prison.

Jashin: Alright. Will get on it.

Jason breaking the wall of the cell and taking his travel through the walls of the prison and hiding the tags in a large broken down pipe and taking his travel back to the cell through the same hole.

Jashin: What are we going to do to hide this hole in the wall.

Tamashi: we won't.

Bulky entering the cell, along with Eriken. They both stand tall and look upon Tamashi's body structure.

Bulky: Welcome back Tamashi, meet our new friend Eriken. He is also blind and experience in Taijutsu just like you.

Tamashi: Hm.. Interesting. Eriken, how fast are you with your feet.

Eriken: Faster than you.

Tamashi: That's the spirit. Now I need your feet to destroy the generators in this facility, go with bulky through this wall. I'm pretty sure you guys will find these generators by the sound of it.

After thirty minutes have passed by, all three generators were destroyed in silence and quickly they both escaped and fixed the walls, along with the wall of Tamashi's cell.

Tamashi: Now then head to your cells and we will talk tomorrow. I have a plan for tomorrow. Just make sure to spread the word of anyone of doing any justus. We need to keep it low key.

The others went back to their cells and Tamashi and the others went back to sleep. The eight hours is what haunted Tamashi. Having a nightmare of losing his hearing and waking up to a cold sweat as he panted and felt his body, being of bones and wanting the skin to grow already. Tamashi heading back to sleep as Jashin looks at him and wondering what he must have gone through if he is having these nightmares right now. Jashin wondering if Tamashi could really lead all these inmates to there freedom if he himself can't even escape in his condition.

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Day 16 The Meeting

The warden sitting in his office as he awaits the general to walk into the door as the commander is also sitting down and staring at the warden.

Warden: This doesn't look good for the both of us...

Commander: How bad of a guy is the general?

Warden: I forgot that you have never met him before... The general is a man more ruthless than I am. If he was the warden of this place, Tamashi would of been executed. The difference between me and him is that he wouldn't lose his job for executing an international criminal. I have to follow specific laws, he doesn't. He is a man that I wouldn't even mess with.

Commander: He's that bad...

The general stepped into the room, with his arms to his back and his advisor opening the door for him. The general stood where he stands and the advisor being one step ahead of him and holding a clip board.

Advisor: Please rise for the general.

Both stood up military style and saluted the general with their right hand to their foreheads and staying in that position.

The general looking to the advisor and giving him the nod.

Advisor: Tamashi Uchiha, A rank rogue ninja who assassinated his former kage of hyougagakure and he is within your custody and still alive.

Warden: Yes sir.

General: Would anyone care to explain to me why a man like that is still alive.

Commander: Well sir-

The general points his finger at the commander and interrupts him from talking.

General: Who is this guy. Did I give him permission to speak.

Warden: Sorry sir, he doesn't know the rules...

General: Make him know. Now then, you may speak.

Commander: I have tortured him for days and he isn't able to move right now or escape this facility.

General: Torture won't stop this man. Let me give you two a run down of this man. This criminal along with Sakra Hyuuga, escaped a prison and had all the inmates escape the prison of Hyougagakure.

Commander: Sakra Hyuuga sir?

General: There relationship is unknown, but she is also an A rank criminal who aided his escape. She was a prison guard at the time of his imprisonment.

Commander: We have to go find her...

General: No need. We will go after her once we deal with this one. Where is Tamashi Uchiha.

Commander: He is currently at Recess with the other inmates.

General: Why isn't he in the hole. You are just giving him a free ticket out of this place by him mingling with the other inmates.

Warden: I can do it once this meeting is over.

General: Excellent. Now then, thirty days is coming to an end for him. During his transportation to the other village. My team and I will assassinate him so it will appear to be outside of the prison. Which your officers will report it to the other village and have a full statement and evidence that his murder was outside of the prison. So you guys won't take the fall for it.

Warden: Good good.

Commander: What if he escapes?

General: Would you like me to take over this prison and make sure he doesn't escape and fire the warden?

Commander: No sir...

Warden: Don't worry he won't escape this place. I promise.

General: Good.

The general walking out of the room with the advisor going first and as the general was about to leave, he turned to both the warden and the commander.

General: You better hope you both are dead if he escapes the prison.

The general walking along the corridors of the prison and looking at all of the inmates heading back to there cells and looking at Tamashi entering his own cell.

Tamashi now in his cell and talking with Bulky, Jashin, and Eriken.

Jashin: What's the plan Tamashi?

Tamashi: We got the generators down.. All we need now is to disable there security.

Jashin: The moment we do that, they will find out and you may be placed in torture again or even worst. death.

Tamashi: I'm trying to acquire a certain mask.

Jashin: A mask?

Tamashi: It's a mask of legend around this prison and a myth to the outside world. The mask is used to torture inmates. However, I was never given this mask because i'm already blind.

Eriken: The mask of the blind... You got a arrested just to acquire this mask that may or may not be in this prison..

Tamashi: It's part of the reason why i'm here. I could of easily caused destruction to the village but... I don't want to fight a whole village, just a small section of it. With you guys helping me, we all will benefit from this. Your freedoms and my mask.

Eriken: I have been hearing over the years that the mask is in the commander's office. If we want that mask, we have to gain access to that place..

Jashin: Once we get the mask, it's not like we can hide it anywhere... I mean what if he wants to use the mask and it's gone... We all would be searched and you will be in jeopardy again.

Bulky: I know a guy who can hide anything from this prison.

Tamashi: How can you hide something so effectively if they got byakugan users scouting the towers of this place.

Bulky: That's the only problem..

Tamashi: How many byakugan user officers are there..

Bulky: Only four, but to even get to them you have to go up the towers and even then, they have so much security protecting them. It won't be easy.

Jashin: If we take out those four byakugan users. They will have to wait a long period of time since this village doesn't have byakugan users at there disposal.

Tamashi: I can't do anything that would find me at fault for this attack. So we must have a group do this. If I am somewhat involved in this.. I will be put back into torture. We need to get some inmates willing to cooperate if they want there freedom.

Jashin: I know a few guys who are considered the best genjutsu tag team in this prison and they are in the hole.

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[u] Day 17 A Price To Pay [u]

Jashin: Alright guys, lets get this plan started. Bulky, since you are considered the strongest of this prison.

Tamashi: Cough* Was

Jashin: Tamashi no need to be rude now.

Tamashi: Just kidding Bulky.

Bulky just pays attentions and grunts at his remarks.

Jashin: Both you and I will sneak into the hole and we will do this in silence. Anyone who spots us, you will take out. Now lets do this.

The cover of night was perfect for this operation. The guards appearing half of sleep due to the extended nights of overtime that have made these guards tired of their jobs. The guards looking through one cell after another as they count the inmates and noticing that no one is missing. The two guards then walking out of that section of the prison and getting a cup of coffee in the break room as the security cameras watch the cells. Jashin making the hole in the wall with one punch. Bulky and Jashin entering the hole and making the travel through the walls and heading towards the hole, finding the cell of the two brothers as they break underneath the ground and appear right in front of them as they both are chained against the wall.

Brother One: Look at here brother, we have been recused.

Brother Two: Hm.....

Jashin: We don't have much time so will be brief. We need both of you guys to use your genjutsu to take out the four byakugan users that are stationed at the tower. We already got rid of the generators of the prison so we need you guys to quickly do this and come back to this cell and remained on lock up. Both I and Bulky will get rid of there security cameras so they won't know it's you.

Brother One: Why should we risk our necks for both of you?

Jashin: Don't you want your freedom? Away from this prison. A man name by Tamashi Uchiha.. Will make that happen for all of us.  

Brother Two: Speak no more... If Tamashi Uchiha is behind the scenes of this operation then I want in. A man who escaped his former prison and allowed everyone freed. If a man to be trusted.

They quickly begin their operation with Bulky and Jashin going to the room where the security room is and quickly disabling the guard and the cameras by unplugging the monitors. Bulky standing at guard at the door incase anyone comes to stop there operation. The two brothers quickly heading towards the towers and looking at the five guards protecting the towers from being breach. The brothers doing there world famous gnejutsu by quickly having one brother distract them with a song. While the other brother marks them with his fast speed and their legs having the inscription of the genjutsu. The guards not knowing what just happened as they quickly drop to the ground by the first brother's singing. Both the brothers kick opening the door to see the four byakugan users and quickly taking them out with there second prison famous gen jutsu technique of both of them singing violently and quickly. Having all four of the byakugan users paralized on the floor and before they could realize it was genjutsu. The brothers grab their kunai from their pouch and stabbed their skull, impacting the brain and destroying the eyes with a stab to each eye.  The brothers going back to there cell and Jashin and Bulky also heading back to there. Jason and Bulky erasing the hour film that was already recored, clearing them from ever knowing that it was them in the first place. The brothers both hand cuffed back into there cells by Bulky and Jashin and Bulky returning to their cells and fixing the walls that they destroyed in the process. The guards not knowing what just happened and the eight hour waiting time approaches.

Jashin: We did it Tamashi

Tamashi: Good.. Now we just wait for tomorrow...

The next day approached and the warden coming back to work bright and early along with the commander next to him. An officer approaching the warden with disbelief in his eyes and beginning to speak to the warden.

Chunnin Officer: Late last night... we lost a total of 10 officers.. Four of them being byakugan users.. We tried to see the hours of when it happened but... That part was completely erased and no other officer knows what happened...

Warden: Check the generators commander... This was Tamashi's doing...

Chunnin Officer: That's what we thought too.. But the late night officers told us that Tamashi was sound asleep in his cell. They even looked within each cell and discovered that no one had left their cell...

Warden: If not Tamashi.. Then who...

Chunnin: Two people were appeared to be covered in there blankets last night sir.

Warden: Why didn't they enter the cell and check to see if there bodies were in the cell?

Chunnin: They told us that nothing looked out of the ordinary since it was cold last night...

Warden: Who are the two inmates in that cell?

Chunnin: Jashin and Bulky...

Warden: I want both of them in my office immediately.

Five officers entering both the cells of Bulky and Jashin.

Jounin Elite Officer: Come with us, you both are in serious trouble with the Warden. Any movement and we will kill you where you stand.

Jashin and Bulky complied as they were hand cuffed and placed in the Warden's office. The Warden sitting upright and looking at both of them standing in front of him.

Warden: You two have never been sent to my office. In fact I didn't know you both until now. Bulky, the strongest prisoner in this facility. And Jashin, the smartest prisoner in this facility. You want to know what I fear the most.

Both stay silent and await to see what the warden will do next.

Warden: What I'm afraid of, is the smartest one in this prison.

The Warden holding his sword and rising to his feet and slicing the neck of Jashin. The blood squirting and Jasin drops to the ground.

WC: 1021

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Day 18 The Accused

Jashin's body is taken to the furnace by a jounin elite officer.

Warden: Bulky, you are a smart man yourself. Wouldn't you say?

Bulky: No sir... The dumb one of this prison.

Warden: Bulky no need to lie just to save your skin.. I hate liars. However... If you tell me the truth. I will spare your life. We both know this prison is impossible to escape. Even you have tried to escape this facility many times along with the other inmates and how did that turn out?

Bulky: Not good sir.. we lost a good amount of people on both sides...

Warden: Tell you what I will do. You tell me who came up with this plan. And I will not only spare your life. But I will also reduce your sentence from ten years of remaining, to five. Along with immunity and placed in the good side of the prison that allows you to watch tv and lift weights all you want. All you have to do Bulky. Is sign this contract and tell me who did this.

Bulky: Jashin was the one with the plan....

Warden: Give me the other names who were involved in this plan.

Bulky: It was just me and Jashin.. No one else..

Warden: Do you want me to execute you as well..

Bulky: Executing me won't benefit you at all. Just one less inmate to worry about. Jashin told me the plan and that's it.

Warden; Take him to his cell.

The officers taking Bulky back to his cell as the commander steps into the room afterwards.

Commander: You want me to watch him sir?

Warden: Yes..

Commander: And the body sir?

Warden: Furnace and make the report that an inmate sliced his head off.

Commander: Why can't we just kill Tamashi and say another inmate did it.

Warden: Because they won't ever believe that without proof and we both would lose our jobs. I have said this to you before..

Bulky being sent back to his cell and the guards leaving with Bulky walking up to Tamashi and speaking in whisper but acting like he isn't even talking to Tamashi.

Bulky: Tamashi...  The warden cut off Jashin's head... He still wants to know who came up with the plan...

Tamashi: We all were involved with this plan... If we finds out that it was all of us... Then our plan of escaping is over...

Bulky: Tamashi...

Tamashi: Yes Bulky...

Bulky: What kind of person are you..

Tamashi: You truly find out the person that you are when the moment you feel that your life is in danger. I don't even know the kind of person that I am...

Tamashi walking away from Bulky and heading towards Eriken.

Eriken: Tamashi.. I know it's you.. No need to act like we are strangers now...

Tamashi: It's not that.. I have to keep my distance away from everyone whose involved... I just heard from Bulky that Jashin got his head cut off and is now dead... We need a new strategy...

Eriken: Just hope it doesn't get anyone killed..

Tamashi: We have to get that Mask.

Eriken: Will get you the mask tonight... There security cameras are still down  so it won't be functional. Will make sure I get that Mask for you...

The night approached and Eriken was the last man who couldn't find his cell.

Chunnin: Come on Eriken.. you have been here for years... you should remember where your cell is..

Chunnin 2: Give the man a break... he is blind after all.

Eriken collapsed to his knees and struggled to get up. As both of the chunnin attempted to grab his forearm, he quickly double jointed his elbow and grabbed both of them strongly and flipped both of them on their backs. Eriken then knocked both of them unconscious with a strong kick to the face. Eriken grabbed one of their keys and unlocked the cell door leaving this area and traveled along the hallways as he approached the door to the commander's office and searched for the mask for about twenty minutes. Eriken found the only object that felt like a mask and took it with him as he got by pass security by using his ears alone to pinpoint where they were and how close or far they were. Eriken went back to his cell block and stabbed both of them with a knife to the head. Eriken then slide the mask to Tamashi and he then hid it underneath his pillow. The next morning approached and the cells were placed in locked down.  They searched every cell to see who took the mask from the commander's office but they couldn't find it. The mask was given to Bulky's friend who knew how to hide things well in the prison and they searched and came up with nothing. They gave up the searched but the Warden cared more importantly about who killed these two guards on duty. The warden notice blood stains on Eriken's ankle and wrist. The warden took him in for questioning and he was sat down in the officer.

Warden: I'm surprise that I had to bring you here Eriken.. you are a man who never gets in trouble.. In fact.. you meditate most of the time and getting into no ones business.. I must ask you something Eriken.. Did you kill my men last night..

Eriken: You really think a blind man did all this...

Warden: Eriken.. I will give you one last chance. Your uniform is the only one with blood on them. I understand that Bulky is your new cellmate so I will also be interrogating him as well. Tell you what Eriken. If you tell me who did this, your two year sentence will be gone and I will free you from this prison. If you tell me who took this mask. If you tell me who came up with the plans to destroy the generators and my men. If you give me everything in great detail. I will have you free from this prison.

Eriken: The one who came up with this plan, is Tamashi and Bulky.

WC: 1002

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Day 19 The Court Case

Eriken: The one who came up with this plan. is Tamashi and Bulky.

Warden: Testify that to the judge and you will be released here afterwards. Just sign these papers.

Eriken signing the papers and awaiting the warden.

Warden: Excellent..

Eriken: Now then.. on to the next phase.

Warden: Commander, place Tamashi and Bulky under arrest for the murder of the guards and attempted escape. We have our witness.

The commander and twenty other jounin elite officers coming into the room and hand cuffing both Bulky and Tamashi. They are then place in the part of the prison that has a court and they also call for a judge to be present on the stand. The judge arriving to the court within an hour and the judge takes the stand.

Judge: Tamashi and Bulky.. Both accused of murdering and destruction of property. How do you both plea?

Tamashi: Not Guilty..

Bulky: Guilty.

Bulky rose up from his chair with the cuffs on and spoke to the judge.

Bulky: It was my plan all along. Tamashi had nothing to do with it.

Warden: We have a witness who says other wise.

Eriken walks onto the stand and speaks.

Eriken: It was both Bulky and Tamashi who did this act of crime. They both should be punished.

Bulky: How would he know who did it your honor. He is blind. He can't see anything.

Judge: I hear by charge Bulky of the crime and sentence him to death. Tamashi will however, serve his time for the remainder of his sentence in the hole.

After the trial is over, Tamashi is placed in the hole and Bulky is in a room with syringe next to him.

Ten jounin elite officers await for Bulky to inject himself with it.

Bulky: I will do it... just hold on..

Bulky closes his eyes and thinks about what he has done. Bulky saying this in his mind.

Bulky: I did this for you Tamashi. I know you will escape this prison and free the others. Have one man die to save the lives of the other inmates who want there freedom. I guess in the end I wasn't a destructive machine like everyone thought I was. I was a person who had a heart to give his own life.

Bulky grabbing the syringe and injecting himself with the poison. Fifteen minutes passing by and Bulky drops to the ground dead. Tamashi is placed in the hole with both the brothers as he is chained up on the wall just like them. Eriken now sits in the Warden's office and awaits to meet on what will happen next.

Warden: Well.. all that's left is to free you.

Eriken: Of course of course.

Warden: However.. You will have to wait a few days before I can actually grant that immunity to you. Since the paper work needs to be filed and such. You understand don't you?

Eriken: I understand. Thank you Warden.

Warden: Do you want me to put you in the hole for protective custody from other inmates?

Eriken: No need sir. Will be just fine.

Warden: Alright and thank you again. At least we got one of them out of the picture. Now Tamashi will be in the hole for the official remainder of his sentence and it's all thanks to you. You gave us the legal right and for that you will be awarded.

Eriken is escorted out of the warden's office and back to his cell.

Commander: You will meant all that sir?

Warden: Of course, but he won't be leaving this prison alive. On the day of Tamashi's release from this place. I want Eriken executed by you personally. Will tell him the papers were backed up and will take about a week or so to process. He won't be leaving here alive. Now that Tamashi's squad have all been killed and one traitor. He won't be leaving this prison at all. I am always one step a head of him and make sure the generators are back up and security cameras..

Commander: We have a problem with that sir..

Warden: What's the problem?

Commander: Those cameras won't be installed until Tamashi is released from this prison, along with the generators... Our funds were canceled by the judge since this mess escalated. The judge wants to make sure that Tamashi is out of here so that they don't have to spend that much money into repairing it yet again.

Warden: Fine then... We will just station more guards this time.. He still won't be leaving.

Tamashi against the wall in the hole with the two brothers each on one end of the wall.

Brother 1: Tamashi, my man, what brings you here to the hole.

Tamashi: I don't want to talk about it..

Brother 2: Just leave him be... The great Tamashi doesn't need to be talked to.

Tamashi: You guys helped us with the byakugan users... thank you..

Brother 2: Don't mention it... anything for you.

Tamashi: I have a plan.. but it requires the both of you. You will escape this prison alive, I promise you this.

Brother 1: Well let us in on the plan silly goose.

Tamashi: well-

The Warden getting on the speaker phone and announcing himself to the inmates.

Warden: Dear fellow inmates... Any escape attempts that will happen around the time of Tamashi's release. Will result in permanently execution to any inmate trying to escape. We have more guards this time around than before. I suggest everyone just cooperate with us or face execution. No one will be leaving this prison so get use to living here. I am your dictator, your commander, your ruler, your executioner, your death sentence. I am what makes you have nightmares in your cells, the very same person who will torture you for days and weeks. Tomorrow there will be changes and everyone here as of today is being carefully watched and will be monitored for suspicious behavior. Cell checks will be by the hour and those who are found with contraband will be sent to my office and face execution. I will not tolerate this anymore. Sincerely your Warden.

WC: 1001.
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Day 20 Military House

The Warden sat in his office with his feet up and his mouth occupied with a cigarette as he rested easy knowing that Tamashi and the others won't escape.
Every inmate's cell was stripped, searched, and checked by the hour. Ten officers to the three housing units. The fourth being the hole. The tower which stood at the center of the prison, was overlooked by jounin elite ninja who didn't posse the byakugan but their eyes well trained to spot from afar. The hallways of that tower consisted of ten jounin level shinobi. The prison became military over night and inmates weren't allowed to communicate with anyone.

Warden: Life is good wouldn't you say Commander?

Commander: It is good... I enjoy the fact that we don't have to worry about him anymore. We are both going to get a large sum of the money that we will acquire for keeping him alive in this prison. He is worthless to us if he is dead.

Warden: You said it best my friend.

Commander: Lets toast for celebration.

As they both were about to pour wine, a chunnin sentry entered the office and spoke urgently.

Chunnin: Sir, we got a situation..Eriken has committed suicide..

Warden: I told him to just go into protective custody... I guess the other inmates threaten to kill him... Just send him to the furnace.

The chunnin rushed out of the office and escorted Eriken's dead body to the furnace.

Warden: Now then. What would you say to some wine commander?

Commander: I say wine would be appropriate for the situation that we just heard.

Warden: It is good news. Things seem to be going our way..

Tamashi and the brothers rested against the wall and Tamashi was done with telling the brothers of his plan.

Brother 1: Wow what an amazing plan!

Brother 2: It seems too good to even work. But we will see what happens. What now Tamashi?

Tamashi: We just have to wait until my release date, that's when the plan will take full affect that day.

The inmates in the housing cells are all stripped of there cells and doing push ups as the guards are searching there cells and finding nothing yet again.

Warden: I wonder why i'm still doing these searches in the cells.. They won't find anything... Maybe I shouldn't make it like this. It will only tire out my men when the day comes.

Commander: I can call off there search and still have them on duty in that room.

Warden: It would be best if we plan out everything first before we rush... Tamashi made it possible to have every inmate believe that they would escape. The rumors spreader and thats when we had problems with these inmates trying to escape before he even got here. He is here now and motivates the inmates to wanting to escape this place. Can he still pull it off now that he is confined to a cell.. I will be there that day during his release and so will you commander. We need to make sure he doesn't escape our grasp. We need to make sure that this remains on lock down. We can't allow him to escape and for us to waste the days of keeping him confined to the cell. We need to make sure we are constantly watching him at all times.

Commander: He is currently in the hole with the two brothers of the famous genjutsu tag team specialist.

Warden: Those brothers are the least of my concern. What if we move Tamashi to another cell and away from the brothers?

Commander: That's the only room in this prison with chains on the walls and if we were to install more chains it would take much longer. Even if we do move him, he may even try to destroy the walls of this prison. Which isn't good at all for us.

Warden: Maybe you should go watch him for the remainder of his stay

Commander: Guard duty... why not just have a guard do it.

A guard walking by with a full suit of armor and a mask to conceal his face like the other jounin elite guards.

Commander: You there.

The guard stops and turns to the commander.

Commander: Go to Tamashi's cell in the hole for the remainder of his stay. Make sure he doesn't escape.

Jounin Elite Guard: Yes sir.

The guard walking off to Tamashi cell and opening the door and closing it.

Tamashi: Oh great you will be watching out...

Brother 1: Hahaha release me from these chains and will give him a reason to leave.

Brother 2: Brother shush... we must remain calm.

Guard: Listen to what your brother says, cause I can kill you.

Brother 1: He's no fun brother.

Brother 2: That I do agree about.

Tamashi: Could you get me some water please

The guard walking over to the sink and pouring him a glass of water and having him sip the water. Tamashi swallowing the water and the guard going back to his post in parade rest.

Tamashi: You aren't such a bad guy.

Guard: Why do you insist in talking to me Tamashi.

Tamashi: What if I told you, if you helped me. I can pay you for your trouble.

Guard: Not a chance, just shut up before I report you.

Tamashi: Bet you don't like them giving you orders and telling you what to do. Maybe you should be your own person and take control.

Guard: I don't need your advice so stop talking.

Brother 1 takes control of the guards body with his mind transfer technique and walks along the halls and noticing that there isn't any guards in this hole except for this one. The brother brining the guard back in the room as the brother leaves his body and enters his own.

The guard coming back to his senses and wondering what's going on. The guard stays alert and notices they are all sleeping and passed out.

Guard: Must have been a dream.

The guard walking out of the room and stays guard at the door.

Brother 1: No one else is in this housing unit.

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Day 21 A Spy Among Brothers And Sisters

Tamashi: NOW!

Brother 1 entering the soul of the guard and taking his stroll around the housing unit four of the facility prison. The guards are nowhere to be found and continues his search to the next housing unit. The guard walking outside the double door of the housing unit and spotting two guards stationed and armed with giant shurikens protecting this housing sector in this heavy rain storm. The first guard facing north towards the guard and the second guard facing south towards the other housing units. The first guard nodding at the guard and the guard continuing his walk towards the next housing unit. The next housing unit would be minimum security, having about thirty inmates and five guards that are armed and watching there every movement. The controlled guard now walking over to the next housing unit which is medium security and seeing four armed guards stationed at the entrance and each staring at different directions. The controlled guard now entering the housing unit and seeing over forty inmates along with ten guards armed and stationed, watching the inmates carefully. The controlled guard now heading towards the maximum, security area where there are six stationed guards guarding the entrance, and entering the entrance and seeing over fifty inmates within this housing unit and seeing over twelve guards stationed and watching the inmates carefully as they roam around there cells and playing cards with one another. The controlled guard now heading towards the tower housing unit and seeing over ten guards guarding the tower housing unit entrance and as the controlled guard enters that unit, over six guards stand tall and watching over this unit and as the controlled guard entering the double door to see the grand tower itself. Four guards stand at there post and overlooking the north, south, east, and west of the entire prison. Seeing every possible angle of every doorway and guards from below. The controlled guard now heading back to his housing unit and entering the room where Tamashi and the two brothers are in chains. The brother 1 leaves the body of this man and the guard feeling a bit dizzy as he goes outside to throw up.

Brother 1: Tamashi..

Tamashi: Yea?

Brother 1: Your plan better be good if you seriously plan to escape this prison with so many guards stationed. The prison is pact with guards all around this place.

Tamashi: My plan will work and the guards won't know what's coming to them. How many guards in total...

Brother 1: This guard is one, two outside this unit, five within minimum security unit. Four outside the medium security unit. Ten within the medium security unit. Six outside the maximum security unit. Twelve within the maximum security unit. Six within the tower unit, and four within the tower.

Tamashi: Which means the warden is probably in his office and the commander as well.. There cameras are still broken..

Brother 2: What will we do?

Tamashi: Well we can't just keep taking that guys body... they will grow suspicious and so will he.. We should lay low for a while before my plans happens.

The warden stands sits in his office and gets a call. The warden picks up the phone and waits to see who is on the other line.

Council Member: Warden are you there?

Warden: Yes sir... Everything is under controlled in my prison. Tamashi Uchiha isn't going anywhere.

Council Member: We have urgent business with you and you must come right now. Have your commanding officer watch over the prison while you will be away. We have information on Tamashi Uchiha that you will find interesting.

Warden: Will be on my way. Watch the prison for me commander, I have a meeting with the council regarding Tamashi Uchiha.

The warden putting on his kasa flat straw hat and made his way out of the prison and heading towards the main building of the village where the council member was waiting for him.

Council Member: Good, you came here just in time.

Warden: Is there a reason why I was sent here.

Council Member: I have something to tell you about Tamashi Uchiha.

Warden: You couldn't just tell me over the phone?

Council Member: I'm not the only one who will speak to you and there is a reason why I wanted you here.

Warden: So what about Tamashi you want to speak about.

Council Member: Did you notice the ring on his hand...

Warden: yea, what about it...

Council Member: Do you know anything about the organization called Ouraboros?

Warden: Not Really no.. What about them?

Council Member: They consist over ten rogue shinobi who are all A ranked and dangerous.

Warden: What about them?

Council Member: Tamashi Uchiha, is one of those members. You will get a even greater reward for his capture and not only that. He must be kept alive and interrogated, then you kill him.

Warden: I just thought he was just international for just killing his former kage... I didn't realize he was worth much more...

Council Member: We also dig into his file from his former village since we had him in custody and showed them his mug shot as proof.

Warden: What did you discover?

Council Member: When he lost both his parents and got his eyes taken out from the rogue shinobi.

Warden: Yea so, I already knew that.

Council Member: The real reason wasn't because of a group of rogue shinobi that the authorities never found any trace of finger prints. He made up the story. He killed both his parents and took both his eyes out afterwards and ate the remains. He then told authorities that a group of rogue shinobi came into his house and stole his eyes. The authorities believed the boys story and they told the world that he was sent to the orphanage of his village for several years until a man came to him and decided to train him.

Warden: Yea what about it?

The council member closed his eyes and then opened them.

Council Member: They lied.. He was actually sent to the mental institution for the criminals who are insane...

WC: 1013
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Day 22 A Dark Secret Now Revealed After Thirty Years

Warden: You can't be serious.

The council member handing him the copied document files of Tamashi when he was a boy. A mug shot picture along with files of what he did at the mental institution. The warden looking over the file and reading through it as he comes to a shocking new discovery while reading it.

Warden: His first escaped attempt.... was at the age of ten... He successfully escaped the institution without anyone knowing his where he was for 24 hours. He was known at the hospital as a kid who manipulated the other kids and even adults to doing his plan of escaping the institution. He was later hired by the kage and taken under his wing to be saved and not go into a life of crime... He then became so obsessed over the kage and seeing him as a father figure that he murdered the kage because he didn't want that jounin taking his place in protecting him and told authorities that the jounin tried to kill the kage, when actually it was him. He then manipulated a girl within the prison known as Sakra Hyuuga... Who helped him escape his former prison... This guy just gives me the chills...

Council Member: There's something else you must know...

Warden: What else is there to know....

The scene cuts straight to where Tamashi is bond to his chain and he thinks about his childhood and being at the hospital.


Tamashi: Excuse me nurse....

Nurse: Oh Tamashi... Do you need assistance to your room?

Tamashi: Yes please...

Tamashi smiled and looked up at the nurse as she stared into his hollow sockets.

Nurse: I will take great care of you. No one will ever hurt you again. Those rogue shinobi won't ever harm you.

Tamashi: Thank you mom- I mean...

The nurse getting down on one of her knees and hugging Tamashi. While she does this, Tamashi snatches her security card from her front upper chest pocket using his slide of hand and having it within his right inner sleeve and placing it in his pocket as he speaks to her during the whole process so she doesn't pay attention to body movement.

Tamashi: I'm sorry... I just... I didn't mean to call you.....

Nurse: It's alright Tamashi.. I understand... You don't have a mother figure in your life. Tell you what, anything you need just name it. How's about some ice cream?

Tamashi: Thank you mom.

The nurse finally reaching his bed and placing him within his bed room and tucking him in.

Tamashi: Can you... um.... get me milk.

Nurse: Alright, it may take a while though Tamashi.

Tamashi: That's okay, I can wait.

The nurse walking out of his room as he gets out of bed and listening to her footsteps slowly fade away and hearing the elevator door open and closing right behind her as he then makes his move over to a restricted area of the hospital. Tamashi using the key card as he enters the door and not being seen or notice due to other nurses assisting the other patients. Tamashi entering the door and taking off his patient clothes and putting on regular clothes from the used clothes pile. Tamashi then climbing out the opened window and leaving the hospital. The nurse not realizing that Tamashi escaped due to her shift ending at that time and instead of bringing him the milk, she left home from a long days work. Since the nurse was off the next day, No one else entered Tamashi's room and since he covered it up with pillows. No one really came to aide him since he has recorded messages playing over and over on how he wanted to just sleep in for the day. The doctors and nurses caught on later on and discovered he wasn't in the hospital at all. They called authorities and that's when Tamashi Uchiha was captured by the kage and kage had heard what this child did and such. The kage knew that this child could be useful to the village due to his manipulation skills and his trickery, that the kage took him under his wing. Trained him in secret and when he hit the age of twenty, that's when the ten years of service started but for now, the world was told that he was given to a special taijutsu teacher who took cared of him.

The flash back ending with Tamashi still in chains and talking to both of the brothers.

Brother 1: So Tamashi, what will you do when you escape this place?

Tamashi: Go back to my organization.

Brother 1: What organization are you in?

Brother 2: If you look at his ring on his hand. You will notice that the only group that does that is Ouroboros. A group consisted of ten or so A ranked rogue shinobi. The best of the best can only enter that group.

Tamashi: He's right you know. Only the best of the best. I'm one of them.

The guard now entering the room and looking at all three of them.

Guard: What are you guys talking about in here.

Brother 1: We are just making jokes. You know something that makes people laugh.

Brother 2: I think he knows what jokes are. No need to explain it.

Guard: Just shut up and stay quiet or I will torture you guys.

Brother 1: With what your ugly face?

Guard: My mom tells me that my face is beautiful.

Brother 2: Your mother so lied to you.

Tamashi: Agreed.

Guard: You can't even see my face Tamashi!

Brother 1: oooooooOOOoooo

Brother 2: Burnnnnnnnnnn

Tamashi: Will see who has the last joke.

Guard: You won't ever escape here just so you know. Now shut up so I can relax in peace.

Tamashi: Alright guys lets give him so peace.

Guard: Thank you.

The guard leaves the room and closes the door behind him. The scene gets changed back to the Warden and the Council Member.

Council Member: The two people that Tamashi killed that night weren't his parents...They were his adopted parents.

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PostSubject: Re: The Infamous Tamashi Uchiha Captured - Chapter 01 - Completed   Fri Jan 23, 2015 6:59 am

Day 23 The Burden

Midnight struck and both the council member and the warden still spoke to one another.

Warden: So If he was adopted... what happened to his biological parents...

The council member stepping to the side as the double doors behind him opens up. In steps a man who is sitting in a wheelchair.

Warden: Whose this?

Council Member: This is Tamashi's biological father.

Father: I came here to tell you the truth about my son Warden. When he was born, his mother died after the pregnancy and Tamashi was left without a mother. I notice that he had strange behaviors at the age of three which wasn't normal for a boy his age. Since I was never around and working hard to support him. I ended up giving him to the only adoptive services that my best friend ran and he took in my son in the orphanage until he was adopted by someone else. I only had recently discovered that Tamashi was here and not on the run.

Warden: So why are you here..

Father: I want to talk to him.

Warden: That won't be possible, we can't release him from the hole until his release date.

Father: Why don't you take me to him?

Warden: I would but our guards are needed to protect the facility at all times. But if you must see him, you can come with me now. What do you expect to tell him. Whatever you say won't change his status into not being a rogue shinobi anymore.

Father: I just want to let him know something..

Warden: Alright, lets go.

The travel took about an hour or so, but they made it to the prison and went directly to the hole where Tamashi was. The father entered the room and stared at Tamashi in his chains.

Father: Tamashi Uchiha...

Tamashi: Who are you... I don't recognize your voice...

Father: I'm your father...

Tamashi: I killed my father.. I don't have one...

Father: Your biological father...

Tamashi: Is this suppose to be some kind of joke.

The warden now speaking towards Tamashi.

Warden: This is in fact your father. We wouldn't be lying Tamashi. We wouldn't gain anything out of this either.

Tamashi: Prove to me that you are.

Father: I gave you a necklace around your neck that said.

Both Tamashi and the father saying it at the same time.

"I Will Always Love You."

Tamashi: I thought you died..

Father: Well your mother died during the pregnancy and I was wheelchair bound when you reached the age of three due to my accident at work. I gave you up for adoption.

Tamashi: Why would you give up on me.. Do you have any idea what those two adoptive family members did to me... I was treated not a son... but an animal. They wanted my eyes the moment I awakened them.. I had no choice but to kill them.. I had no choice but to get rid of this curse of mine.

Father: I understand why you are sad. I wasn't in your life and I should of been.

Tamashi: I don't even know how you look like. Or How mom even looked like. Or how I even look like. I was born into a clan who was preyed upon others who wanted my eyes because they were jealous of our clan. I hated every day of being tortured and tormented by them...


Adoptive Father: Tamashi awaken those eyes right now boy. We need to use them for our experimentations.

Adoptive Mother: Dangle him over the dog honey.. He is terrified of dogs.

The father dangling Tamashi in mid air and holding both his ankles and forcing him to be scared so he could awaken his Sharingan.

Adoptive Father: Come on boy, the faster you do this, the faster I will take you back to the orphanage. Don't waste our time boy, just do what I say.

The dog then almost biting Tamashi's face as the adoptive father lifts him up in time and stares into Tamashi's eyes.

Adoptive Father: Still no eyes dear.. I guess we will have to step it up a notch.

The adoptive father dropping Tamashi on his head, as the hungry salvage dog chases after Tamashi and attempts to bite on his buttocks. Tamashi looking behind him to see the dog as he bumps into the wall. Tamashi shaking his legs as he rises up against the wall with booger snot all over his nose as he begins to cry as the dog is that much closer to him. As the dog is about to leap in the air and attack Tamashi. Tamashi awakens his sharingan and moves to the side and avoids the dog as he quickly grabs a hold of the dog's collar and squeezing it's neck and snapping it. The dog dropping to the ground dead as both the adoptive father and mother come running at Tamashi. They chase him as Tamashi runs to the kitchen and grabs the kitchen knife and sneak jump attacks both of them and slices there throat. Tamashi then ending both their lives as he goes to the bathroom and washes the knife and placing it back in the drawer. Tamashi then calling the authorities and plucking both his eye balls out of his eyes and eating them. Swallowing the eyes as he then says to himself.

Tamashi: These accursed eyes will no longer haunt me ever again. I will overcome this curse and show the clan that I will be a force to be reckoned with.

The authorities show up and Tamashi cries to them and tells them that a group of rogue shinobi broke into the home and killed his parents and stole his eyes.

Officer: Don't worry son, we will find out who took your eyes..

The officer walking to his partner and whispers in his ear.

Officer: This child is crazy if he thinks that we will believe his story. He has blood all over his clothes and probably got rid of the weapon. Lets just send him to the institution.

The flashback ends with Tamashi running up to his father and slicing his throat with a concealed kunai.

Tamashi: No one was there to save me!

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PostSubject: Re: The Infamous Tamashi Uchiha Captured - Chapter 01 - Completed   Fri Jan 23, 2015 7:40 am

Day 24 Troubled Past

Tamashi being pushed against the wall and placed in a much more stronger cuffed than before. Being resealed and both wrist and ankles tighten, along with two guards watching him and the brothers on duty.

Warden: I have never seen such a sick person in my whole career as an officer. After these six days have past. I just hope I never see you again.

Tamashi: Those who don't understand can't comprehend.

Warden: Say what you like. This is still my prison. Take the body to the furnace and tell the council member what just happened commander. His bounty will be raised for such an act.

The warden and commander leave the room with Tamashi, the brothers, and the two guards watching over them.

Guard 1: Tell me about yourself Tamashi. Why are you like this.

Tamashi: Abused because I had the eyes by my adoptive parents. They went so far as to send there house pet after me and I killed the dog that they hadn't feed for days. How they even got custody of me is beyond me.

Guard 2: We don't choose our lifestyle but we can choose what we can and can't do. You could of simply left the house and called the authorities. They could of been there for you.

Tamashi: That's a cowards way out. No thank you.

Guard 2: Why are we even talking to an inmate..

Guard 1: Did you not just witness what he did

Guard 2: All the more reason to talk to him?

Guard 1: Well its better than not talking and looking bored.

Guard 2: True.

Tamashi: Got kids?

Guard 1: Yea

Tamashi: never force them or they will turn to become a person like me.

Guard 1: I haver never met anyone as sick as you pal.

Tamashi: You will live with the fact of what you witness with your eyes and the
images will replay over and over. As for me, i'm perfectly calm and won't see those images because I'm blind.

The warden sits in his office and speaks with the commander.

Commander: How was that meeting?

Warden: I learned shocking things about him. Like how he got sent to a mental institution instead of going back to the orphanage. He killed both his adoptive parents and ate both the sharingan eyes that he awakened. Let me tell you something commander. This guy is really smart and we shouldn't underestimate him. It would be our downfall if he did. Even right now he is plotting his escape. We can't let him go free.

Both the warden and the commander sat at there desk as they pondered there next move. The guards still continued there search of every cell by the hour as they grew tired of this but still kept to their duties. The days growing to the afternoon and then entering the evening. Tamashi grew tired of eating the constant bread and water that the inmates in the hole were only served.

Tamashi: Why can't we be given something that would actually fill us up so you don't have to keep bringing food here.

Guard 1: We don't make the rules, the warden does. So zip it.

Guard 2: yea, zip it.

Tamashi: When I get out of here, I will enjoy wearing that costume that you both are wearing.

Guard 1: What makes you think that you will escape. This is as maximum as you can get. Us being in the cell. Watching you do your business. There is no way you are leaving here unless you turn to a ghost.

Guard 2: Yea unless you turn into a ghost.

Guard 1: Would you please stop copying my last sentence...

Guard 2: How am I copying your last sentence?

Guard 1: See you did it again.

Guard 2: What did I did again?

Guard 1: Just stop it before I punch your face.

Guard 2: Now why would you punch your face.

Guard 1: You know what, I don't need this. I will go talk to the warden about switching me into something else.

The guard leaving and the second guard whistling.

Guard 2: SOoooo, you guys like food?

Tamashi: Nope.

The guard coming back within seconds. and folding his arms across his chest and having a pouty face within his mask that no one else can see.

Guard 2: so how was the talk with the warden.

Guard 1: He was very mean...

Guard 2: Now what did he say?

Guard 1: Called me stupid and wondered why I was complaining.

Guard 2: Does someone need a hug?

Guard 1: Yes...

They both hug each other and quickly get back into being serious.

Tamashi: How did I end up with these two clowns...

Brother 1: Well at least they are fun to watch.

Brother 2: Agreed.

Tamashi: Can't wait to take them out. I grow tired of this place and need to leave this place as soon as possible.

The two guards walking out of the room and guarding the out doors as Tamashi and the brother start talking.

Brother 1: So when will the action come in so we can be free from this prison.

Tamashi: Just five more days and we will see freedom. My plan will be working trust me on this one fellas. You will go home in style.

Brother 2: I like the sound of that Tamashi. Can we aide in your organization afterwards.

Tamashi: Maybe, maybe not, depends how you perform in the escape and will put in a request of you two joining. As for as right now, we just are friends and nothing more. Now then, when the guards come back, we will go to sleep and have them leave once more.

The guards coming back as all three of them past out and go straight to sleep.
The guards noticing that they passed out as they walk out and locked the doors behind them and heading to the main entrance of the housing unit and locking that one up too.

Guard 1: We have a big schedule for tomorrow and we need our rest so we can keep watch for the next night.

Guard 2: You have said it, all my joints are aching and I wish I was in my bed sleeping now. Standing and watching them really tires me out. Good night.

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PostSubject: Re: The Infamous Tamashi Uchiha Captured - Chapter 01 - Completed   Fri Jan 23, 2015 8:18 am

Day 25 The Reunion

The two guards going back to there stations and hoping that there day goes short. They enter the room and watching Tamashi and the two brothers on there post. Three more guards coming from behind the two guards.

Guard 1: what's the big idea, since when did the warden say he needed five guys to watch three prisoners. The big guard stepping up to both of these two guards and grabbing them by the neck and bashing both their heads together. The guards dropping to the floor knocked out and the two brothers start the conversation.

Brother 1: what the...

Brother 2: it can't be...

Tamashi: I would like you guys to meet my crew who came back from the dead.

The three guards each taking off their gas mask helmet and revealing themselves to be Jashin, Bulky, and Eriken.

Jashin: missed us Tamashi?

Tamashi: a little bit.

Brother 1: the rumors said that the warden sliced your neck. And Bulky you were injected with poison... And Eriken you committed suicide...

Jashin: I used the blood capsule to make fake blood slash against my neck that when the warden tried to strike me down. Once I was sent to the furnace, I took down the guard and got his uniform, and disposed his body in the furnace and that's when the next phase of the plan took place. Eriken betraying us and Bulky agreeing to be found guilty. Which resulted in the injected needle of sleeping not killing since I had switched it at the correct timing when he and the other guards entered the room. Lastly we needed Eriken to fake his death by having the inmates wanting him dead for killing Bulky. So we used the drug to pass him out and knowing the warden would let his guard down since this man had helped him and knew that he would be glad he was dead. Now the next phase of our plan continues.

Bulky: yes, Tamashi, I placed the explosive tags all over the facility without anyone around and it was easier with the cameras being offline.

Eriken: We have everything in place. Do you want us to free you guys?

Tamashi: not yet... We still need to wait five more days. Also retrieve the mask that I have to your friend Bulky. The cameras and generators need to be disabled cause I over heard these two guards talking about it being repaired earlier as of tomorrow. So make sure you eliminate them and further disable them.

The three of them leave with Jashin injecting the two with a drug which will have them forget what just happened to them, all three of them putting their mask on and scouting the area. The two guards eventually wake up and both seeing Tamashi and the two brothers sound asleep.

Guard 1: did we dose off...

Guard 2: not surprise since we have been tired..

Guard 1: I believe it's time to feed them there meal.

The second guard heading to the mini cafeteria in this housing unit and getting three loafs of bread and enough water to finish it with. The guard then enters and feeds them there meal and water. Around thirty minutes pass and it's over. The two guards walking off to guard the exterior of the housing unit.
The scenery is changed to the warden and the commander at the office.

Warden: our security systems and generators will be back up online tomorow and we won't need all of them doing these searches and wasting there energy. We just need to be patient.

Commander: sir if Tamashi does somehow get passed all this and to the labyrinth.

Warden: the labyrinth has never been navigated correctly by the majority of inmates. The very few who do make it, are captured on the other end with over fifty officers waiting on the other end. Those stuck on the labyrinth are placed under a genjutsu of fear and they end up dead or insane in this prison.

Commander: so the labyrinth is our trump card.

Warden: precisely. And the genjutsu wouldn't take affect if the labyrinth was destroyed. But that won't ever happen since no inmate has ever been smart enough to think that far ahead of time.

Commander: should we check the labyrinth to see if it's okay.

Warden: if you want to run the risk of being in a genjutsu go ahead, but I won't be responsible to getting you out.

Bulky walking through the hallways and being spotted by the commander.

Commander: you there, search the labyrinth and report back to me if it hasn't been tempered with.

Bulky giving the salute and taking his travel to the labyrinth.
Bulky then finding another bulky guard just like himself.

Bulky: go tell the commander that the labyrinth is secured.

Big guard: don't I know that voice somewhere?

Bulky; you went to the academy to become an officer?

Big guard: yea?

Bulky: probably from there.

Big guard: hm.. Probably and will go report it to commander.

Bulky: alright.

The big guard entering the office and speaking to the commander.

Big guard: the labyrinth is fine sir.

Commander: good job. Be off

Another guard rushing in the office and having both hands on his knees and then speaking as he catches his breath.

Chunnin guard: we got big trouble, our staff members have just collapsed. I believe there food was poisoned.

Commander: this isn't good... Go check to see the food and bring the kitchen staff here now.

The kitchen staff comes in an angered mood and speaks directly to the warden.

Kitchen Lady: We are wondering whether or not one of your guards are coming in and poisoning our food. You better find out whose doing  this warden because our kitchen staff would never do such a thing and you know all of them for years.

Warden: This can't be Tamashi's doing... he has been confined to his cell..

The warden walking over to the speaker and projeccting his voice.

Warden: i want all of the guards to report to the courtyard and take off your mask.

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The Infamous Tamashi Uchiha Captured - Chapter 01 - Completed

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