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 The Infamous Tamashi Uchiha Captured - Chapter 01 - Completed

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PostSubject: Re: The Infamous Tamashi Uchiha Captured - Chapter 01 - Completed   Fri Jan 23, 2015 7:15 pm

Day 26 Investigation Interrorgation

The near by wolves howled into the midnight sky and fourty seven guards standing at attention with their mask off. The warden standing next to the commander as they each go down the aisle and looking at each of their faces and counting how many bodies are there. They both come to a conclusion that three guards are missing from the group. The Warden then waits around twenty minutes and the three guards are still not there. The warden now speaking to the guards that are here.

Warden: Keep your mask off, target those who have a mask on. We are on red alert and I want these traitors found.

The twenty minutes were more then enough time for Jashin, Bulky, and Eriken to give the inmates of maximum security the security guard outfits with the mask on. The warden spotting a guard with a mask on as he spots the warden and heads straight inside the maximum security facility.

Warden: get him!

All of the guards running over to maximum security and opening the door to see the inmates geared up in their own uniform with mask on. They go into great battle having both sides injured and finally coming to an end. The warden and commander doing there signature combination with the commander shooting tons of water out of his mouth to the floor spreading rapidly as the guards all running away to avoid this combination and the commander then sending his finger tips to the water flood he created and shocking the inmates into submission while the warden forms earth cuffs and sends it all to the inmates wrist and ankles. They are all stripped of the uniform and placed into there uniforms as each are interrogated. They come to realized that none of them aren't the three subjects they are looking for. The warden radioing the two guards who are watching over Tamashi and while examining the cuffs that binds them to the wall, haven't been tampered with. The guard telling the warden on the radio that there hasn't been any tampering and that the three subjects are still on the loose. The warden in the security room with the technicians.

Warden: so these security cameras will immediately turn on if the plug is taken off?

Technician: yes sir.

Warden: excellent.

Commander: Did you guys fix the generators?

Technician: Unfortunately, we have tried but those are much more complex and complicated to fix. If you want those fix, it would take about a week.

Warden: I see... I guess we are going to have to be on our guard Commander. If have to keep tight extra security at the hole housing unit so that on that day. He won't be able to escape no matter what. All of our officers are told to have there mask off. They are right now searching for the three inmates or traitors within the facility.

Commander: Its been hours and we haven't even found them... What if they already left the prison. If they are staff, they can walk out because of the uniform and because no one is guarding that station. We all were at the courtyard being evaluated on who poisoned the food. Now we got half of our officers unable to fight. We only got twenty officers available and tons more injured in the fight. I think we should call anbu...

Warden: We can't do that... If we allow anbu to come... I will lose my career over this...

Commander: Sir they will understand... If he does escape... if this really does break out into a wild fire... The anbu will step in and so will other nations if he escapes our grasp. This could lead to many people getting the price for his head and not our village. We have to keep him confined here with the anbu. They will understand...

The warden getting on the phone with the council member he spoke to a few days ago.

Warden: Hello sir... Yea I would like to speak with you in person again... It is a very important matter involving uchiha...

Council Member: You wish to speak with the five of us.. We don't have any appointments today.. So you can come now to speak with us.

The warden making his travel to the main village of the kage and making it just in time for the five of them to sit in a court room with the furniture table that they place their elbows on being half a circle curving towards them by the edges. This grand elegant maple wood furniture is shiny and well cleansed of any lit or dust around it. The five council members all sitting in there respective seats and one of them begins to speak on the others behalf.

Council Member Fire: You have summoned us for what purpose Warden?

Warden: Thank you for seeing me in such short notice. I know that it's late and you all want to go to your respective homes... But we may have a crisis in a few days.

Council Member Water: What crisis? our village is just fine.

Council Member Earth: He is speaking about the A rank rogue shinobi that they captured a month ago. He surrendered himself the moment he was caught. Even though he took down one of our best jounin and could of easily eliminated him. He chose to surrender and that's why he was given thirty days of staying in our village instead of being immediately transported to his village. It seems like he did this type of event on purpose. Which brings the question why.

Council Member Lighting: If he is this bothersome and if the warden can't handle this. Maybe we should replace him with the general who was the former warden of the prison.

Council Member Wind: If we let this run it's course. We don't know how Tamashi Uchiha will escape and if it does surprise us... We are going to have to send the anbu out immediately... I don't think he should lose his job over this... He is trying to contain a high rank criminal.

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PostSubject: Re: The Infamous Tamashi Uchiha Captured - Chapter 01 - Completed   Sat Jan 24, 2015 12:31 am

Day 27 The Final Verdict

The minute hand moving to the number twelve on the grand father clock and ringing in the distance as that gave the sign that it was midnight.

Council Member Water: Should we bring in the general and see what he has to say?

Council Member Fire: You really want to bring a man who would kill us if we disturb his sleep..

Council Member Lighting: He does have a point you know... Explain to us Warden on what the current situation is.

Warden: Well Currently third of my men are either suffering from food poisoning or injured. I only have twenty active officers and three missing officers who are either staff members gone rogue or an outside party.

Council Member Fire: How do you know that they aren't inmates of your facility?

Warden: We had slit the throat of one inmate, injected the other with lethal poison, and the third committed suicide. So they are crossed out as potential suspects. So they have to be staff members or an outside party.

Council Member Water: We will agree to send anbu member stationed at the labyrinth to protect the prison and stop the inmates for escaping. We will also not take your job away since we believe you are doing an excellent job at your work.

Warden: Thank you so much..

Council Member Lighting: Meeting is over and we will dispatch anbu members to help you just in case.

The meeting is over and they all of the council members and the warden heading home to rest and eight hours passing by as the night sky turns to a sunny one. The warden heading back to the prison and seeing the majority of his staff members still sick and throwing up in bucket.

Warden: Head home all of you. We got anbu members coming on the day of Tamashi's release. So he won't be escaping this place anytime soon.

The thirty officers heading home and the warden heading straight back to his office.

Commander: How was the meeting last night?

Warden: I won't be losing my job and they are sending anbu members to help us on the day of his release.

Commander: Excellent, we do need the help.

Warden: Close the door commander.

The commander walks over to the door and closes it.

Commander: What's wrong?

The warden looking out in the distance through the window and looking at the inmates of maximum security in there cells. He sighs a bit before he speaks and then sends his right forearm against the wall and leans forward with his forehead resting on his outer forearm and sending his thumb to his mouth and biting his nail.

Warden: Do you think i'm cut out to being a warden of this prison?

Commander: Nemi..

Nemi: I'm just asking if I really am cut out to being just like my father back in his days of being a warden of this prison. Now that my father has passed away of old age. The general doesn't see me as the son of the father who ruled and kept this prison in line for decades... He sees me as a man who is unable and not fit to work in this line of business.

Commander: Sir...

Nemi: Kurai.. there's no need to call me sir. We have worked together for decades now. You are my right hand man for years and never have you let me down. We have been through hell together and back with these inmates. There's only been a few escape attempts but we stopped every single one of them. Now I feel like we won't be able to keep this prison running any longer...

Kurai: Is it Tamashi Uchiha that bothers you...

Nemi: Tamashi Uchiha is someone unique that I have never encountered in my career. Normally Uchiha are very emotional people who get angry and use there powers that they gain through the sharingan to get what they want. But Tamashi Uchiha isn't like his clan at all... No Sharingan... Only using his ears to track down where people are and maybe he uses his other senses as well. He is just a man that I know is very smart and never lets his guard down because he is blind. I don't want to give Tamashi the advantage by having my guards no wear their helmets... Those armor that they wear... are the reason why none of my guys never really get injured... I just have to let my guards know that if they suspect any person not doing there duties, to go up to them to identify themselves and if they refuse. They shall deal with me. I don't want my guards to have a disadvantage that day fighting wise.

Kurai: What if Tamashi somehow gets a hold of one of how suits and wears it and walks out of here...

Nemi: We won't let any of our men leave that day without checking their faces.
We have to protect my men at all cost and I shall announce it to all my staff members.

Nemi gets on the speaker phone and brings an announcement to his staff members.

Nemi: I want all my staff members to wear there helmets and anyone who seems suspicious, I want them taken down without question and if they refuse to take there helmets off, eliminate them. I want every staff member to feel protected and that's why I want all of you to wear your helmets with pride. Watch your backs, it's going to be a long few days a head.

Tamashi is now seen locked up in his cell with the two brothers as they finish there meal with three guards on duty now watching them.

Guard 1: The fact that they added an extra guard must mean that the boss is serious about protecting this place.

Guard 2: You said it..

Guard 3: I enjoy that we get to wear our helmets and look cool now since we all look the same.

Guard 1: God this guy is annoying...

Guard 2: Why couldn't he send us a person who doesn't speak to us at all.

Guard 3: I'm standing right here guys...

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PostSubject: Re: The Infamous Tamashi Uchiha Captured - Chapter 01 - Completed   Sat Jan 24, 2015 3:57 am

Day 28 The Cover Of Night

The warden took his travel to the anbu headquarters and began speaking to the general who was in charge of the anbu division and had a one on one meeting with him.

General: What brings you here Nemi?

Warden: Well Ryko.... I'm here to discuss a mission that I would like to assign a squad of five of your best agents.

General: What purpose is this for...

Warden: Your five agents will be the ones to track down Tamashi if he plans to escape our village and attempting to head towards the border. I want these special five man squad to protect the lines just in case.

General: Why should I do such a thing for.. you don't believe that my current anbu members won't be able to hold the inmates down...

Warden: Sir you have never met this kind of dangerous inmate.... He is in the ouraboros organization.

General: Ouraboros... I have battled the leader of that organization at one point in my life but that was years ago.... I almost lost my life...... I will send you the top five men that I personal will recommend you. If we are dealing with a member of Ouraboros... We are dealing with a man who is dangerous.

The general walking to the back room of the headquarters and coming back out five minutes later and then clearing his throat and then speaking to the warden.

General: The first member of this five personalize squad, his code name is Anbu Special Ops Falcon Division, which he is a man who hunts down his target no matter what. He is the tracker of this group. He is known by his false name. X.

The second member of this five personalize squad, his code name is Anbu Special Ops Owl Division, Which he is a man who gathers intel on the enemy and is known to specialize in stealth and information retrieval. He is known by his false name. Y.

The third member of this five personalize squad, his code name is Anbu Special Ops Bear Division, Which he is a man who protects the squad and is considered a tank to the group. He is known for protection and investigation. He is known by his false name. Z.

The fourth member of this five personalize squad, her code name is Anbu Special Ops Frog Division, Which she is known for healing the squad and also harming her enemies. She is the healing support of the group. She is known by her false name. B.

The fifth member and the leader of this five personalize squad, her code name is Anbu Special Ops Dragon Division, She is known for her organization skills, along with her strategy wits to out think her opponent in battle and in traveling and chasing down situations. She is known by her false code name. A.

I personally recommend all five of these people and I have seem them fight and working together as a team to track down even dangerous A rank criminals before. They won't have a hard time tracking him down if he escapes the prison. I want you to assign them there position for going after Tamashi Uchiha if he does escape.

Warden: Thank so much General... I am in your debt..

General: No need.. Even your father needed help once in a while, and as his son. You are no different. I am glad you are the prison warden of that facility. Make your father proud and make sure Tamashi's plan fails so I don't have to send these guys to collect the pieces.

The five squad members all dispersing to there positions as they await outside of the prison for the next two days and camping for wild life and such as one of them scouts to see if anything is happening within the prison. The Warden heading back to the prison and talking to the commander in his office.

Warden: We have good new commander. The general has assembled a five squad anbu team who will track down Tamashi if he escapes. This team won't fail us or this village. I really do believe they will be able to track him down and make sure he is dead by the end of the day if something bad does happen.

Commander: We may not even need them since we will be prepared for the next two days and we have to make sure that we are doing our job and parts to protecting everyone in this prison. For the village is why we do this job after all. Now I will be monitoring the cameras for two days straight just in case anything happens so I can alert you on the radio if he escaped his prison cell.

Warden: That's a good plan you got going there commander. I will at the towers and over seeing everything that goes around this prison. So if anything happens, I can rush in and help. We haven't had this much fun since our days of going on missions together.

Commander: You got that right. Remember when we did our signature move to stopping A rank criminals for entering our village before we got these jobs as protectors of this prison.

Warden: Yea I remember, and do you remember when we had a three day battle with the legendary sannin of this village and it was for training purposes. I have never battled that long in a while and those were the best times where they shaped me and molded me to the man that I am today.

Commander: Remember our academy days... Where you wanted to be the leader of this village and I wanted to be your bodyguard or advisor. Those were the days as little kids and look at us now. We may not be that high ranked like we had dreamed for. In a sense we did accomplish our dreams of being leaders and protectors of something.

Warden: You got that right, now lets celebrate for tomorrow. For now we celebrate for the prayers and hopes that we will be able to stop this threat if it does even happen. And tomorrow will be the day whether he chooses to escape or not.

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PostSubject: Re: The Infamous Tamashi Uchiha Captured - Chapter 01 - Completed   Sat Jan 24, 2015 4:31 am

Day 29 The Escape Part I

Tamashi: Twenty nine days.... Today is the day... Lets show this prison that I am a man who won't go easy on this prison.

Brother 1: I can't wait to see you fight Tamashi.

Brother 2: I can't wait either...

The three guards entering the room and standing at there post.

Guard 1: Time to start our shitty-

A loud bang is heard on the door. The third guard opening the door as he sees another man in the same uniform talking to him in an urgent tone of voice.

Jashin: The Warden... He has been attacked by an inmate and stabbed to death.. What are you guys still doing here... We must go protect the warden!

Jashin heading towards the long hallway to the exit of the corridor and taking his slow run. The three guards all rushing out of the door as Bulky running right behind them and body slamming all three of them to the ground. The guards all taking the impact to the ground as Bulky takes there mask's off along with the aide of Eriken. They bash there heads into the pavement of the ground with their skulls inflamed and blood gushing out of their heads. Bulky running towards Tamashi and breaking him free, along with the two brothers. Bulky now handing Tamashi the death mask, the mask of the blind. Tamashi wearing this mask and takes his shinobi run towards the maximum security housing unit and Tamashi hearing two guards running towards right at him. Tamashi quickly sliding like a base ball players in between these two guards and quickly using the leg that is pressed against the pavement so hard, that he pushes himself in between these two guards and putting them both in a head lock as he lands on his feet and crouching a bit. Bulky and Jashin coming directly towards Tamashi and sending a strong knee kick to their faces, having them fall on their backs. Tamashi then turning to see them and jumping in the air and landing his feet on both of their throats. Having them both killed upon impact. The two brothers now taking the lead as they continue to play there song behind the scenes and having the eight guards in the room being caught in both of the brother's genjutsu and having them collapse on the ground. Within the security room, the commander seeing on the screen his ten security guards along with the inmates in there cells. As the lights go off in the housing unit for a brief moment. The next thirty seconds passes by and no guards are seen on the floor at all, along with inmates still in there prison cells.

Commander: What's going on here...What happen to our men that was just on the floor.. No way they could of just left there post like that....

The commander getting on the loud speaker

Commander: I need all available units to go to maximum security and see what is happening over there... There is no guards on site at all..

The forty units all entering the room at the same time and seeing the ten guards and all of the cell doors open. One of the elite jounin talking to the commander on the radio.

Jounin: Sir... There are just piles of bodies here... nothing else....

Commander: What are you talking about... On my screen there aren't no bodies there.. not even you guys are on the screen.

Jounin: Sir Tamashi-

The radio directly goes into static as the entire forty guards are ambushed by the fifty inmates in the room and taken down quickly as the lights go completely off and the inmates stabbing the back of their necks as they lift there helmet up a bit. The commander then realizing a breeze pushing away the camera photos on each camera and seeing the bodies of all forty officers on the ground dead by the inmates.

Commander: That son of a....

The commander getting out of his chair and rushing towards the door way. Before he could open the door. The door creaks open with Tamashi having his arms folded and wearing the mask as he leans against the wall.

Commander: So that's where my mask is... You chose the wrong person to face Tamashi..

The commander quickly grabbing Tamashi and lifting him up by the throat and throwing him against the desk top of the camera system. Tamashi takes the impact on his back as the commander quickly rushes over to him and steps on his neck as he then pulls out a kunai and stabs Tamashi in the neck.

Commander: Hahaha! I finally did it! You were never strong to begin with!

The clone's transformation turning from Tamashi to Bulky. Then the clone turning into smoke. Before the commander could utter a word or even move. Tamashi standing right behind him and stabbing him directly in the heart with a sword to his back. The commander moving his eyes to see a glimpse of Tamashi's face with the mask on.

Commander: I was careless... I thought you couldn't do ninjutsu.... You had your teammate do it for you... I should of known..

Tamashi: That was your mistake...

The commander closing his eyes and dying of his wound as Tamashi takes the sword with him and takes his run with it and heading outside of the prison with Bulky, Jashin, Eriken, and the two brothers. They travel there way to the labyrinth and Jashin then speaking towards Bulky with a smile on his face.

Jashin: Bulky will you do the honors....

Bulky: I would be honored to do this.

Bulky holding a hand sign, which caused a great explosion to the labyrinth itself. The large massive explosion of these large magnitude not only destroyed the labyrinth but the four housing units and the tower. Having enough devastation power to cause these buildings to become ruins and this labyrinth to become one big landscape to run straight toward the exit. As the smoke clears, The warden and the anbu members of the equivalent amount of the inmates stand tall and ready for battle.

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PostSubject: Re: The Infamous Tamashi Uchiha Captured - Chapter 01 - Completed   Sat Jan 24, 2015 5:11 am

Day 30 The Escape Part II

Warden: I'm impressed Tamashi... No one has ever successfully destroy our prison.. You are a smart man leading sheep to do your bidding.

Tamashi: If I were you, I would let us go or you will die just like your commander did.

Warden: So you killed him.... I am a much tougher opponent than he is.

Both sides rushing at each other and causing large amounts of damage and injury. Tamashi rushing directly towards the Warden and clashes swords with each other. The warden seems to over power Tamashi with his sheer strength alone and muscular appearance. Tamashi then leaping away from the warden and throwing the sword to his side as he quickly gets into a CQC stance and awaits the warden to make his move. The warden taking his movement forward towards Tamashi, as Tamashi hears his movement from his ears alone, as he then leaps forward towards the warden and using his gorilla snare technique and grabbing the Warden's neck and sending chakra to his forehead and bashing the warden's face against the forehead filled with chakra. The warden's nose bleed badly along with his nose slightly broken with him being slightly dizzied by the impact alone. The warden goes stumbling backwards as Tamashi quickly takes his short sprint over to the warden and using his kangaroo kick technique, Tamashi goes right behind the warden and jumping in the air and sending both his feet to the back of the head of the warden. Causing the warden to fly forward and impacting his face against the ground. The warden attempting to get up from the ground by lifting his head first. Tamashi then jumping in the air and sending a direct fist punch filled with chakra and having it sent to the warden's back of the skull. The impact killing the warden instantly and a blood leaving his mouth and forming around his head area. Tamashi moving the corpse over and knowing that he is dead as he lifts the body up and takes the warden trench coat from him and wearing it as his own. Tamashi then dropping the body on the ground as he grabs both the swords of the warden and the sword he was using as he runs into the large scale battle of these inmates and guards as he clashes against one of the anbu and using the sword in his right hand to slice his neck, and using the sword on his left hand to jab the anbu's neck to a clean straight forward movement format. The sword coming out of the other end of the anbu's neck. The anbu then dropping to the ground as Tamashi pulling out the sword in the anbu's neck. Another anbu trying to stab the back of Tamashi's head. Tamashi hearing the man coming from behind as he turns around in time for the anbu's kunai impacting the mask and doing no damage no matter how much pressure he applied to it. Tamashi then stabbing the anbu directly in the chest with both swords as he lifts him up from the ground and then using his right foot to pull out the blades from the chest and having the anbu fall to the ground as Tamashi quickly jumps in the air and sends a straight kick toward the anbu's stomach and having him sent flying to both his comrades who are in battle with two inmates. The corpse distracting the two anbu members as the inmates stab their neck just in time. Tamashi and the others kept fighting until the last anbu was finished off and killed. Jashin, Bulky, Eriken, and the two brothers all running towards freedom and through the forest as they make there travels to Kazangakure No Sato. Following right behind them is the five squad members that the Warden had hired to track them down.
The general receiving word that Tamashi destroyed the prison and had escaped through the forest.

General: Tamashi has escaped the prison... I will be gone for the next fifty hours.

Council Member Fire: Do you want us to come with you sir...

General: I have to make sure I put an end to this monster... I have to save what's left of this village... I will be back within fifty hours...

Council Member Lighting: If we don't hear from you... We will come looking for you...

The general taking his leave and traveling towards the direction of where Tamashi and the other squad is heading towards.

Tamashi and his crew travel through the dense thick tree forest of the village and Jashin spotting a squad of anbu members chasing after them.

Jashin: We got five more members on our tail...

Bulky: I got this...

Tamashi then stopping his tracks and turning away from his comrades.

Jashin: What are you doing Tamashi?

Tamashi: Lets get these guys...

Bulky brushing pass Tamashi and impacting his shoulder against the body of Z. The two brothers in the shadows and preforming there song genjutsu and within minutes of constant battle from both sides. The five are placed in genjutsu and Tamashi, Jashin, and Eriken, stabbing the heads of each of these members with a kunai. The five bodies resting there with a blood pool forming all around them. Tamashi and the others taking there travel to the further outskirts of the village and heading towards the ouraboros base. The travel will be long and difficult Tamashi thought and the expecting time of actually reaching the destination would be around fifty hours since the whole village and other nations would be joining in the search of finding Tamashi and his crew. Tamashi and his crew traveling in the distance as the general arrives to see his best five men on the ground and dead. The general crouches down to the leader of the pact and feeling pity for her as she was the smartest of the organization and not being quick enough to act was her down fall and the team. The general rising to his feet and closing his fist.

General: I will get you Tamashi Uchiha!

WC: 1003.
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PostSubject: Re: The Infamous Tamashi Uchiha Captured - Chapter 01 - Completed   Sat Jan 24, 2015 5:36 am

Total Word Count: 31,070

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PostSubject: Re: The Infamous Tamashi Uchiha Captured - Chapter 01 - Completed   

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The Infamous Tamashi Uchiha Captured - Chapter 01 - Completed

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