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The islands in Ocean Country have been celebrating the arrival of the next Umikage, Saizo. The long bridge leading to SHIPPUUGAKURE NO SATO has been closed for outsiders because they wish to celebrate this moment with Ocean Country natives only.
As usual, the Storm Country has been hosting the Asgard Games to welcome their Kanetsukage, Cornelia. It's a double special occasion because Cornelia is also the first female Kanetsukage. She has been picked for her courage, loyalty and outstanding power by the BOUFUUGAKURE NO SATO elders.
Not only that, but the Cherry Blossom Country has become relieved as well. It seems that everyone is slowly picking up after the war now. KUSAMURAGAKURE NO SATO proudly presented their new Sakurakage, Altair.
TSUKIGAKURE NO SATO is still thriving on the merchants coming in and out. They have not experienced anything special lately. Their wealth has remained the same as they were not forced to invest into shinobi unlike the others.
On the cold isles of the Blizzard Country, HYOUGAGAKURE NO SATO has still refused to create a free traveling policy. Some habits never change. To protect their traditions, they have even warned outsiders to not interfere with their matters.
Now that everyone is picking up again, who will come out on top?
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 Jinsei RP [JCINK]

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PostSubject: Jinsei RP [JCINK]   Sat Jan 24, 2015 7:33 am


We use a currency system called Gems which you earn for every RPC post, every mission, every crime, activity rewards and every event you participate in. Spending these gems in the Shop allows you to purchase upgrades for your characters, such as stats, traits and jutsu slots, allowing your character to become stronger over the course of your entire RP experience and at a rate that you yourself control. You decide how your character improves, as well as when and where.

We are a stat-based roleplay. Every character begins with a set amount of stat points as a base for each level of shinobi and you can gain more via the in game shop. These stats are Strength, Spirit, Willpower, Speed, Perception, Endurance and Resistance. Each stat represents something that every RPC needs and uses, regardless of build or fighting type and each stat has another stat that balances it out. Strength to Endurance, Speed to Perception and so on. Cookie cutter builds do not exist, min-maxers beware. The only weaknesses here are the stats you choose not to increase.

Traits are skills and/or abilities a Ninja possesses that grants them an IC or OCC bonus. Our trait system allows one to increase aspects of your shinobi by choice in a way that allows you total control on how you build your character. From increased chakra pools to acting skills to even the ability to possess a legendary of your very own. You can ultra-specialize in a certain area or become a great well-rounded shinobi. The choice is yours.

Have you ever thought that you did such a great job that you should deserve something special and only got a pat on the back? Well for those that do the work, we have a reward system that can give you some much needed extra Gems. These gems are rewarded to people for each and every NPC post you may do, for volunteering your time to help out the mods and keep creations clean, or fo pretty much any other approved activity that helps out Jinsei as a whole.

Everyone at Jinsei has the ability to NPC for anyone, anywhere, save for one exception. Event threads which need some level of mod to at least oversee them. You and your friends could easily knock out a mission or crime at your own pace without needing to wait for a mod to post for you. What do mods do then? Why they grade. After your thread has been completed, a moderator will grade your thread from a set scale and award you gems based on how well they think you did. Those who volunteer their services to NPC for others can also earn gems of their own, making NPC'ing very rewarding.

The power to create and destroy a village lies in the hands of you the user, making every thread and every action on this RP count. If a village is under attack, you best defend it or else it might simply cease to exist. Every village is at unease with one another, and things like treaties and alliances are only as binding as the paper they are written on. The council of every village are able to be NPC'd by anyone with a Shinobi from that village, and make important decisions right along side their Kage. If another village is down on its luck, will you go on the offense and take their land for yourself, or will you extend your hand in aide. The community as a whole, represented by these council figures and the Kage must agree by majority vote. When a council meeting is announced, will you heed the call?

Every character has their own story to tell, their own journey to go on. For this, we allow each and every character to own one Legendary of their own choosing. But choose wisely for once started down this path it cannot be changed. To date, we have Legendary Items, Pets, and Bugs. There are also Bloodlines, Celestial Gates, Inner Self, and Sage Mode. We even have a legendary feature that allows you to be something besides a shinobi (ninja) if you take the Legendary Origin trait. And for those who have a taste for the danger involved, we also have the Jinchuuriki which are given away at random via the lottery.

We want every new user to feel as if they have a good start when joining our communities. As such, every new user may create up to an A rank Missing Nin ranked character as part of our Missing Nin Promo in order to increase their numbers and power. Fair. warning. We are a intermediate to above site. If you're from a naruto site and you have a chuunin or above then you can start with a Chuunin here as well! It's possible to start with two higher ranking RPC's at the moment!!!! We also have the ongoing Recruiting Rewards, that grants Gems per person refereed up to a certain amount. The rumor mill has also been spitting out bits of info related to a possible nefarious organization in the works, but so far little is known. For now~
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Jinsei RP [JCINK]

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