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 Heavy-handed Aggression [Vex & Ronin]

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PostSubject: Heavy-handed Aggression [Vex & Ronin]   Mon Feb 02, 2015 6:42 pm

The Obitus Ring, also formerly and most famously known as the "Death Ring" Vex had heard horror stories about the place in Tsukigakure, the Death Country. Back when the village used to be more badass, the shinobi would mount defeatd victim's heads on pikes like trophies: how Vex wishes she could have seen that. Compared to now, the village was rather disappointing. She had to admit, while the village was a bit boring, she had met some unusual individuals so far. She had done several things, all of which caused trouble and a lot of property damage; most of which she wouldn't be willing to pay. Today was a special event in the Obitus Ring though, nowadays the ring wasn't used to make prisoners fight to the death. Today was supposed to be an re-enactment of those darker days. The shinobi used for this event were strong shinobi if the village and they were allowed to fight seriously; nothing told horror stories like the real deal though. Of course death was prohibited. Several people who had the stomach for vience sat in the stands, eager to watch some battles.

So far, she had destroyed some Genin's little hut in Nox forest while fighting him and a stranger who was obviously at least a Jounin but with no clear ties to any village. He was a skilled man, a deadly killer, but she had given him a good run for him ryo. After that, she had finally arrived inside the gates of Tsukigakure. No sooner had she stepped into the village gates, some annoying boy had decided to pick a fight with her; which resulted in collateral damage and even damaging her a bit. Her right ear still ached a little from his troublesome explosions and her hand was finally normal colored now, no longer red from being slightly burnt. Had that fight gone on much longer, the boy probably wound have been dead; luck was on his side though, the two guards who had been watching idly, had finally stepped in and stopped her.

It was cheeky of them to sit idly by while they thought their little Genin was beating a strange Chuunin, but as soon as she took the upper hand, they had tried to suppress her. Of course she fought back, too crazy and stubborn to submit to punks and chumps; she had held her own and made the two Jounin reconsider their tactics of taking her down. Yet they two were lucky, a far superior shinobi had stepped in and decisively stopped her raging fit with quick witted movements. The man had spanked her good and that embarrassed her. Not easily embarrassed and never by a male, Vex was indignant. She was curious about that man and his incredible skill, yet she couldn't fully admit to herself that she respected him. She had been tired and wounded after all from fighting three other shinobi before he stopped her. On a better day, she thought maybe she could show him up.

She had yet to figure out who that man was- everyone respected and fear the man. So maybe he was the kage? Nah, that couldn't be... the kage wouldn't deal with one singular threat, would they? Regardless, Vex needed to vent her frustration and wanted to take it out violently on someone else. Word had it that the Obitus Ring allowed fighters to step into the ring for sport and test their mettle and metal against one another. This had interested her greatly, somewhere she could cause a lot of trouble and damage while not being stopped by bias spectators.

Still, she wasn't too sure where to go once she got there, all the renaissance themed buildings confused her. Before she knew it, she was standing in the ring unintentionally. A culvert gate shut behind her, locking her inside the dusty arena grounds as several spectators around whistled at her: mostly men no doubt. Whether they were whistling about her gifted body or encouraging her to fight, it didn't matter- Vex just didn't want men giving her any attention at all. I might as well get stated, can't have these stupid males whistling at me all day... Bring out my opponent! I challenge your arena champion! She wanted to start off big and get the crowd to fear her rather than cheer for her. Defeating their champion on their own turf would surely make them dislike her. Ahhh~ That's so like you girly~ Going after the biggest and baddest with the petite busty form of yours. I hope he shreds your clothes! Ahahaah

Vex knew the Spirit Wrath meant no real harm to her, not that seeing her naked was a problem for him. He was a spirit companion of hers and was always present whether she liked it or not; she was long passed the awkward stages. His provocation was more teasing, knowing nothing more would infuriate her than the thought of having her precious body revealed to pig-headed males. She glared at the crimson spirit with deadly intent, which Wrath shrugged off, he was a spirit and couldn't be harmed.

Word count- 834
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PostSubject: Re: Heavy-handed Aggression [Vex & Ronin]   Mon Feb 02, 2015 11:29 pm

"So fucking bored!"

I yelled that aloud while waiting for the next challenger to get to their gate. My previous challengers stood no chance. Barely enough for a warm-up. I took it upon myself to join this little event and find someone good to fight, but so far it was an utter disappointment. I almost was willing to find whoever made this event and beat the shit out of them for finding horrible contestants. Too bad these matches couldn't be to the death; maybe they would've fought harder if their lives were on the line. I stood at the gate, holding Gluttony up on my right shoulder and my right forearm draped over the handle;  Kindness was held in place on my right side. I wore a pair of black pants and wooden, traditional-style geta; didn't care to bring a shirt. My hair, which came down to my waist, swayed a bit to the breeze that decided to tag along for the ride. Kindness spoke to me a few moments later, in a calm tone.

"It seems you're a bit impatient, Ronin. If you at least try to be a bit more calm, this wait will be easier to handle."

Gluttony retorted before I could get a chance; I didn't feel like answering really anyway so that worked out well.

"He is impatient because the previous fighters were worthless. Frankly, I agree with him. Would've been more fun to just kill the little shits and be done with it!"

Tch. Gluttony shared my sympathy on the matter, but I understood what Kindness was trying to get at. Being a bit more patient would perhaps yield a better result than being impatient, causing a ruckus and forcing them to send out another weakling to shut me up. I wanted a fun fight; that was all that mattered to me. I sighed at that point and then stood silently, peering forward at the center of the coliseum. To pass the time by, I reminded myself of the glory days I had in the Obitus Ring. The days I could kill in broad daylight for the sake of the village and justice. To tear criminals limb from limb with the biggest smile on my face. The days when Eden and I were extremely active in the village's duties, especially the missions which were fun to undertake. Ah, those good ol' days. I wish I could have those days back again, i spoke to myself while sighing again.

When I looked back up to the center of the coliseum, I saw a girl there. Kind of short but not bad looking from where I was standing. Was she to be my next opponent? Looks can be deceiving is what Eden would say to me. I grinned widely and slammed my left fist against the gate, thus telling someone to open up. I then walked slowly toward the girl in the ring; upon getting a bit closer, she was quite the eye candy, though maybe a bit young for my blood. I was about 30 yards away from the girl when I stopped walking; I then lifted Gluttony and stuck him into the dirt to my right so he wouldn't fall, and then I did the same with Kindness to my left, though I was a bit more gentle with her. After a few moments, I looked to the girl across from me and spoke to her, having heard the call for a challenger.

"You look like a traveler. Welcome to the Obitus Ring, Tsukigakure's grandest monument. I'll be your challenger. I have no morals regardin' who I fight, whether it be man, woman, or child. I just wanna have fun brawlin' with someone strong. Will you be able to keep me from bein' bored?"

I then grinned devilishly after speaking, placing my right hand on Gluttony and my left on Kindness. I had noticed that she was carrying two weapons. One was a large sword and the other was an odd-looking fan. I thought for a moment and then grinned a bit wider with the thought of having a weapon brawl with the girl. I was curious as to how well she could perform with them. The girl piqued my interest enough to want to actually fighter; now the real test was whether it'll actually be fun. Guess I won't know until she answered me. This is gonna be interesting. I'm even gettin' a bit excited heheheh.

Word Count: 699
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PostSubject: Re: Heavy-handed Aggression [Vex & Ronin]   Tue Feb 03, 2015 7:02 am

Vex was wearing one of the few changes of clothing she had brought on her adventure, she figured she could obtain more clothing on her travels through the other villages while she looked for her clan members and strong opponents to fight. Today she would find both of those. She stood near the closed gate, the gate that had shut directly behind her as she had entered the arena. The thick metal bars prevented her from escape, but she wouldn't try to escape; she enjoyed fighting and violence, why run from the rush she enjoyed so much? Today some kind of event was going on and she had accidently found herself involved with it: as a stranger in an unusual village, all she could do was play along with it and improvise as she went.

Today she wore a very casual shinobi outfit. Black mesh pants that went down comfortably to her shins, which connected to her matching black shinobi sandals. She wore a black shirt too, short sleeved with mesh transparent sides and a pocket in the front of her shirt. Her long white hair trailed down her shoulders and lower back; silk black bows dotted her white hair in great contrast. All in all, she was a beauty- a stark contract of black and white. Her pupil-less white eyes stared at the man on the other side of the arena: without a doubt, she knew he was one of those people she was looking for. Both a Xanadu and a worthy opponent to fight.

More curious to talk than fight, she regarded him with a curious expression rather than that of a seasoned warrior. He possessed one very large weapon, a cleaver and then a much more delicate and refined blade at his waist. The cleaver was what concerned Vex, although she had to admit that it was often the most unexpected weapons that had the most favored effects. You're from the Xanadu clan, aren't you? she would ask the shirtless man, more indifferent than impressed. She hated males and she was running into more and more clan members who wielded amazing weapons who were males.

Haha! You were expecting another female huh girly? Wrath teased her, his floating spirit orb circling around her slowly. She smacked at him, her hand passing straight through his incorporeal body. Only Vex and Ronin would be able to see the spirits, to the spectators, it would appear as though Vex had a nervous disorder or was mentally deranged. Mentally deranged wasn't too far off- anyone who was rude, violent and reckless as her couldn't be classified as "normal" The man before her was wielding a giant cleaver and she hardly seemed phased by that fact. How could someone wield such a heavy weapon without being deadly with their aim?

Vex's weapons weren't far off, though not as heavy obviously, but her weapons were larger than average. Wrath was a large rectangular blade with sharp edges on all four sides with no definite "point" to the sword. It possessed a long hilt covered in bandages and a black chain that attached it to the hilt of Chastity. Chastity was a large bladed fan in the shape of a gourd: all the edges on it were sharp as well. It was a one piece weapon, the handle was the center-piece of the weapon, like a pole with two fans on either side. The chair wrapped around her back to Wrath which was positioned on her back. She unhooked both weapons from the sash that supported the weight of the weapons when not in use. She took both weapons from their resting place and lifted them slightly in anticipation for battle. Might as well get to it... I can beat his ass and ask my questions when he is unable to move. Sounds good enough!

Her logic was sound, if not counting on the skill of her foe. He was a sizable man, several inches taller than her and long black hair. He possessed an air of dominance and complete lack of care. He was bored. She knew the feeling all too well, being inside an arena and wielding a scary freakish weapon like Gluttony, it was alarm enough to not underestimate this man. She would charge him, Wrath leading forward while Chastity was reserved in case would should counter attack. As she would reach near his position, she would swing Wrath in a close-centered arcing slash from his mid-torso from the left side and slash downward to the right, Chastity leading up her left side in ready protection in case he countered with that heavy weapon. Let me entertain you for a bit then!  she would exclaim as her sword intended to draw blood.

Word count- 791
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PostSubject: Re: Heavy-handed Aggression [Vex & Ronin]   

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Heavy-handed Aggression [Vex & Ronin]

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