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 Dio Della Morte

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PostSubject: Dio Della Morte   Sat Jul 04, 2015 1:55 am

Clan Information

Dio Della Morte

Bloodline Name: Shinigami Eyes

Bloodline Ability: The Shinigami Eyes are a genetic trait held by the members of the Dio Della Morte clan. They use them to peer into the minds of their opponents and the strength of this technique varies by how skilled the individual clan member is in their blood line trait. This makes them extremely proficient in genjutsu, which is widely viewed by those who know of them as the clan's specialty. They need only eye contact to get into the heads of their enemies.but they must have eye contact if not they can no longer see into there mind  but you can remember what you had all ready seen. the power of the shinigmi eye  maturity depends on your
intellect stats

  • At D Rank the shinobi will only have recently activated their Shinigami Eyes. the eye will then start to glow . They will do more however, than just aesthetic terror.
    These eyes are great for reading emotions. The inner feelings of a shinobi they are fighting will open up very quickly to them. Attempts at concealing these emotions from a member of the Dio Della Morte clan are futile even for those who are trained to conceal every emotion, even in private. They are especially sensitive to feelings of fear.and they will began to have slight head aches

  • At C Rank the ability of the Dio Della Morte shinobi to sense the emotions, fear still being the easiest of the spectrum for the ninja to sense, will heighten drastically. This is where the true power of the Shinigami Eyes starts to be revealed. The user of this jutsu may see into the mind of the opponent and see something they fear. A ninja in the Dio Della Morte clan will start to see a fear in the eyes of everybody who meets their gaze at this level when their eyes are activated. Active C Rank Shinigami Eyes and higher ranks will keep the color but also begin to glow.there head aches grow even stronger but still bearable

  • At B Rank the fear sensing abilities of ninja at this clan stop being bizarre and become down right creepy. If they make eye contact with an individual while their blood line ability, the Shinigami Eyes, is activated, they will have a full view of all of the things they fear, knowing which they fear more or less than others. This is of course, extremely dangerous information for a high level genjutsu user to posses. there  head starts to hurt so badly that they will be immoblized if they have an endurance stat of less than a C.

  • At A Rank the fear sensing is at the maximum, but the rest of the awareness of the enemy's mind continues to grow. At this point they can read the minds of the opponent. Whatever is on their minds then, the Dio Della Morte ninja will be aware of for the moments that they hold eye contact.  the head aches get worse must have a endurance state of at lest b

  • At S Rank the Dio Della Morte ninja reaches an extremely heightened sense of the other ninja's mind, capable even of looking into their past and memories as long as there is eye contact. This cannot however be used to retrieve lost or repair altered memories, as the user can only understand the situation as far as the person was there does. This is an extremely high level of sensory jutsu that very few shinobi will ever reach. head aches get so bad they start to bleed from there eyes

Physical Traits: N/A

Location: Hyougagakure

Clan History : They are an ancient clan, though still one that is not so commonly known. They are unpopular, in part due to their blood line ability, the Shinigami Eyes. These eyes as well as their clan name comes from a belief that they are gods of death among mortal man. Though these claims and beliefs are widely unfounded, they feel that their eyes are proof enough of their status among the gods.

This hubris and arrogance both contribute very much to their lack of popularity in the village hidden in the glaciers, and anywhere else the members of the clan tend to wonder. Due to this aforementioned unpopularity, they mainly live in a clan mansion on the outskirts of Hyouugagakure. It is maintained and owned entirely by members of the Dio Della Morte clan.


2 D-rank Jutsu

Name: Nebbia Oscura
Canon/Custom: custom
Rank: D
Type: supplementary
Element: none
Range: mid to far range, eye contact  
Specialty: gen jutsu
Duration: 4
Cooldown: 5
Description: This is a genjutsu that causes an illusion of smoke to roll in around the victim of the jutsu, greatly inhibiting their vision. Any attempts within the genjutsu to blow away the smoke will fail.

Name: Ritorno

Canon/Custom: custom
Rank: d
Type: supplementary
Element: none
Range: close must touch them
Specialty: Genjutsu
Duration: 1
Cooldown: 3
Description: This jutsu can awaken an ally from any genjutsu at C rank or lower. The user touches the ally and uses their own chakra to break the genjutsu. Though it is a genjutsu itself, its purpose is to bring the target of the jutsu back into reality.


1 C-rank Jutsu

Name: Oscurità Pura
Canon/Custom: custom
Rank: c
Type: attack
Element: none
Range: mid range, eye contact
Specialty: gen jutsu  
Duration: 2
Cooldown: 4
Description: Eye contact is necessary for this jutsu, as it is with most of the genjutsu of this clan. The victim's vision will be intensely inhibited. All things but their own body and that of the jutsu user will appear as an intense, pitch black nothingness.


1 S-rank Jutsu

Name: conoscere la paura
Canon/Custom: custom
Rank: s
Type: attack
Element: none
Range: mid to far
Specialty: gen jutsu
Duration: 5
Cooldown: 7
Description: The victim finds themselves in an illusion so deep that the entire outside world is completely blocked out. There they will be faced repeatedly with their greatest fears. If it is something like an animal or some other concrete object then the user will come with them into that illusion in the form of that thing. If it is a past or possible event then it will be replayed again and again in their minds. The user also has some digression as to which fear or memory that they would like to use. The body of the victim will fall limp and hit the ground, almost no stimulus being able to wake them before the user is done, but the user only needs their eye contact for a moment to implement the jutsu.
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PostSubject: Re: Dio Della Morte   Sun Jul 05, 2015 6:36 pm

I like this clan, i give my approval but because of how this clan can be abused. Youll need another approval from anyone with moderator capability. So from here out do not edit a thing.
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Dio Della Morte

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