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 Sahadow Clan (Done! I think?)

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PostSubject: Sahadow Clan (Done! I think?)   Thu Jul 09, 2015 8:31 pm

Clan Information


Bloodline Name: ShadouDoragon Ikari

Bloodline Ability: From the point of the person using it, they either lose consciousness, or if they have great enough control, achieve a heightened state of awareness. During this state, their body runs on pure rage and adrenaline, transforming it into the deadliest of weapons, increasing speed, physical and chakra strength and how durable the body of the ninja is. The amount of chakra generated and expended by this ability is tremendous. This will extend the range of all jutsu by 75%, and increase the chakra power anywhere from 75-125% (D-Rank to S-Rank). Physical attributes are enhanced by 75% on all fronts. This will last up to 6-7 posts SAFELY before the rage ends.

This however comes at great cost. First of all, if the user has not achieved great enough control over this ability, it could activate subconsciously and put fellow ninja in danger. But the greatest threat is on the ninja himself. If activated for too long anything above 7 posts, it tears the the user's body apart, and has a significant chance (over 80%) of bringing the user's chakra to absolute zero, and killing them immediately. This ability is something that if not controlled, does more damage to the user than helps them, AND is a last resort ability that should only be used if the user's life is in danger. Also any chakra used passed what the ninja's normal ability before the ninja comes out of this state is taken directly from a ninja's own life force. This is the biggest killer for this ability.

There are lesser releases of this ability that allow for smaller advantages to be gained with similar points of risk. Activating only one physical aspect, will raise that ninja's ability by 40% percent in that aspect alone. The risk of hurting oneself and damaging the body is still 80% however death is extremely rare. If lesser release is activated for Chakra, range and power are increased by 30%. Lesser releases can also only be held up for 3-4 posts at most.

Traits associated with levels of control-

D-Rank: No control at all when release is summoned. Drives most ninja to primal and feral urges, resulting in them being a threat to any and all around them. Damage is also lessened as the "Dark Side" that this releases will not have full capabilities brought on by release. Ninja will experience memory loss and gaps for the time that the release is incurred. WARNING: Chance that this can be unleashed without ninja's consent is a severe threat, all ninja that are suspected at this level are to be watched!

C-Rank: Still no control when release is summoned. Power is increased from D-Rank, as is risk. Ninja is however conscious for the release, however they will be unable to do anything without actually fighting their "Dark Side". This is where control over lesser releases begins. Chance of accidental release is much lessened. Release will cause more injuries than D-Rank.

B-Rank: Ninja is now conscious, and partially in control of full release. However because the two personalities are conflicting, will still not be at full power, and is still dangerous to all ninja in the present area. Side effect of this level is now the "Dark Side" will be conscious and present at all times as well, manifesting as visual and auditory hallucinations. Two personalities will be at conflict causing a person to be irritable at times. Severity of injuries sustained is increased, however still not fatal. No chance of accidental release.

A-Rank: Ninja will have achieved more control over full release. Second personality will however still be present for full releases, however, two sides of the ninja will no longer be in conflict. Ninja will have increased power from full release but will not have reached the master level yet. There is now heightened risk from the severe injuries from the release, and 50/50 chance whether or not ninja will die.

S-Rank: Ninja and second persona become one in mind allowing for the maximum amount of raw power to be unleashed. Ninja has total control over their entire chakra and physical power, allowing them to unleash devastating attacks repeatedly. Also necessary for Clan's S-Rank Jutsu. Chances for death increase from 50% to an 80% chance. Injuries incurred from this rank of release are always severe.

Physical Traits: Full Release: Veins are clearly visible on the surface of the ninja's skin, pupils are dilated, muscle tissue becomes more prominent as if being flexed. Chakra becomes visible as either black (when not in control) or a darker shade of the ninja's own chakra (when in control). Eyes also become bloodshot, hair will stand on end. Heart rate also skyrockets (one of the many ways this ability kills the ninja).

Aftereffects of this release are as follows; massive damage to all muscle groups, broken/shattered bones, internal organs ruptured, massive internal bleeding, multiple concussions. Eyes will normally be bleeding. This WILL happen after every full release as the stress incurred is much higher than what any human being is used to.

Aftereffects of lesser release: If physical is boosted there will be major muscle fatigue, possibly torn muscle/fractured bone. Eyes will be bloodshot. If the chakra release is used person will experience much more fatigue than normal, as chakra gained to power abilities will have to be recovered for the deficit incurred by the ability.

Location: Hyouga Village

Clan History:

OPTIONAL LORE/LEGEND PIECE FOR APPROVAL: The legend on how the clan was originally founded was out in the wastes of the surrounding tundra, the clan founder sought out power. His village, was in dire straights as they were unable to survive the oncoming winter due to the constant raids and the inhospitably of the area itself. The expedition originally started with five men, but as time wore on, only one was left. He wandered aimlessly, surviving the cold on sheer will power alone. After 3 days of wandering he fell to his knees, cursing the gods above for abandoning him and the demons below for mocking him. And then a woman appeared before the now kneeling man. She asked why he'd ventured so far away from any known settlement. He'd explained his mission, and that he would not return until he succeeded, or died. It was there that the woman offered what the man desired. The chance to not only bring himself great power, but to also save those that he loved. He would have to pay for such power a seemingly light price. To have him and his progeny carry the spirit of her within them for the rest of eternity. He agreed, and sealed the agreement with a kiss. It was then revealed that the woman before him was no mortal, but a mighty dragoness clad in black scales and breathed fire darker than any dark abyss. For five weeks she taught him the arts of the shinobi, jutsu, and not only how to fight, but how to survive. And then when he became worthy by passing his final test, the dragon became one with the man. All of her knowledge, skill, and wisdom imparted with a joining of minds that was beyond words. The only thing that remained of the dragon's physical form was a single Katana, sheathed in black scale leather, with a black handle and blade of steel that was brighter than the stars. This would become the symbol of the head of Sahadow Clan. The man would take the weapon and returned to his village intent on saving his people.

What he found waiting for him instead was a graveyard. All that was left was two children, one boy and one girl.

Under the dragon's instructions, he took them with him, and founded the Sahadow clan where it now stands. He taught and raised them to be in tune with the surrounding nature, how to use the great strength imbued from the dragon's gifts to better not only themselves but their surroundings. The clan would start from those three, and growing as those two found love and brought them back with them. And their children's children would do the same. Soon the clan would grow to become a sizable village, not only with how many people that lived there, but how consistently large each of them were. When they joined the village hidden in the ice, they quickly but quietly became noticed due to their abilities and stature. Their stature was imposing, and their skill was undeniable. Due to this, they would often take missions requiring the protection of people's lives. Becoming body guards in times of peace. And in times of war, they became the ultimate weapons of the Fubukikage. Ninja from the Sahadow clan would often volunteer to fight on the front lines using their strength and size to be battering rams on the battlefield, punching holes in the enemy's lines. Often times if a fight was considered lost, the ninja from this clan would stay behind to fight the enemy and buy time for others to escape if that's what it came to. To this very day, no one has ever managed to capture one alive. Their master rank Jutsu was something that each ninja was required to attain before going into battle, and it was something each ninja was to be prepared to use for their brethren and village as a whole. They became living weapons.

Despite all of this, none of the ninja from the clan would ever boast their abilities, especially in front of those not in the clan. Their discipline was seen by some to be extreme, but to them necessary. Their Kekkei Genkai being especially dangerous to those around them and themselves, they did everything possible to train themselves to use it as efficiently and sparingly as possible. And with this discipline they would be understood to be at more professional standard than most common ninja. Each understood that boasting was a waste of breath, showing off a waste of energy. A quiet mind, was often a clear one.

It is because of the clan's ninja willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice, harsh training, and their Kekkei Genkai's lethal drawbacks that caused the clan to fall in number. Because of this, the current Sahadow Clan head of house asked the Fubukikage for them to officially step away from being shinobi. Seeing the plight of the clan, he accepted. All of the shinobi of the Sahadow clan were then given the second choice of their entire lives, whether to go home or continue fighting. Most understood that their duty was to return and rebuild the clan, but some would stay until their last dying breath left them. It is since that point that none from the Sahadow Clan has officially become a shinobi, though as a rite of passage for adulthood in the clan, each adult receives shinobi training from an elder. This is done to keep the tradition and spirit of the clan very much alive, as they all wait. Wait for that fateful day where their numbers are strong enough to answer the call once again. To destroy the enemies of the village. To protect all the innocent of Hyougagakure. To fight and die for the Fubukikage. They all wait for that fateful day.


2 D-rank Jutsu

Name: Animal Link
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Genjutsu
Element: None
Range: Close
Specialty: Mind/Genjutsu
Duration: Until released by Ninja
Cooldown: None
Description: The ninja establishes a mental link to an animal to communicate directly with them. This allows for animals to be befriended and tamed much quicker, and for information to be exchanged with images, smells, and other senses directly. Requires touch for link to be established. Not recommended for use on people.

Name: Call of Shadows
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: D
Type: Genjutsu
Element: None
Range: Mid/Close
Specialty: Mind/Genjutsu
Duration: Constant
Cooldown: None
Description: Makes the ninja harder to notice in plain sight. Other people can still see the ninja, but it makes it harder for anyone outside of point blank range to focus on the ninja and remain focused on him/her alone.


1 C-rank Jutsu

Name: Roar of the Shadow Dragon
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Shadow
Range: Medium Range
Specialty: Ninjutsu/Combat
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 3-4 posts
Description: Ninja unleashes chakra to form a medium sized dragon out of shadows. Attacks enemies by breathing black fire on the enemy. Will burn through most standard forms of armor and cannot be put out by normal means.


1 S-rank Jutsu

Name: The Final Strike
Canon/Custom: Custom
Rank: S
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Fire
Range: Long
Specialty: Ninjutsu/Combat
Duration: 3 Posts (Gathering/Channeling/Release)
Cooldown: None (Player will die if used)
Description: Ninja gathers chakra from using the full release form of ShadouDoragon Ikari into a concentrated mass before them. This will always drain the ninja's chakra to absolute zero and the moment that happens, the chakra is released in a massive blast that is strong enough to level entire buildings inside a blast radius of 1.5 miles (also dependent on how strong the ninja is that is using this ability). Killing ninja before all chakra is gathered results in a weaker blast. Canceling the ability after they are over halfway through the release has a 80% chance ON TOP OF the huge risk of dying from the full release form, to kill the ninja. This means they have a 4% chance of survival if they try to cancel the jutsu, this is however raised by how immediate skilled medical attention gets to the ninja. Any ninja that attempts this without the release to aid in the attempt will die before getting it to full power. That will result in a blast that is smaller and much less effective. IF the ninja that attempts this cancels this power (AT ANY POINT) they will need immediate medical attention for any chance of survival.

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PostSubject: Re: Sahadow Clan (Done! I think?)   Mon Jul 13, 2015 1:25 pm

Alright! Hello, I am Xavier or PimpMastaGod for short, and I'll be reviewing your clan. We'll be tackling your KKG first if that's alright.

  • Okay so first. I understand this is an timed activation KKG so did you have a set number of post in mind before the "rage" begins to wear off?
    Drakkon wrote:
    During this state, their body runs on pure rage and adrenaline, transforming it into the deadliest of weapons, increasing speed, physical and chakra strength and how durable the body of the ninja is.

  • By how much would each of these areas be increased during this period?
    Drakkon wrote:
    The amount of chakra generated and expended by this ability is tremendous, but comes at great cost.

  • So in this state any chakra used would cost more than when used without this state?
  • By expanded I'm guessing you mean the range and strength of a jutsu is increased?
  • For the lesser release, what is the time period for it being active? Note that anyone who uses this ability will need to state what stat is being boosted.
  • So for the after effects, does all these things happen each time the KKG is used?
  • For the lesser release, does the drawback depend on which stat was boosted or does it not matter?

If you need any assistance do ask, it does seem like a lot.
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Sahadow Clan (Done! I think?)

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