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 Renyōso Clan

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PostSubject: Renyōso Clan   Sun Jul 26, 2015 5:27 pm

Clan Information

Renyōso Ichizoku

Bloodline Name:  Yōso sōsa

Bloodline Ability: Yōso Renkinjutsu. Using Renkinjutsu the user is able to meld different elements together in one jutsu to produce a new result or strengthen a technique. Examples of such uses are infusing a defensive earth dome with suiton; while the dome becomes mud instead of solid rock the new technique exchanges the longevity of a solid rock dome with a temporary mud dome with no weakness to raiton jutsu. Blending different elements together allows the Renyōso to gain a strategic advantage as it is difficult to discern their jutsu’s composition at first and it provides for a wide variety of combinations between techniques. While these unique infusions of chakra are used to supplement a jutsu's nature or effect they do not produce advanced elements.

Physical Traits: Descendants of the Renyōso Ichizoku are extremely varied in their physical traits, as they commonly display reflections of their innate chakra blends; such as red hair for katon, dark hair or skin for doton, a lithe build for fuuton, blue eyes or hair for suiton, amongst other representations. All Renyōso have affinity for doton and as such express at least one trait representative of this element.

Location: Scattered, first discovered descendant in ages is currently located in Hyougagakure.

Clan History: During the days where Kazangakure, the Renyōso Ichizoku was a prominent clan of that powerful village. The Renyōso’s abilities were legendary at the time for the head of the clan’s ability to combine doton, katon, and suiton into a single jutsu. Doton and suiton would combine into a wave of mud to trap multiple targets, katon chakra would be infused with the mud causing it to harden. This would be followed up with a rapid infusion of katon chakra into the hardened rock causing it to explode. This brutal combination of jutsu gave the head of Renyōso, Kisaiujin a fearsome reputation. Their contributions to the height of Kazangakure’s power lead to their ichizoku’s success. They flourished under Kisaiujin’s power and leadership. Due to their fearsome reputation however, Kisaiujin’s bloodline was directly targeted leading up to and during Kazangakure’s destruction. Kisaiujin’s youngest son was killed by Shippuugakure shinobi prior to all out hostilities between the two villages. Kisaiujin’s eldest son fought alongside him during the siege of Kazangakure and both were slain during the fall. The order extended beyond Kisaiujin and his sons, as Shippuugakure feared a scattered Kazangakure could rally behind one of the Renyōso Ichizoku to challenge them again. Kisaiujin’s wife had died in childbirth with his daughter, Hanabi. Kisaiujin’s last remaining child was thought killed when their burning house collapsed around Hanabi. The young child however survived, managing to crawl out of that wreckage and run. Another young woman of Kazangakure picked Hanabi up as she fled the fallen village. The woman eventually adopted Hanabi and moved to a small farming village where she stayed with her cousins. Hanabi’s name was changed and raised as a simple farmer. Believing the Renyōso line was destroyed, there was no hunting for Hanabi and the Renyōso bloodline fell dormant in a small line of farmers. Eventually this line of farmers fell on hard times after several failed harvests, turning to hunting to sustain their needs. They migrated into Blizzard Country and became fur traders in a small town along the main route between Hyougagakure and Boufuugakure.

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PostSubject: Re: Renyōso Clan   Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:23 pm

Isais I'm not sure if you saw my response in the chatbox before you had to leave. I was thinking from a scientific standpoint. While doton and suiton could be naturally weaker to raiton, together they would from a conductivity standpoint be significantly more resistant to the effects of raiton. Water naturally conducts electricity certainly and the direct impact of electricity is diffused throughout the entire body of water. Because of that I figured with doton/suiton, a direct point of impact from raiton would be diffused through the water properties weakening it to the point where the doton could then stand up to it. I also didn't think suiton had a natural weakness to Raiton, I thought that was just doton where suiton was weak only to doton.

I can change it if that logic doesn't work though.
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Kouri Ten'nou

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PostSubject: Re: Renyōso Clan   Sun Jul 26, 2015 10:46 pm

i approve of this clan. This will be the final custom clan
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PostSubject: Re: Renyōso Clan   

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Renyōso Clan

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